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We have over two decades of experience and a proven trackrecord of excellence in the real estate sector. Our projects include the prestigious Manyata Tech Park & Residency in Hebbal, the gated communities of Classic Orchards on Bannerghatta Road and Classic County in Kengeri. We also have joint ventures with several well- known real estate majors including Unitech, Brigade Group, Vaishnavi, Ashed Properties, Classic Group and Valdel Group for residential apartments, shopping malls, hotels, commercial office spaces and integrated townships. All these projects are located in and around Bangalore. We g u a r a n t e e t o p - q u a l i t y p ro j e c t m a n a g e m e n t , s t r i c t adherence to time schedules, excellence in execution and absolute value for your money. After all, Valmark stands for “valuable landmarks.�

MISSION & VISION Our Mission We a s p i r e t o b e a r e a l e s t a t e developer that creates sustainable development, and in doing so, d el i v er s f a r- s i g h ted v a l u e t o o u r customers, stakeholders and mankind in general. Our Vision Our vision is to innovate and improve real estate development practices ahead of our competitors, and use these practices to create valuable real estate assets for our customers.


To consistently improve Valmark’s collective core-competency in a phased and controlled manner, using wisdom, knowledge, the latest technology and a team of world-class specialists. To focus this constantly improving collective core-competency on developing larger zones of real estate, implementing our own innovative development practices and creating environmentally sustainable real estate.

Our Name & Symbol

Our brand name and symbol reflect who we are and what makes us stand out from the herd. Our name encapsulates the essence of the brand witho u t a n y compromises. Valmark stands for “valuable landmarks” – something that we strive to create for our customers with every project that we develop.

The hexagons in our logo reflect the core of our brand, namely our Vision, Mission and Big Idea. The hexagon is a highly efficient form and structure throughout the universe. It is used in countless technical applications, the most common being the quintessential nut and bolt. The hexagon is so efficient that it cannot be replaced without bringing about a loss in efficiency. Therefore, the hexagons symbolize our pursuit of peak efficiency in everything we do. The three hexagons also represent a honeycomb that symbolizes Valmark’s “modular path to growth” brand strategy.

Our Social Commitment

Unlike many others, our contributions to society are not merely to create a positive image of ourselves. We believe that no business can be truly successful without contributing to the success of the communities in which it operates. This belief has led to the founding of the Valmark Foundation. The trust is f u n d e d b y a c e r t a i n p e rc e n t a g e o f t h e g ro u p ’ s p ro f i t , a s w e l l a s contributions from other like-minded people and organizations. Our prime focus areas are Health, Education and Sustainable Development.

The trust provides basic education to the deserving and less fortunate children in various locations. We are working closely with the Jain International Trade Organization Administrative Training Foundation to facilitate and strengthen the process of preparing today’s generation for the Indian Public Services to achieve economic, social and political empowerment of the nation. The academy had outstanding results in the recently held IAS and IPS examinations.

The foundation has also been involved with various medical institutions to provide health care to the needy. In co-operation with these organizations, camps for eye and oral care are organized on a regular basis. Every year, we sponsor the dialysis of around 500 patients with kidney failures. In our endeavor to provide access to medical care to the masses, we are also helping a medical centre in Bangalore to expand from 240 beds to 550 beds.

VALMARK INFRA & REALTY TRUST A closed-end Alternative Investment Fund [Category II] with a focus on real estate investments. The trust is backed by a team of professionals with over two decades of experience in the real estate industry.

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVE The fund aims to unlock the incredible potential in realty by offering funding and in-house construction expertise to builders on projects vetted by the investment committee.

INVESTMENT STRATEGY The fund invests as a minority stakeholder in projects with mid-term horizons. The fund is actively involved in the projects from the commencement phase.

SPONSOR The sponsor of the fund is Tejraj Gulecha, a prominent name in the realty sector in Bangalore. He is the main promoter of the Valmark and Manyata Groups

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