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IBM Systems Storage Implementation for Entry/Midrange DS Series v1

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Question: 1 You see an amber light flashing on an EXP810 ESM. Where should you start to find information on how to handle the flashing amber light? A. Recovery Guru B. Major Event Log (MEL) C. Storage Manager online help D. Read Link Status counters related to the specific ESM Answer: A Question: 2 How often will a Windows operating system without multi-pathing software detect a target LUN? A. Once per controller B. Once per bus C. Once per path D. Once per port Answer: C Question: 3 Before opening a call with support on your DS5300, other than the serial number and description of the failure, what additional information should be expected? Outputs of: A. Supportshow B. Collect all support data C. Health check D. Config Show Answer: B Question: 4 A customer has attempted to migrate an existing 4 drive, RAID 1+0 array group to a RAID 6 Array group and been unsuccessful. Why is this? A. You can't mix RAID levels on the same controller B. RAID 6 is not supported on the DS5000 storage array C. DS5000 storage arrays require 5 drives in an RAID 6 array group. D. RAID 6 is a premium feature on the DS5000 and needs to be activated Answer: C Question: 5 Which different drive expansion modules can be attached to a DS5000 subsystem? A. EXP810, EXP710 B. EXP5000 and EXP810 C. EXP5000, EXP100, EXP810 D. EXP5000, EXP810, EXP710 Answer: B Question: 6 The global background media scan setting can be enabled to scan for media errors on the disk drives. Which increment is used when configuring media scans? A. Minutes B. Hours C. Days D. Weeks Answer: C

For Latest 000­114 Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­114.html

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For Latest 000­114Exam Questions and study guides­ visit­­114.html

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