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VIRTUALIZATION IS GREEN. IS IT A PART OF YOUR GREEN IT STRATEGY? With ever expanding data centers, environmental concerns, increasing executive involvement and compulsions to reduce global warming, Organizations across the world are looking at various means and methods of reducing their carbon footprint. Green Business is an important agenda that no organization can ignore.


While many executives wonder where to start, Virtualization presents an easy opportunity for organizations to not only contribute towards a cleaner environ-ment, but also gain substantial cost and operational benefits

Some virtualization facts India is predicted to be a big potential for Virtualization in 2008. 45% of X86 Servers to be Virtualized in 2008 in India- IDC India Virtualization market in 2007 was roughly 2.2 billion and estimated growth by 2010 is 4 billion. IDC Worldwide. Countries like Canada etc are almost virtualized by 95% and in India we are not even at 5%. Virtualization will be the most impactful trend in infrastructure and operations through 2010 -Gartner The total number of virtual machines deployed worldwide is expected to increase from 540000 at the end of 2006 to 4 million by 2009.

How does Virtualization work? Virtualization is a proven software technology that reduces costs, promotes green IT and vastly reduces the computing footprint in ever expanding data centers. It makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and multiple applications on the same computer at the same time.

Virtualization is not a point solution that works in isolation for servers, but a technology that impacts every aspect of the IT infrastructure. ‌.For successul design and implementation, your Virtualization technology partner MUST have experience and expertise in architecting and implementing every component of your IT infrastructure

Virtualization Stack

VM 1

VM 2

VM 3

Guest OS

Guest OS

Guest OS

Virtual Hardware

Virtual Hardware Virtual Machine Monitor Hypervisor Server Hardware

Virtual Hardware

FRONTIER AND VIRTUALIZATION Frontier has extensive skill sets in Virtualization assessments, solution design, deployment and managing enterprise implementations. With over fourteen years of experience, in providing IT infrastructure solutions and services to customers, Frontier has in-depth understanding of IT environments, their challenges and solutions. Given this background, Frontier is the most logical choice for enterprise customers to design and build Virtualization solutions.

Frontier has the skills, experience and expertise to assess complex environments, design effective Virtualization solutions AND execute them flawlessly

Virtualization gives organizations many business benefits while at the same time contributing significantly towards a Green Business strategy.

BENEFITS OF VIRTUALIZATION 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by maximizing server and data centre utilization Support multiple applications and operating systems within a single physical system Consolidate servers into virtual machines on either a scale-up or scale-out architecture Treat computing resources as a uniform pool to be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner Reduce complexity and manage increasing heterogeneity within the data centre Lowers costs of server acquisition, maintenance, and operations Reduces physical space needed for hardware and server racks Leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve IT service, availability and utilization Drives standardization of hardware platforms and improves manageability Improve the effectiveness of your production and DR environments Ensure maximum performance and availability of your consolidated environments

What can be Virtualized? Servers Storage Applications Desktops Printing


Frontier has the skills, experience and expertise to assess complex environments, design effective Virtualization solutions AND execute them flawlessly FRONTIER - VIRTUALIZATION SOLUTIONS & SERVICES Virtualization Adoption Plan & Design

This service engagement from a Consultant will plan and design a customized virtual infrastructure implementation to meet your server consolidation and containment requirements. The certified consultant will define a complete roadmap for virtualization adoption.

Virtual Infrastructure Health Check

A Certified professional will work with your team to understand your virtual environment and provide guidance and concrete actionable recommendations on the current best practices for configuring, optimizing and managing the Virtual infrastructure.

Desktop Virtualization

Virtual Infrastructure Deployment Services

A Certified Professional will enable IT departments to better structure, deploy, manage, and optimize desktops through virtualization.

Engage our Professional Services team to, implement Proof of Concept, Planning and Design, Installation & Deployment, P2V: Physical to Virtual Conversion Services and Data Centre Migration.

Onsite Support Services

Time and Materials Support

Virtualization Manpower Outsourcing

Data Centre Optimization & Migration

Having an issue with your Virtualization software or just need a helping hand. Contact Frontier to avail support from certified virtualization experts and make sure that your deployment is adhering to vendor best practices.

Our team of certified virtualization experts deliver custom time and material support for troubleshooting, health-check and fine tuning of you virtual infrastructure.

Are you having a hard-time finding or retaining that Virtualization resource, contact Frontier, because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry and years of contacts and with our experience, we can help you find that right person for full-time placement of staff augmentation.

Perform anywhere-to-anywhere workload migrations with broad multiplatform support. Move and protect all workloads regardless of hardware, operating system or virtual host.

Frontier has over 14 years of experience in executing enterprise IT infrastructure projects, and is a preferred technology partner for several organizations

WHY FRONTIER FOR VIRTUALIZATION? Investment of over 400K USD on Virtual Infrastructure Lab, Resources Technical Training and Certifications. Highly skilled, experienced and Certified professionals in Virtualization Consulting and delivery. Exclusive teams for the Virtualization business. Multiple Successful Virtualization implementations in India and overseas. Providers of End to end Virtualization Solutions and Services in Servers, Storage, Applications, Desktops and in Printing. Only VAC Gold-VMWare authorized consulting partner in Asia South. Only Certified ThinPrint Partner in India. Only Authorized Partner for Marathon Technologies, in India. Frontier's end-to-end System integration expertise and capabilities support the team for successful Virtualization implementations across the IT infrastructure stack. Virtualization Team working towards the Green IT concepts and initiatives for customers. Environment conscious organization - Frontier's office is Leeds Certified.

FRONTIER - VIRTUALIZATION SKILLS & PARTNERSHIPS Frontier partners with VMWare and Citrix to deliver virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center. VMWare Citrix

Consulting partner Gold Level Solution Advisor

Thin Print

Certified Partner


Authorized Partners & Service Provider - Thin Computing


Gold Partner - Data Center Optimization & Migration Solutions.


Authorized Partner - Storage Virtualization.

Marathon Technologies

Authorized Partner - (High Availability Solutions)



Frontier partners with VMWare and Citrix to deliver virtualization solutions from the desktop to the data center.


Frontier is a IT infrastructure solutions and services organizations with over fourteen years of experience In delivering complex IT infrastructure solutions and services. It had sales of US$ 50 M in the last financial, and has over 500 professionals working with the organization.




Based in Bangalore, Frontier has full fledged offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin and Mumbai. It also has support locations across the country And offers national support to all its customers.

Enterprise Computing Solution

Virtualization / Consulting

Networking Solutions

Information Security / Consulting

Virtualization and Application Delivery

IT Infrastructure / Management Services

Personal Computing

IT Infrastructure / Consulting

Frontier has solutions and services to meet all the conceivable requirements in enterprise IT environments, The organization is structured into Strategic Business Units in order to provide competent and focused pre and post sales support to all the customers.

Power Solutions

Strategic / Outsourcing

IT Infrastructure

Each Business Unit has its independent sales and support teams

Frontier takes the complexity out of virtualization.

Call or email today for a Virtualization Assessment

Email : Tel : 91-80-22253142 / 43 91-98403 29447 / 91- 98443 44255

Frontier Business Systems (p) ltd 18/10, Cunningham Road, Bangalore - 560052 Tel: 91-80-22253142 / 43. Fax : 91-80-22260729 Url : Email

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