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WHO ARE WE? Palm, inc. is an American company, founded in 1992 by Jeff Hawkins, who later hired Donna Dubinsky and Ed Colligan, all of whom guided Palm to the invention of the Palm Pilot. They produced both a portable wireless device and an operating system for portable hardware devices and desktops. Palm launched its Palm Pilot hardware device in 1996 as a personal organizer. In 1999, it released its Palm V. The Palm Treo smartphone was developed by Handspring which Palm acquired. The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) was used mainly by business men/women, some were aimed at the medical profession’s, such as PDAs loaded with drug databases, treatment information, and medical information. It was also allowed in many classrooms for digital note-taking. Students could spell-check, modify, and amend their class notes on a PDA. Another use of PDA was by music enthusiasts to play a variety of music file formats. Many PDAs include the functionality of an MP3 player. Road rally enthusiasts can use PDAs to calculate distance, speed, and time. This information may be used for navigation, or the PDA’s GPS functions can be used for navigation. Underwater divers can use PDAs to plan breathing gas mixtures and decompression schedules using software such as “V-Planner”. Palm, one of the earliest makers of smartphones, was unable to follow up its success in the personal organizer business. Analysts pointed to the fact that the company was slow to realize that consumers wanted wireless voice and data from the same device. With Palm back in the market, it will present itself as a technological company providing an instant, fast and easy access to the business information world. A world which will revolutionize the way people experience business.

Palm Visual Standards Guide  
Palm Visual Standards Guide