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Free HP0­J28 Exam Preparation Questions  Exam  HP0­J28    : Implementing HP Storage Works Virtual Library System

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Question: 1 What do you use to restore HP StorageWorks Virtual Library System (VLS) configuration information? A. The Emergency Quick Restore CD created at initial configuration B. A special HP Data Protector Software backup object C. A default configuration file provided with the VLS D. A previously saved configuration file Answer: D Question: 2 Which virtual library systems provide data compression without impeding performance, using a hardware compression card? (Select two.) A. VLS9000 B. VLS6600 C. VLS6500 D. VLS6200 E. VLS6100 Answer: A, B Question: 3 Due to a RAID volume failure on the primary node, the operating system of a VLS9000 becomes corrupted. How do you recover the system? A. Power down all secondary nodes, recover the system using the VLS Quick Restore CD or DVD, and recover the VLS configuration from the previously saved configuration file. B. Open a Command View VLS session and select autorestore node 0 in the Utilities tab. C. Order preinstalled replacement drives from HP Services and recover the VLS configuration files after the disks are replaced. Node 0 will restart automatically. D. Repair the failed RAID volume, erase all virtual media from the disk array enclosures, and rebuild all RAID volumes on the affected storage pool. Answer: A Question: 4 What is an advantage of using the automigration feature of virtual library systems? A. The tapes are analyzed during backup to migrate all files. After the content is decoded, only those files are compared to the same files from the previous backup. B. It leverages object-level differencing code with a design centered on performance and scalability. C. The destination tapes are block-by-block copies of the source tapes and can easily be restored by any tape library to which the backup application has access. D. It delivers fastest restores from recently backed up data, maintains the complete most recent copy of backup data, but eliminates duplicate data in previous backups. Answer: C Question: 5 How are the RAID sets configured in a single disk shelf of a VLS9000 array? A. One RAID 5 volume with 11 data disks and 1 parity disk B. One RAID 6 volume with 10 data disks and 2 parity disks C. Two RAID 5 volumes, each with 5 data disks and 1 parity disk D. Two RAID 6 volumes, each with 4 data disks and 2 parity disks Answer: B Question: 6 For Latest HP0­J28 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­J28.html

You need to power off a single VLS9000 array for maintenance. What must you do to ensure data integrity? A. Turn off both power switches at the rear of each disk array enclosure. B. Power off the base disk array enclosure first. Then power off the expansion disk array enclosures, starting at the beginning of the SAS chain and moving forward to its end. C. Power off the entire VLS9000 system using either a serial terminal connection or a Command View VLS session. D. Power off the connectivity kits and then disconnect the disk array cables. Answer: C Question: 7 When creating virtual tape libraries, what should you consider to provide well-balanced performance ratios? A. Avoid multiplexing and create as many virtual cartridges and virtual tape drives as possible. B. Create the largest virtual cartridges allowed and multiplex as many streams as possible. C. Use the default capacity values for compressed virtual cartridges if they emulate the corresponding physical cartridge model. D. Create virtual cartridges with 110% of the physical cartridge capacity. Answer: A Question: 8 What are advantages of having separate zones for disk storage systems and disk-to-disk backup systems in storage area networks? (Select two.) A. The physical and virtual tape controllers do not discover disk controllers. B. Administrative and management costs are lower. C. Tape multipathing functionality can be used to map the physical and virtual devices. D. There is less host access and improved target and LUN shifting. E. Performance is improved, due to dedicated HBAs for disk and tape access. Answer: A, E

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For Latest HP0­J28 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­J28.html

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