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All about Mobile SEO While the whole world is busy catching up with SEO and its impact on the business, Mobile SEO is another concept that is gaining importance alongside the traditional SEO practices. Though at a much slower rat, mobile SEO has huge potential of creating quite an impact on businesses. Going by the trends of the market it seems that even if business owners are trying to catch up with mobile SEO it is yet in a nascent stage. Considering the impact of mobile devices on SEO, at this very stage of this new technology, it is imperative that one measures the positive results that will help enhance ones business. It is important that one quantifies how mobile SEO is different from traditional desktop SEO.

Any SEO company in India or anywhere else in the world may employ or stick to desktop SEO methods only. But one cannot under estimate the power of mobile SEO. The search results on that of a mobile SEO are different from that of a desktop SEO. Research shows that SEO rankings differ considerably between desktop and smart phone search. A few highlights can make one understand the power of mobile SEO. For e.g. Local search results are more likely to

appear through mobile search than through desktop. Considering the Google places listings, they many a times appear higher in mobile search results than desktop search results. Hence the possible consequence of your actions depends on the right and appropriate decision that you make.

Since smart phones, Android phone users are always logged in personalized results tend to show more often as compared to desktop search. There are definitely more advantages in this case as compared to desktop search. For a mobile phone SEO, another added benefit is that of image search results. Often image search results are higher in mobile search results. If the use of mobile is important to any particular enterprise then image search optimization and even video search optimization can make a lot of difference. Here definitely the choice of mobile SEO becomes more important and relevant than desktop SEO. In addition to the above benefits, smart phones results have various different filters at the top, be it images, videos, maps, shopping, news, Gmail, web, places etc; consequently the ratings can go high considering the fact that fewer places need to be filtered. So given the facts you cannot ignore the impact of mobile devices on SEO. There may be more advantages of mobile SEO and considering the current changing trend of digital marketing you need to stay abreast and adopt the best that suits your enterprise. Hence all in all considering most of the above advantages you need to definitely think of mobile SEO as a wise choice and design a website that can be easily loaded on any mobile platform.

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