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Age and Gender – The age range for my target audience will be 16-24 years old and the gender will be both male and female. I aim to make this appeal to them because I will include many young people in my documentary as it is about a young audience which both male and females were involved in. I will have an interview with both genders and find out why they decided to get involved with it. Current media consumption – The audience will be interested in watching Ross Kemp on gangs as this is a documentary about criminals in different countries, also action films that are very violent which show guns and drugs. This will also influence and give them ideas to copy what the films do. Socio Economic Group – For this documentary, this will be from C2-E, the reason for this choice is because sales assistants will be interested in watching this and there are many young people that work as sales assistants. Also, people that are unemployed will also watch this as they may know someone that was involved or some would like to see why they were immature to do such a thing like this. I will ask some students why they are interested in this topic.

Hobbies/Interests – The hobbies and interests for my audience will be going out with friends, playing video games, mostly violent also they will listen to grime and rap music. To help this appeal to my documentary I will have some rap music in the background. People will listen to Wiz Khalifa and other artists that are involved in smoking drugs as some people that were involved with the riots may take drugs, which influences them.


Spending Power – Some of the target audience may have a job so they may get something between £200-300 a month, so they will have that for themselves to spend, or sometimes the people that are living in flats would have to pay half of it for rent. Some of the unemployed people may get some spending money from their parents, maybe £60 in a whole month

Location – The location of my target audience will be around the UK. The reason for this is because this issue was based in the UK, also a documentary has not been shown on the Riots, so this will be a good idea to show the audience. However, it will mostly appeal to a London crowd because this was the area that had been affected by it the most, also an audience around the north as Liverpool and Manchester were also affected by the Riots, so many people would watch it. Ethnicities - There will be a vast amount of ethnicities that will be interested in watching this documentary as this effects everyone in the UK. Also this will appeal to them because every ethnicity was involved in the riots. From white, black, Asian etc. I will show in this why people are being stereotypes to black people, I will show that all races were involved and not just black people. Domestic circumstances – The vast majority of the audience will live with their parents but there will be some of the audience will live on their own, because they maybe attending university. However, for my documentary I personally think that the audience that live at home with their parents are more likely to watch it because they will be more likely staying at home.

My Target Audience