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01. Library, Advanced Technological Institute, Mattakkuliya The Library is used by the lecturers and the students of the Institute itself. It has a collection of 8992 books on engineering related subjects.

Librarian Mrs H D I Susanthi Dissanayaka Library, Advanced Technological Institute, No. 42, Rodrigo Place, Colombo 15 +94 11 2521152 +94 11 2529479 Attn: Library


02. ADIC Library, Alcohol and Drug Information Centre As a main information resource provider in the field of drug prevention for academics and the general public while act as an effective trainer and towards very co-operatively all individuals who visit the information unit which is well known as the ADIC Library; specially for students of universities and high schools who visit in search of information for their thesis/ assignments. In addition the ADIC Library provides user-friendly services to all the clients of University Students, Researchers, Post Graduate Students, Doctors and other professionals and especially for the people who find it difficult to visit the ADIC Library, the required information is e-mailed or mailed as a special service by the Information programme.

Programme Officer – Library Ms Rasika Manohari Library, Alcohol and Drug Information Centre 40/18, Park Road, Colombo 5 +94 112584416 extn: 29 +94 112508484 Attn: Programme officer 1 of 73


03. Library and Information Division, Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies ACCIMT Library and Information Division functions as a special library and consists a wide collection of books, periodicals and other educational materials in the fields of Communications, Information Technology, Electronics, Robotics and Space Technology. The objective of ACCIMT Library & Information Center is to facilitate to the professionals and personnel engaged in Research and Development projects, graduate and undergraduate students by providing information to accelerate the introduction of modern technologies

Librarian Mr. Preethi Liyanage Librarian Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies Katubedda, Moratuwa +94- 011- 2650839 +94- 011- 2650462 division.htm

04. AEA Library, Atomic Energy Authority The Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) Library is a library fully devoted to information on nuclear technology. It houses a large number of publications on Nuclear Technology published by the International Atomic Energy Agency and many other sources. Publications are available can be issued for reference or can be lent out on an interlibrary loan basis.

Information Officer Mrs. H L C Nanayakkara Library Atomic Energy Authority No.60/460, Baseline Road, Orugodawatta, Wellampitiya +94 11 2533427-8 +94 112533448

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Attn: Information Officer

05. Library, Automobile Engineering Training Institute The Library caters to the staff and the students and it has a collection around 3000 books on automobile engineering.

Management Assistant Ms. S W G Thilini S Gamlath Library Automobile Engineering Training Institute 7, Dr. Danister de silva Mawatha, Orugodawaththa, Wallampitiya. +94 11 2572977 / 2532180 +94 11 2532181 Attn: Library

06. Library, Bandaranaike Ayurveda Research Institute Though the institute targets the development of the library and ensure is consistency, professional librarian post is vacant.

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Ayurvedic Doctor Ms. Chandrika Welivitigoda Library, Bandaranaike Ayurveda Research Institute, Old Kottawa Road, Navinna, Maharagama

+94 11 2850333 extn: 326 N/A N/A h_institute.html

07. Library, Bank of Ceylon The Library of the Bank of Ceylon was established in December 1976 with a view to offer Library and Information services to the Bank’s employees to advance the Bank’s mission. The Library is a Unit under the Training Department at the Head Office. It is a special/ institutional library in a corporate environment. In addition to circulation of books, information extracted and collated from multiple sources is made accessible through various library products and services through documentary and electronic means to the staff members. Libraries are also set up at the CTI and Province Offices and Bank Officers are assigned to carry out the work of the library in collaboration with the Librarian at the Head Office.

Librarian Mrs Shivanthi Weerasinghe Library, 3rd Floor, Bank of Ceylon Head Office, BOC Square No.01, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 01. +94 11 2336061 +94 11 2544313

08. Library, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka This library is located on the 19 th floor of the World Center and it mainly caters to BOI staff. They subscribe for local journals and the Government publications while Indian Tariff Guide as a foreign title. The library has a comprehensive collection on Page 4 of 73

Actg. Deputy Director Mr Upul P Jayasinghe Library, Board of Investment, 19th Floor, West Tower

investment in Sri Lanka

World Trade Centre Colombo1 +94 11 2346162 / 2434403-5 extn: 7393/4 +94 11 2543406

09. Library, Brandix College of Clothing Technology The BCCT reference library stocks current textile and IT textbooks and industry journals and a fully equipped auditorium with seating for 100. The students of the college have access to online databases such as Emerald, Science Direct, Ebscohost and Springer through the RMIT University, Australia (Partner).

Librarian Mr Ranjan Premaratne Library, Brandix College of Clothing Technology 157 Galle Road Ratmalana +94 11 4742104 +94 11 4742110 hp#up

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10. Library, The British Council, Colombo The British Council Library provides access to the wide range The British Council Library provides access to the wide range of books and members can go online and access more than 45,000 books from the comfort of their own home. Membership gives access to various British Council events and ensures with all the latest developments. Membership gives access to various British Council events and ensures with all the latest developments.

Manager – Library & Information Services Mrs. Shiroma Benaragama Library, British Council, 49 Alfred House Gardens, (PO Box 753), Colombo 3 +94 11 7521521 +94 11 4521521 +94 11 2587079

11. Library, The British Council, Kandy The British Council Library provides access to the wide range of books and members can go online and access more than 45,000 books from the comfort of their own home. Membership gives access to various British Council events and ensures with all the latest developments.

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Assistant Manager – Library Services Ms Nishika Perera Library, British Council, 88/3 Kotugodella Veediya, Kandy +94 81 2222410 and library +94 81 7222410

+91 81 2234284

12. Library & Information Centre, Central Bank of Sri Lanka The Bank's Library was upgraded to a Library and Information Centre (LIC) in 2002. The Library and Information Centre mainly focuses on providing the information needs of CBSL employees. In addition, the LIC assists the country's research community to access information related to economics and banking

Chief Librarian K K G Wijeweera Library & Information Center Level 9 Central Bank of Sri Lanka, 30, Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 1 +94 11 2477411/5 – 7 or 2477000 extn:2415 +94 11 2477731 6.html

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13. Library, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau This library houses around 4000 books on engineering disciplines and IT. The resources available are journals such as Time magazine, Life, RIBA, Technical documents and drawings, project reports. It mainly caters for the staff and researchers could do reference with the permission from Chairman / GM.

Librarian Mr A K Seneviratne Library, Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau 415 , Bauddaloka mawatha Colombo 7 +94 1 1 2668800 / 0776211562 +94 11 2687369 N/A

14. National Environmental Information Center, Central Environmental Authority National Environmental Information Centre (NEIC) of the Central Environmental Authority is the National Focal Point for the dissemination of environmental information in Sri Lanka. The objectives of the center are as follows • Create and develop collections of environmental information sources which would satisfy the information needs of all categories of information users. •

Coordinate the collection of environmental information and information sources by networking and through cooperative programmes. To provide library, documentation and information services. Page 8 of 73

Senior Librarian Mrs. Chandrika Dabare Library, Central Environmental Authority 104, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla +94 11 2872402 N/A


Establish links with international and regional environmental information systems for the acquisition and dissemination of information and documents relating to the environment. htm

15. Library, Ceylon Electricity Board The Library serves mainly for the CEB staff and outside researchers could do reference with the permission of the DGM – Personnel. The collection covers resources on Electrical Engineering, Accountancy and management. Further, all the documents related to the power projects of Sri Lanka are available for reference.

Librarian Mrs. Champika Wijetunga Library Ceylon Electricity Board 540, 5th floor Sir Chitthampalam A Gardiner Mawatha Colombo 02 + 94 11 2382647 / 2324471-8 extn: 219 +94 11 2325360

16. Library, Coconut Development Authority The Library caters for the internal Staff and houses materials on Coconut and welfare. Professional Librarian Post is not filled.

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Director - Administration Library, Coconut Development Authority 54 Nawala Road Narahenpita Colombo 5 +94 11 2502503 extn:414

+94 11 2368359 N/A

17. Library, Coconut Research Institute The library's aim is to develop a highly specialized collection of literature on coconut. It covers both conventional and nonconventional literature accounting to 8000+ items. It is very comprehensive especially in tropical and regional literature within its scope. The collection covers monographs, manuscripts, theses, technical reports, circulars, patents, standards and specifications and parts of publications such as journal articles, individual papers read at conferences. Chapters of books etc.

Librarian Mrs. Chintika Dharmapala Library Coconut Research Institute Lunuwila +94 31 2257489

+94 31 2257391

18.. Library, Council for Agricultural Research Policy This information service advises the Government on all matters regarding the organization, co-ordination, planning and execution of agricultural research and such other related matters as may be referred to it by the Minister. The Library houses materials on Agriculture and subscribes to AGORA journal article data base of the FAO. Page 10 of 73

Librarian/ Information Officer Mrs. Irangani Pieris Library Council for Agricultural Research Policy 114/9 Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 07

+94 11 2697103 extn: 160 +94 11 2682951 Attn : Librarian

19. Central Library, Department of Agriculture The Central Library of the Department of Agriculture is the oldest Agricultural Libraries in Sri Lanka, located at Gannoruwa, Peradeniya. Library is supplying information nearly for about 500 Research Officers who are engaged on Research Projects/Programmes pertaining to Agriculture. This research personnel needs current and comprehensive information on specific subjects and the main objective of the library is to build up a special collection to fulfill the information needs of its research staff. Subject areas covered by the Library are Agronomy, Genetics and Plant breeding, Soil and plant Nutrition, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Plant Tissue Culture and Cell Culture, Post Harvest Technology, Agricultural Economics and Microbiology.

Actg. Chief Librarian Miss. B Saumya Upamalika Central Agricultural Library, P.O. Box 47, Gannoruwa, Peradeniya +94 81 2389198 +94 81 2388234 Attn: Central Library

20. Department Library, Department of Animal Production & Health Librarian Page 11 of 73

Reading Room which is located at Gatambe is opened for public and Livestock Knowledge Centre based at the the Institute of Continuing Education, Gatambe is opened for the staff and reserchers.

Mr. Lional Kumarasiri Department Library Institute of Continuing Education Department of Animal Production & Health P.O.Box 58 Gannoruwa Peradeniya. +94 81 2387374 / 2385663 / 2388037 +94 81 2389342 Attn: Department Library

21. Library & Documentation Division, Department of Census & Statistics The Library & Documentation Division has around 10,000 books on Statistics and all the publications published by the Department. Researchers could do reference by visiting the Library.

Librarian Mrs Pubudu A Adhikariarachchi Mrs M A S Priyadarshini Manamendra Library & Documentation Division Department of Census & Statistics 5th floor Unity Plaza Building Colombo 04 +94 11 2508819 / 0718201428 +94 11 2508819 Attn: Librarian

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22. Library, Department of Labour The library's collection of books and periodicals cover the fields of Industrial Relations, Labour Legislations, Labour Economics, Social Dialogue, Women and Children Affairs, Workers Education, Working Conditions, Gender Education and Social Welfare. The Library is possessed with a collection of ILO publications, ILO Regional Office publications and many other relevant foreign publications

Actg. Librarian Mrs H Renuka Kumari Jayawardena Librarian – Grade II Ms.M.K.G. Yanika Nandasene Library Department of Labour Narahenpita Colombo 05. + 94 11 2508974

related to Labour matters. The following databases are available for reference. •

+94 11 2508974

SLDL Database - current publications incorporating the local, foreign

and ILO publications received by the Library. •

DLCA Database - An Index of Collective Agreements from 1953 upto date.

CASES Database - An Index of Labour Cases in Sri Lanka published in the SLLR

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23. Library, Department of Meteorology Researchers are allowed to use the collection on weather condition.

Development Assistant Mr Indika Illangakoon Library, Department of Meteorology, 383, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, +94 784 746117 / 11 269 4846 / 269 4847 / 268 1647 +94 11 269 8311 attn: Library

24. Centre for Development Information, Department of National Planning The Centre for Development Information (CDI) was established under the Ministry of Finance & Planning in 1979 with the assistance of UNDP-UNESCO, upgrading a small library which was functioning as since 1956 to serve the purpose of coordinating, collating and retrieving information relevant to development and to national development planning. The Centre operates as a special library and the

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Librarian Mrs. Sujeewa Illeperuma Centre of Development Information, Department of National Planning, Treasury Building, Colombo 01 +94 11 2484931/484609

Documentation Unit of Information Services on Economic and related subjects, caters to the information needs of planners, policy makers and senior administrators scholars & researchers of the country.

+94 11 2448063 Attn: CDI / htm

25. Library, Department of National Zoological Gardens This library has a collection around 3000 books on Animals and Environment. Researchers could do reference with the permission of the Director, National Zoological Gardens.

Education and Research Assistant Ms.L.A.D.V.Liyana-arachchi Library National Zoological Gardens Anagarika Dharmapala mawatha Dehiwala. +94 11 2712752 / 2712753 Extn:115 +94 11 2734542

26. Library, Department of Wild Life Conservation Librarian Mrs. B. R. Somalatha Page 15 of 73

The Library is under the division –m Research & Training. It has around 3000 books & magazines on wild life publications.

Library Department of Wild Life Conservation 811/1 A Bodiraja Mawatha Jayanthipura Road Battaramulla. +94 11 2888585 extn: 453 +94 11 2883355 Attn: Library


27. Library, Development Finance Cooperation of Ceylon [DFCC] The library caters for the DFCC staff and outside researchers could do reference by contacting the Librarian.

Librarian Ms.Savithri Weerakoon Development Finance Cooperation of Ceylon [DFCC] 73/5 Galle Road Colombo 03. +94 11 2442442 extn: 2451 / 2442451 + 94 11 2440376 / 2452304 Attn: Librarian

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28. Library, Eastern University Since the establishment of the Eastern University in 1986, there has been only a single library to cater the needs of Four Faculties namely Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Arts & Culture, Faculty of Commerce & Management and Faculty of Science. There was a Branch Library for Faculties of Arts & Culture and Commerce & Management that was established in 1991 in the Batticaloa Town and it had functioned till 1994. Later on it was amalgamated with the Main Library, Vantharumoolai, when these two faculties were shifted from Batticaloa to Vantharumoolai. Library collection amounts to 80,000 nos.

Librarian Mrs T Arulnandhy The Main Library, Eastern University,Sri Lanka, Vantharumoolai, Chen kalady. +94 652240213 / 652240490 extn:140 +94 776 002556 +94 652240733

29. Environmental Foundation Ltd Environmental Foundation Ltd (EFL) is a non-profit public interest law group, whose mission is the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment through legal means. Since 1981 EFL has established itself as a driving force in promoting environmental justice for the people of Sri Lanka, particularly poor and disadvantaged communities, through the provision of mediation, representation and advocacy services, and legal and scientific support, in environmental matters. Page 17 of 73

Operation Director Mr.Vimukthi Weerathunge Environmental Foundation Ltd., 146/34, Havelock Road, Colombo 5. Sri Lanka.

94 11 739 6700 94 11 452 8483

30. Library, Forest Department The Forest Departmental library which is recognized as the principal forestry library in the country was established in 1940. It has historically interesting holdings (the department itself dated from 1887) as well as a good coverage of current serials and other publications relevant to forestry. The Library serves the forestry sector with an up-to-date holding of around 10,000 books, 300 reports and 70 titles of journals and two of the internationally recognized forestry research information database CDs, namely the TREECD and the Forestry Compendium. And a considerable number of unpublished research reports usually referred to as ‘grey’ literature are also available in the library.

Librarian Mrs. Sumana Geekiyanage Forest Department Library, Forest Department, Sampathpaya, P.O. Box. 3, Battaramulla. +94 11 2867237 / 2866631/2 extn: 210 +94 11 2866628 / 2866633 Attn: Librarian & go to Services page

31. Library, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University The General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Library is an integral part of the professional development of all its users and its supports the vision and mission of the university. Page 18 of 73

Actg.Librarian Ms.T.C.Ranawella

The prime role of the library is to provide a suitable environment and to facilitate a variety of resources in multiple formats which enhance teaching, learning and research activities of the university

Library, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Kandawala Estate, Ratmalana +94 11 2635268


32. GSMB Library, Geological Survey and Mines Bureau The library of the GSMB and the former GSD has provided services to the nation as a information repository and dissemination center for all geological exploration wok carried out in Sri Lanka. The GSMB library has a rich collection of technical reports, Annual Reports, scientific papers generated by geological mapping and mineral exploration work carried out by the organization over 100 years including many Geological publications. Among its subscriptions, there are :*Economic Geology*Geological Magazine *Journal of the Geological Society of India *Precambrian Research *Journal of Metamorphic Geology *Quaternary Research*Gems & Gemology *Mineralogical Abstracts *Mineralogical Magazine *Geophysics *Geophysical Prospecting*Applied Page 19 of 73

Librarian, Mrs. Pujani Amarasuriya Geological Survey and Mines Bureau 569, Epitamulla Road, Pitakotte +94-11-2886289 / 2886290 +94 11 2886273

Geophysics*Bulletin of Seismological Society of America*Industrial minerals etc.

33. Library, Hatton National Bank The library which Set up in January 1990. At that time number of HNB Branches around 30 and at present with over 204 branches to serve more than 4000 in house staff.

Librarian Mr. C.A.S Lekamge Hatton National Bank Level 17, HNB Tower, 479, T.B.Jaya Mawatha. Colombo 10. +94 11 2664664 / 2661414 +94 11 2662838

34. Library, Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute HARTI library has a collection of over 21,000 books, 20,000 issues of journals (local and foreign), dissertations, unpublished reports, maps, annual reports and news paper clippings. A large number of periodicals, newsletters, annual reports from foreign and local institutions are also regularly received on complimentary or on exchange basis. Library subscribed to 21 foreign journals and 28 local journals. All these resources are related to Agriculture.

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Librarian S.L. Katugampola Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute, 114, Wijerama mawatha, Colombo 07. +94 11 22678131

+94 11 2692423

35. Center for Industrial Technology Information Services, Industrial Development Board Center for Entrepreneurship development & Consultancy Services (CEDECS) is entrusted basically to provide information services to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SME) for the promotion and development of their enterprises. The mandate of the Centre for Industrial Technology Information Services, is acquisition, organization and dissemination of industrial technological information. CITIS is established with a Library, Industrial Information Unit, Printing and Publication Unit and Information Technology Unit as sub units for the provision of these services. This special library to SME sector consists of more than 18,000 books, 3,000 reports etc. and also 300 information profiles to fulfill specific requirements of the clients.

Actg. Librarian Mrs. K.S.C. Wijekoon Center for Industrial Technology Information Services, Industrial Development Board, 615, Galle Road, Katubedda, +94 11 2605323 / 2605326-7, 2605394 extn: 123 +94 11 2607002 Attn: Librarian

36. Information Services Centre, Industrial Technology Institute As the leading provider of Science and Technology information to the community, the Information Services Center (ISC) of the ITI operates a personlised online information service. A collection of books, journals, standards , patents, Page 21 of 73

Senior Deputy Director Ms.Suranee Samarasekera Information Service Centre Industrial Technology Institute

research articles etc. in print and electronic media and professional staff form a valuable resource for business and industry to stay competitive in their commercial operations. Subjects covered are Science and Technology information Food Sciences, Chemical and Microbiological Sciences, Herbal Sciences, Materials Science, Environment, Electronics, Instrumentation and Metrology, Biotechnology, Business and Industry related information - Regulations, statistics, market information , standards , etc

363, Baudhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7. +94 11 2379807 +94 11 2379817

37. Library, Institute for Construction Training Development The Library is instituted in the main building of Colombo ,Metropolitan city, and is equipped with ten thousand of books, periodicals, journals, local and international standards and many other resources that are important and New inventions in the construction industry global and international Scenarios. All the books and journals in the library are automated enabling reader to find out the required reading material without physically going to the book shelves

Librarian W.K.V. Jayatissa “Savsiripaya� 123 Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 07. Sri Lanka. +94 11 2699801 Ext. 302 +94 11 2699738

38. Library, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Librarian Page 22 of 73

Mr.S.Nandakumara The fully fledged CA Sri Lanka library caters to the Members and students by housing a wide range of books relating to Accounting, Auditing, Management, Economics, Commerce, Taxation and Law etc. It holds past question papers, suggested answers, examiners comments and study packs, CDs/DVDs and newspaper articles too.

Library ICASL 30A, Malalasekera Mawatha, Colombo 7, +94 11 2352065 / 2352000 extn: 365 / 219 +94 11 2352060

39. Institute of Chemistry A special library given prominence on chemical literature, and caters particularly to those following courses conducted by the College and the Institute. The main utilities of library are lending, reference and photocopy services. Lending and Reference facilities are available for the students who are following the courses and members of the Institute.

Librarian Mr.R.M.J.Bandara Adamantane House, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon Head Quarters, Level one, 341/22, Kotte Road, Welikada, Rajagiriya. +94 11 4015230 / 2861653 / 2861231 +94 11 2861231 / 2861653

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40. Library, Institute of Engineers The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka established in 1956 was the successor to the then Engineering Association of Ceylon which was founded in 1906 at Anuradhapura by a few dedicated engineers serving in the public sector, with the objective of providing general advancement of science and practice of engineering in all disciplines concerned according to rules agreed to by its members. In 1968, the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka was made an incorporated body of the Government by an act of parliament. It represents the interests of the engineering profession and the general public its members serve.

Librarian Ms.Mallika Yapa The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka 120/15 Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 7. Sri Lanka. +94 11 2698426, extn 225 +94 11 2699202

41. Library, Institute of Fundamental Studies The library of IFS provides information to the research staff. It has access to many international as well as local scientific journals.

Asst Librarian Ms.T.C.P.Tillakaratne Institute of Fundamental Studies Hantana Road Kandy Sri Lanka. +94 812 232 002 +94 812 232 131

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42. Library, Institute of Policy Studies The library of the Institute of Policy Studies plays a vital role in supporting the Institute’s research work. Its primary function is to serve in-house researchers by facilitating access to relevant information sources. The IPS library is also open to outside researchers and readers as per the “Library Policy for Corporate Members and External Users”A search facility is available for external users on equest.

Librarian Miss Premila Gamage Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka 100/20, Independence Avenue Colombo 07 Sri Lanka. 94 11 2143100 / 2665068 +94 11 2665065 Attn: Library

43. Library, International Water Management Institute Library Collection: The IWMI HQ library has a specialized collection of print/online/audiovisual materials related to water, land and natural resources management. The online catalog provides global access to 40,000+ records of books, book chapters, reports, conference proceedings, journal articles, grey literature, etc available in the library including IWMI publications;*Books/Monographs: 10 000 +. *Current serials: *279 electronic journals (which includes Science Direct – Agricultural and Biological Sciences package) + 2 Page 25 of 73

Librarian Ms.P.Sambandumurthi International Water Management Institute, Electronic Library & Resource Centre, 127, Sunil Mawatha Pelawatta Battaramulla, Sri Lanka.

print journals*Bibliographic Databases: 5 (Water Resources Abstracts; Water Resources Worldwide; CAB Direct; EconLit; Sociological Abstracts). Member networks: Member of AGLINET (FAO); CGIAR Libraries Consortium; and the AGRINET (Sri Lanka)

+94 11 2880000 +94 11 2786854

44. Library, Lanka Hydraulic Institute Lanka Hydraulic Institute (LHI) library was established in 1985. The Institute is a leader in the export of knowledge in consultancy services in the fields of Coastal Engineering, Water Resources and Urban Water. Our priority is given to the staff members of the Lanka Hydraulic Institute. The collection of LHI library exceeds about 15,000, mainly Engineering books (hydraulic), project repots, project proposals, instrument manuals, research papers, maps and drawings, standards (BS CODE), Hydraulic journals, electronic media & audio-visual materials related with major discipline, engineering. Bibliographic data of the entire book collection is computerized

Librarian Veronika Pubudini Senanayake Lanka Hydraulic Institute Ltd LHI Coast and Water John Rodrigo Mawatha, Katubedda, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (+94) (11) 2650409 (+94), (11) 26504072/3 (+94) (11) 2650470

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45. Library, Legal Draftsman’s Department The collection is completely on LAW including bills and acts and especially on drafting law. Outside researchers could use the library with the permission of Legal Draftsman.

Librarian Mrs.Chitra Mudalige Library Legal Draftsman’s Department No.80 Adikarana Mawatha Colombo 12. +94 11 2333198 +94 11 2325185 Attn: Librarian

46. Library Medical Research Institute The Medical Research Institute Library was established in 1950. The collection consists of nearly 11731 books on various branches of Medicine, focusing Microbiology, Parasitology, Pathology, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Natural products and so and so forth. It also consists of a rare collection of Journals of nearly 490 titles and WHO Publications and Research Papers.

Librarian Ms. S. A. Nimal Kanthi Medical Research Institute P.O. Box 527 Dr. Danister De Silva Mawatha Baseline Road Colombo 08. +9411 2 693532-34

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+94 11 2691 495

47. Library, Ministry of Agriculture The Ministry library houses around 15000 books and 10 subscriptions on agricultural subjects. The researchers could do reference with the permission from the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Librarian Ms. K.G.S. Gunathileka Library, Ministry of Agriculture, 80/5存Govijana Mandiraya, Rajamalwatta Raod, Battaramulla +94 11 2869553 extn: 281 / 2868914 +94 11 2868910 Attn: Librarian

48. Library, Ministry of Health The Library locates in the building where the Family Health Bureau is located. Page 28 of 73

Librarian Ms. H.P.Rohini.W. Hettiarachchi

Library, Ministry of Health 231 De Seram Place Colombo 10 +94 11 2674851 +94 11 2696583 attn: Health Ministry Library N/A

49. Library and Information Division, National Aquatic Resources Agency (NARA) Library and Information Division of NARA provides Library Services in the fields of Ocean, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. The services of the Division are as follows: • Assisting researchers for library research • Provision of reference facilities for rare books • Collection of research papers for future reference • Lending books • Exchange of books with other libraries • Linkage with other libraries • Provision of Library facilities through internet

Senior Librarian Ms.B.G. Sunethra Kariyawasam Library and Information Division National Aquatic Resources Agency Crow Island, Mattakuliya Colombo 15. +94 11 2521000 / 2521006 / 2521633 +94 11 2521922 /

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50. Library, National Building Research Organisation (NBRO) The Library of NBRO houses a wide array of books, standards and periodicals. It also carries published research findings of the scientists of NBRO. The resources available can be referenced by researchers, academics, university students and other interested readers,

Scientist H.G.S Ariyarathna National Building Research Organization (NBRO) 99/1, Jawatte Road Colombo 05 +94 11 2588946 extn: 230 +94 11 2502611

51. Library, National Dangerous Drugs Control Board The specialized reference library has a good collection of books, magazines and other literature on drug. Please contact the librarian for the use of library facilities.

Librarian Ms.Shani Mihirnge National Dangerous Drugs Control Board 383, Kotte Road Rajagiriya. +94 11 2868794 – 6. Extn: 106 +94 11 2868792 – 1 Attn: Library

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52. Library, National Development Bank of Sri Lanka Senior Librarian Mrs. Gayathri Nanayakkara

This is a special library that caters for the Bank staff.

Librarian National Development Bank (NDB) 40, Nawam Mawatha Colombo 02 +94 11 2 448 448 / 2 448 888 +94 11 2 305 031

53. Library, National Engineering Research Development Centre NERD Centre Library has a collection of over 8,000 books, journals, periodicals and standards. They are mainly in the areas of the civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, computer etc. Library receives many popular and expensive journals. Research papers and research project reports are also available in the library for reference.

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Librarian Ms. D.M.T.P.K. Dewagiri National Engineering Research Development Center of Sri Lanka IDB Industrial Estate Ekala Ja-ela

011-2236284 / 011-2236384 / 011-2236307 011 2236434 / 011 2233153

54. Library & Documentation Centre, National Institute of Business Management The NIBM Library & Documentation Centre plays a vital role in catering to the information and educational needs of both course participants and professional staff of NIBM. The fullyfledged Library & Documentation Centre is well stocked with over 23000 Books, over 400 CD ROM's, educational video tapes, and selected periodicals. Among the library's special collections are the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) publication, Training Manuals, Company Annual Reports, Periodicals Holdings, Socio-Economic statistics, NIBM Consultancy and student project reports and the Sri Lanka Collection.

Senior Librarian Mrs. Champika Mahanthege National Institute of Business Management 120/5, Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 07. + 94 11 2693404 / 2692272 / 2685805 extn: 138 +94 11 2685808 / 2693403 Attn: Senior Librarian

55. National Institute of Education This caters the staff and the students of the Institute and covers the subject areas on Education.

Library Assistant Mrs. K. M. G. L W. Kariyawasam Department of Library & Museum National Institute of Education.

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P .O. Box 21, High Level Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka +94 11 7601601 extn: 674 +94-11 7601800 Attn: ,

56. National Institute of Health Science A request was made in November to obtain information, but the relevant information was not received.

Librarian Ms. S.C. Samarasinghe Library, National Institute of Health Science 28 Nagoda Kalutara Sri Lanka +94 34 2222264 / 2222001 / 2228729 +94 34 2226319 /

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57. Library, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health This library has a vast range of helpful literature on Occupational Safety and Health. The resources include Books, Periodicals, Pamphlets, Reports, Dissertations, Reprints, Training modules and Chemical Safety Data Sheets, Databases, Newspaper Clippings on Occupational Health / Industrial Health / Environmental Health / Public Health / Pollution / Ergonomics / Industrial Safety / Chemical Safety / Occupational Diseases / Industrial Legislation / Toxicology / Water and Sanitation

Assistant / Helper Mrs. K K S Samanthi Library National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Department of Labour 97 Jawatte Road Colombo 05. +94 11 2598672 +94 112 2585425 Attn: Library

58. Library, National Institute of Plantation Management (NIPM) The NIPM Library is a source of information. It plays a vital role in catering to the information and educational needs of both course participants and staff of NIPM. The Library is well stocked with over 7000 Books covering the subjects Tea, Rubber, coconut, Management, Marketing, Training, Accounting, & Computer etc. and selected periodicals. Reference collection included Dissertations written by Diploma course students and valuable books & video tapes etc. Services provided by the NIPM Library include reference & Lending services, inter-library loan facility and selling publications of NIPM The Library is available for course Page 34 of 73

Librarian Mrs. C. S. Liyanage National Institute of Plantation Management P.O.Box 01 M.D.H. Jayawardena Mawatha Athurugiriya. +94 11 2770232 / 277 0232 +94 11 4547644

participants for reference purposes. Participants in Diploma Programmes and certificate courses are allowed the facility of borrowing books on payment of a refundable deposit. The NIPM Library & Documentation Centre is open five days a week from 08.30 hrs to 16.15 hrs, except on Saturdays. Sundays & public holidays.

59. National Library Documentation Centre The National Library and Documentation Centre provides library and information resources to all Sri Lankans through the National Library and Documentation Centre and network of libraries and resource centres. The NLDC is a reference library and open to all members of the public. It does not lend books to individual readers but on occasion it lends books to selected libraries on inter-library loan for reference purposes. There is an information desk on the ground floor to help with inquiries. Photocopies are provided at reasonable rates.

Senior Librarian Mr. W. Sunil Head – Reader Services National Library Documentation Centre, National Library Documentation Services Board, 14 , Independence Avenue, Colombo 07 011 2685197, 011 2687581 011 2685201

60. Reading Room , National Science and Technology Commission Only a small collection for the staff only. But anyone required to refer their reports could access them with prior approval. Page 35 of 73

Acting Director Mr Muditha Liyanagedera

National Science and Technology Commission No 31/9, 31/10 Dadli Senanayaka Mw, Colombo 08 +94 11 2680711 / 2680712 +94 11 2680713

61. National Science Library & Resource Centre, National Science Foundation National Science Library & Resource Centre (NSLRC) of the National Science Foundation is the National Focal Point for the dissemination of Science & Technology (S&T) Information in the country. The efficiency of the information service is enhanced through a network (Sri Lanka Science & Technology Information Network) operated among S&T libraries in the country. The current membership of SLSTINET is over 100. The NSLRC web site functions as a central hub which links other S & T related information sources in the country for efficient exchange of information among the scientific counterparts.

Principal Information Officer Mrs. P.A.S.F. Perera National Science Library & Resource Centre, National Science Foundation 47/5 Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 7 +94 011 2696771 extn: 125 +94 011 2694754 Attn: Principal Information Officer

62. Library & Information Center, National Water Supply and Drainage Board The Library and Information Center’s collection of 10500 Page 36 of 73

Librarian Mrs Nayana K Wijetunga

books, 1950 Specifications, 11 journal titles, around 330 CDs Trade Catalogues, Operation and Maintenance Manuals (Relevant to Water Supply Projects), Acts & Legislations covers the subject areas such as Water Resources Management, Water Supply, Sanitation, Water Treatment, Ground Water , Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management, Information Technology , Environment. Researchers are allowed under GM’s approval.

Library & Information Centre, National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Galle Road, Rathmalana +94 112638999, +94 112636219 Ext. 1627 +94 112612164

63. Library, Open University of Sri Lanka The library has a collection of books, journals, multimedia resources and Audio Visuals at the Central Library and at the Regional and Study Centres. At the main library there are approximately 92, 000 books and bound journals spanning around a variety of subject areas. The library subscribes to 120 foreign and local journal titles recommended by the academic staff. The Audio Visual Resource Centre (AVRC) has over 1169 Video Programmes and 680 Audio titles produced by the OUSL Educational Technology Division and by Foreign Educational Media Centres. There are also multimedia databases in CD formats (CD-ROM 286, VCD 100) that are available at Virtual Resource Centre.

Librarian Dr Mrs W Seneviratne OUSL Library, Open University of Sri Lanka, PO Box 21, Nawala, Nugegoda 94 11 2881254 / 2881509 Ext:509 +94 112805476 /

64. Library, Parliament of Sri Lanka Page 37 of 73

The Library is presently located in the South - Wing of the main Parliamentary building, and it occupies 9800 square feet on the first floor and 8500 square feet on the Ground floor. The Reference Division, Lending Division and the Newspaper Section also with the working area of the staff are housed in the first floor of the Library. The Ground floor houses the research division, Members mail division and the recently established Cyber cafe. The research division provides data, statistics and other relevant information. The Hansards of the House of Commons and Lords, the Annual Reports of Statutory bodies such as Government Corporations, Boards are available in the Ground Floor together with a vast area for leisure reading and studies for the Members. Facilities have been provided for Members to collect their mail from the Members mail division.

Librarian Mr C Kuruppu Parliament Library, Parliament of Sri Lanka, Sri Jayawardena pura, Kotte. +94 11 2777483, +94 11 2777484 +94 112777500 y.jsp

65. Library, Post Graduate Institute of Medicine. The mission of the PGIM library is to fulfill information needs of the postgraduate trainees of the Institute and other medical professionals by providing resources available both within and outside the library enabling them to excel academically and professionally. General membership is open to PGIM trainees and any medical officer registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council. The Membership ID card is valid for use at Colombo, Peradeniya and any other PGIM Branch Library to be established in the future.

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs T. Sritharan Mail Library, Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Norris Cannel Road, Colombo 07

+94 11 2671047 +94 11 2671047

Page 38 of 73

66. Resource Center, Practical Action Sri Lanka Manager – Online knowledge services Practical Action is an international charity that promotes practical technological solutions to poverty reduction. Set up over 40 years ago in the UK by Dr. Fritz Schumacher, to show that, his then ground breaking environmental economic concepts conveyed through the famous book “Small is Beautiful”. Known as Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) at the inception. Practical Action works in number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America demonstrating innovative technology based solutions that communities in poverty can adopt and to work themselves gradually out of poverty.afford to belong but rather can they afford not to?

Ms Chandrika Kularatne Resource Centre, Practical Action, 5 Lionel Edirisinghe Mawatha Kirulapone, Colombo 5 +94 11 2829412 +94 11 2856188,lk

67. Public Library, Colombo The Colombo Public library is established in July 1925, by the amalgamation of the Colombo library & the Pettah library. At the beginning the library had 3 departments, The Reading Room, the Lending Room & the Reference Library. It had seven members on the staff, with late Mr. S.C Blok as the Librarian. By now, the library has a collection of nearly one million books, 57 newspapers & 111 periodical titles in all 3 languages, Sinhala, Tamil & English. It expands its services to 13 branches, Mobile Service & Book Box Projects to under privileged children in shanties. Now it has 5 departments, 7

Page 39 of 73

Chief Librarian Mrs. Waruni Gagabadaarachchi Colombo Public Library 15 Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 7 +94 11 2691968 / 0777 514629 +94 11 2691968 /

service providing points and 105 staff members.Vihara Maha Devi Park. The earlier building is now the official residence of the Mayor of Colombo. nt&view=article& id=81&Itemid=62

68. Library, Rice Research and Development Institute This is a branch library of the Main library, Agriculture Department Gannoruwa. The subject areas covered by this library are rice grain quality, agronomy, plant breeding, agricultural economics, soil science, plant pathology, intermology, weed science.

Programme Assistant Mrs Nadeeka S Somaratne Library, Rice Research and Development Institute Bathalagoda, Ibbagamuwa. +94 372258561 extn:213 +94 37 2259881 s/129

69. Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka Established in 1845, the Library is and has been synonymous with the Society. It has almost 11,000 volumes including rare and valuable books and 117 title of Journals. The Library is also in possession of extremely rare collections of manuscripts of national interest belonging to the 17th and 18th centuries collected over two centuries. The Library covers all areas which come under the objectives of the society, which are to institute and promote inquiries into the History, Religions, Language, Literature, Arts, Sciences Page 40 of 73

Honorary Librarian Prof. (Mrs) Uda Hettige Library, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka 96, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo (Nelum Pokuna Mawatha) Colombo 07. Sri Lanka. +94 112 699249 +94 112 699249

and Social Conditions of the present and former peoples of the Island of Sri Lanka and connected cultures. /

70. Library, Rubber Research Institute The prime objective of the library is to provide promptly appropriate information to scientists, extension officers and general public to do research and to perform their work efficiently. The subject areas which resources are available are Agriculture – Research, Education, Statistics, History. Plant Science and Production – Crop husbandry, Crop, Plant propagation, Seed production and processing, Cropping patterns and systems, Plant physiology Plant Protection – Pests of plants, Plant diseases, Weeds and weed control, Control methods. Agricultural machinery and engineering – agricultural engineering, agricultural structures, agricultural machinery and equipment. Natural Resources and environment- Soil science and management, Soil chemistry and physics, Soil biology, Soil fertility, Soil erosion and conservation, Meteorology and climatology. Fertilizers – Inorganic, Organic. Methodology –Agriculture extension & Communication, Biotechnology

Librarian Mr S U Amarasinghe Rubber Research Institute Darton Field, Agalawatta, Sri Lanka, 12200 +94 34 2247383, 2247426 Ext. 259 +94 34 2247427

71. Library, Sri Lanka Air Force The Command Research Library was declared open as “The Knowledge Hub”. It is a unique place for all knowledge Page 41 of 73

Command Librarian Mrs B A Indra Colonne

hunters in aviation, where you find some old collection of books on aircraft operated by Sri Lanka Air Force & Royal Ceylon Air Force.

Command Research Library, Sri Lanka Air Force Museum, Ratmalana +94 11 2441044 extn:45569

+94 11-2265111 Attn: Librarian

72. Library, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA) SLIDA Library is enriched with a collection of modern and authoritative publications, especially in the fields of Public Administration, Management, Financial Management, Accountancy, Environmental studies etc. In addition, the periodicals both local and international are available for the use of the training program participants and the faculty members.

Librarian Mrs. K. M. Lalantha D. Kulathunga Library, Sri lanka Institute of Development Administration, 28/10, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo-07. +94 11 5980200 extn: 238 / 5980238 +94 11 5898502 Attn: Librarain

Page 42 of 73

73. Library, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology SLIIT maintains three libraries at Metro, Malabe campuses and the Matara centre. Each holds a latest collection of books and periodicals, particularly in the field of Information Technology, Information Systems & Management, Computer Systems & Networking, and Electronic Engineering. The library of the Malabe Campus acts as the main resource centre through which all library development activities are coordinated. SLIIT libraries are constantly updated to accommodate resource materials relating to new developments in Information and Communication Technology and other subjects relating to the core teaching areas. The library is being augmented continuously to cater to the increasing number of students and for the propagation of knowledge.

Chief Librarian Ms. Pushpamala Perera Library, Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology Malabe Campus, New Kandy Road , Malabe +94 11 2413900 ext. 4400

+94 112413901

Attn: Chief Librarian /

74. Sri Lanka Medical Library The Sri Lanka Medical Library is the oldest medical institution in the country. This is the only library dedicated to all medical doctors in the country. The Library has 9000 books and monographs. It owns an invaluable rare book collection on Sri Lanka. It has the best collection of past journals. It has 10,330 bound volumes of periodicals in 225 titles. These include the following series beginning from volume 1: Ceylon Medical Journal from 1887, Ceylon Branch of the British Medical Page 43 of 73

Librarian Ms M Sriyani Gomes Sri Lanka Medical Library, 6, Wijerama Mawatha Colombo 7 +94 11 2695188

Association from 1904, The Journal of the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children 1951, Brain from 1878, Lancet from 1823, Journal of Pathology from 1893, and Practitioner from 1889. HINARI ACCESS (Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative) which includes more than 6400 journals in health and biomedical sciences is also available.


75. Technical Library, Sri Lanka Ports Authority Librarian Ms H A A Crishanthi The Technical Library of Sri Lanka Ports Authority was started in the year of 1975 and is being managed by the Planning and Development Division. Our Library is equipped and purchased to serve all Engineers (include Civil , Mechanical and Electrical), other Technical staff and all Executive Officers in Sri Lanka Ports Authority and also provide reference services to the undergraduates of the Universities of Sri Lanka.At present there are Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering books, British Standards, Sri Lanka Standards, Technical Reports, Magazines of fifteen titles, Engineering catalogues, Design files and documents connected to Harbour Construction Activities.

Central Library, Sri Lanka Ports Authority 45, Leyden Bastian Road Colombo1 +94 11 2421201 Ext. 2347 or 2482347 +94 11 2323055 Attn: Librarian ml

76. Library, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Assistant Director / Chief Librarian Page 44 of 73

The SLRC Library has four units as for books, tapes, visuals and archives specializing in media. The Library covers mainly the activities of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corpartion and the collection contains around 6000 books and 100,000 cassettes. Researchers could use the library under the permission of the SLRC Chairman.

Ms.Ranjinie Herath Library, Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo +94 11 5745044 / 0714 391929

+94 11 2580131 Attn: Library

77. Library, Sri Lanka School of Agriculture This Library is for the students only.

Librarian Ms. N Amandakone Library Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, Kundasale +94 812420485

+94 812420485 Attn: Library

N/A Page 45 of 73


78. Documentation & Information Division, Sri Lanka Standards Institution Director (Documentation & Information) Mr B D Ariyaratne

The Documentation & Information Division of the SLSI is a one stop Information Centre for literature on Standardization and Quality Management. Being a specialized information center it offers members a unique collection of resources on Standards and Quality Management. The major part of the collection consists of a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of National, International and Foreign National standards and Technical regulations.

Documentation & Information Division Sri Lanka Standards Institution, 17, Victoria Place, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08 + 94 11 2671567-72 extn: 252

+ 94 11 2469749

79. Library, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority No officer For Internal staff only. There is no permanent place for this Institution yet.

Page 46 of 73

Library, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, BMICH Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.



80. Library, Sri Lanka Tea Board The Library of Sri Lanka Tea Board is beneficial in providing information required for achieving the objectives of the Sri Lanka Tea Board. In this effort of providing information, not only the employees attached to the SLTB but also the individuals engaged in tea industry, tea Researchers, university students etc. are greatly benefited. The library has an academically and professionally important collection of books, periodicals, journals, market & statistical reports, government publications, standards etc.

Librarian Mr U A Nilantha Ranatunga Sri Lanka Tea Board, 574, Galle Road, P.O.Box 1750, Colombo. + 94 11 2587814 extn: 124

+91 11 2589132 Attn: Librarian /

Page 47 of 73

81. Library, Sri Lanka Telecom The library houses resources on telecommunication, management, accounting etc. Researchers could do reference with the permission of the DGM – Training Division.

Librarian Mrs Sriyani Jayakody Library, Sri Lanka Telecom, CTO Building, Lotus Road, Colombo 1 +94 11 2332780 / 2021223

+94 11 2556510

82. Library, Sugarcane Research Institute The Library is opened only for the staff and currently there is Page 48 of 73

Technical Officer Mr R A Premachandra

no professional Librarian.

Library, Sugarcane Research Institute, Uda Walawe +94 47 2233281 / 2233285

+94 47 2233233

83. Main Library, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka The pivotal role of this Main Library is of academic nature as it is to serves the students and faculty members of the Arts & Culture, Islamic Studies & Arabic Languages and Management & Commerce Courses of the South Eastern university to achieve the standard of excellence in their academic programs. The Science Library at Sammanthurai serves the needs of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The collections and services of the library are designed to match the needs that range from basic support of the curriculum to the advanced research requirements of clienteles. The SEUSL Library deliver customer focused quality information products, services and programmes, creatively adjust to changing information needs and innovatively respond to new challenges at national & international level.

Page 49 of 73

Acting Librarian Mr. MM. Rifaudeen Main Library, South Eastern University, University Park, Oluvil +94 67 2255160 +94 67 2255160

84. Science Library, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka The Science Library at Sammanthurai Campus serves the needs of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The collections and services of the library are designed to match the needs that range from basic support of the curriculum to the advanced research requirements of clientles.

Senior Asst. librarian Ms. M M.Mashroofa Science Library, South Eastern University, Samanthurai +94 67 2260717 +94 67 2260717 general_info.html

85. Library, Tea Research Institute Library collection covers agriculture especially on Tea. Journal collection covers journals on Agriculture, Botany and Chemistry. The external users have to get the permission from the Director / Tea Research Institute.

Library Assistant Mrs Sudarma Amunugama Library, Tea Research Institute, St. Coomb Estate, Talawakelle. +94 52 2258201 extn: 267 +94 52 2258229 Attn: Library Assistant

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86. Library, Telecom Training Centre This library caters for the staff and students of the center. The collection includes around 7000 books and several common journals.

Assistant Librarian Ms. L Mulin Mendis Library, Telecom Training Centre Negombo Road, Welisara, Ragama +94 11 295 6262

+94 11 2960599 Attn:Librarian


87. Documentation Centre and Library, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka Maintains a documentation centre and library for public and internal staff containing: all Commission documents required by the staff; documents for public as required by the WTO agreement; documents relevant to the telecommunications sector.

Page 51 of 73

Librarian Mrs Damayanthi Samarakoon / Mrs Priyani Hettiarchchi Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka 276, Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08

+94 11 2684865 / 2689345 extn: 4200 / 4201

+94 11 2684865 /

88. Library, Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission This special Library houses resources on Tertiary and Vocational Education and collection around 5000 books. Researchers could do reference.

Librarian Mr Anura Weerakoon 'Nipunatha Piyasa' 3rd Floor 354/2, Elvitigala Mw, Colombo 05 +94 11 5849291

+94 11 2555007 Page 52 of 73

89. Library, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo

The absorption of the Ayurveda College to the University of Colombo, the Institute of Indigenous Medicine offered BAMS and BUMS degrees to the students. With this development, the library was expanded to meet the requirements of the undergraduates. In the recent past postgraduate studies were introduced and the library had to extend its services to these postgraduate students too. Today the library caters to the requirement of about 700 undergraduates and 50 postgraduate students, academic and non academic staff. It has a good collection of books on Ayurveda, Unani and Western medicine, approximately 28,000 in number in various languages. The collection covers a wide range of medical books relating to clinical medicine, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Toxicology, Surgery, Psychiatry and allied subjects.

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs. C.K.Gamage Library, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya. +94 11 2674854 / 2692385 | 2694308 extn: 220 / 221 +94 11 2697175 attn: Senior Assistant Librarian

90. Main Library, University of Colombo The University of Colombo inherited the collection built up by the two Colleges – the Ceylon Medical College and the University College. The Library system currently consists of the Main Library located at Philip Gunawardena Mawatha (Reid Avenue) and the libraries of the Faculties of Medicine (located at Kynsey Road), Science and Graduate Studies located respectively at the Medical Faculty and Science Faculty, and the FGS premises.

Actg. Librarian Mrs. D.C. Kuruppu Main Library, University of Colombo, P.O. Box 1698, Colombo 07 +94 11 2583043 / 2586432

+94 11 2583043 Page 53 of 73

91. Medical Library, University of Colombo The Library of the Medical Faculty, University of Colombo was founded in 1870 the same year the Medical Faculty was inaugurated. It was set up in the present building in 1955. At the beginning, there were 15 departmental libraries attached to the departments of the faculty in addition to the central library. The library is the second oldest medical library in the whole of Asia. The medical library offer services especially to health professionals and the para-professionals in the island as well as in the South East Asian Region.

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs. Anuja de Silva Medical Library, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Colombo 08. +94 11 2692068 / 11 2688748 Ext: 218

+94 11 2692068 /

Page 54 of 73

92. Library, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo

The absorption of the Ayurveda College to the University of Colombo, the Institute of Indigenous Medicine offered BAMS and BUMS degrees to the students. With this development, the library was expanded to meet the requirements of the undergraduates. In the recent past postgraduate studies were introduced and the library had to extend its services to these postgraduate students too. Today the library caters to the requirement of about 700 undergraduates and 50 postgraduate students, academic and non academic staff. It has a good collection of books on Ayurveda, Unani and Western medicine, approximately 28,000 in number in various languages. The collection covers a wide range of medical books relating to clinical medicine, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Toxicology, Surgery, Psychiatry and allied subjects.

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs. C.K.Gamage Library, Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Rajagiriya. +94 11 2674854 / 2692385 | 2694308 extn: 220 / 221 +94 11 2697175 attn: Senior Assistant Librarian

93. Science Library, University of Colombo, Colombo The Science Library is fully automated and entire collection of books in the library was bar-coded and each student of the Faculty of Science is issued a bar-coded library cardThe Science Library consists of approximately 30,000 books and periodicals. Number of books is added to its stocks every year. The collection covers all aspects of subjects such as Pure Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science, Nuclear Science, Biotechnology and Applied Sciences. The E-resource centre of the Science Library is very popular among the students. Any student in the Faculty of Science can reserve a terminal for the duration of 01 hour at one time to access e-resources. Page 55 of 73

Senior Asst. librarian Ms. H M D S D Somaratne Science Library, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, PO Box 1490, Colombo 03. +94 11 2583883 / 2158403-5 / 2583883

+94 11 2583883 /

94. Library, University of Jaffna The university library has three branch libraries at Faculty of Medicine, Department of Siddha Medicine and Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts. The Ramanathan Library consisted mainly of materials collected by Sir.Pon.Ramanathan during his long, varied and eventful career. There were books on Law, Hindu Philosophy and Religion, Christian Theology, Economics, Law, English History and Literature, Politics and Government. The Library of the undergraduate section of the Jaffna College was essentially a working collection for undergraduate study. The Vidyananthan library is the main library of the University and is housed in a spacious building at a central spot in the Thirunelvely Campus.

Librarian Ms.S.Arulanantham Jaffna University Library Thirunelveli, Jaffna. +94 21 2222970

+94 21 2222970 / /

Page 56 of 73

95. Main library, University of Kelaniya The University of Kelaniya Library was crystallized around the Vidyalankara Pirivena Collection with the elevation of the Pirivena to a fully pledged University status in 1959. Throughout its existence, the Library was located in several places and finally moved to its present building in 1977. The present library collection encompasses over 180,000 books pertaining to various academic disciplines ranging from Archaeology to Zoology and subscriptions to about150 academic journals. Further, the library provides electronic access to full text databases through the terminals located in the Library Multimedia Section and other departments.

Librarian Mr. L.A. Jayatissa Main Library, University of Kelaniya, Dalugama, Kelaniya, +94 11 2911918 or +94 11 2903170 / 112903903 extn: 170 +94 11 2911918 /

96. Medical Library, University of Kelaniya The library collection has about 16500 books and 15 subscriptions together with access to Hinari Database through WHO. Being the only university that has Speech science, this library specialize in speech & language therapy and audiology.

Page 57 of 73

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs Chitra M Abeygunasekera Medical Library, P.O.Box 6, Thalagolla Road Ragama +94 11 2961154 / 2961000 extn:154 / 145

+94 11 2958337 /

97. SIDA/SAREC Research Library, University of Keleniya This library gives reference materials relevant to the Social Sciences. The Research Library is organized under three categories.It provides reference facilities for the academic staff members of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Demonstrator Miss Suleka Pathmini SIDA/SAREC Research Library, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Keleniya, Dalugama, Keleniya. +94 112 2903817

N/A Page 58 of 73

98. Library, University of Moratuwa The University of Moratuwa Library (UML) is one of the most prominent technology libraries in the country. It's main areas of specialization are Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology. However, the library caters for the requirements of the membership by housing books and other materials of general interest too.Their priority is given to the academic & non-academic staff and the students of the University of Moratuwa, as well as to the Institute of Technology (ITUM). Yet, our services extend beyond this administrational boundary, and serves the entire technology community of Sri Lanka through information dissemination and networking.

Librarian Mrs. Ruwani Kodikara Library, University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa 10400 +94 11 2650161 / 2650301 extn: 1501

+94 11 2650622

99. Agriculture Library, University of Peradeniya The Agriculture Library emerged as a separate library in the University Library System in 1960s catering to the information requirements of the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1980 it was amalgamated with the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture Library and was shifted to the four-storied new building in 1996. The most unique feature of the Agriculture Library is that it serves two institutions of higher education in the University of Peradeniya, namely the Faculty of Agriculture

Page 59 of 73

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs. Irangani Mudannayake Agriculture Library Faculty of Agriculture PO BOX 55 University of Peradeniya Peradeniya

and the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture.

+94 81 2388956 / 2395552 / 2395550 / 2395554

+94 81 2388318 Attn: Senior Assistant Librarian /

100. Dental Library, The University of Peradeniya The main objective of the Dental Library is to develop a collection of print and non-print materials for the Faculty in Dental Sciences to be a national leader in higher education and research. The clientele of the Dental Library now comprises the members of the academic staff, undergraduates Dental Sciences. The dental library houses the collection of books and journals pertaining to Dentistry. The collection comprises of about 1500 books and 15 titles of periodicals.

Senior Assistant Librarian Mr. Sunil Premarathne Dental Library, Faculty of Dental Sciences, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka +94 81 2397500 +94 812388948

Page 60 of 73

Attn: Dental Library

101. Engineering Library, University of Peradeniya The Library moved to the newly constructed two-storied Engineering Library Building in January 2000. The collection contains about 35000 information sources such as books, periodicals, theses, BS codes, project reports etc., on Civil, Chemical, Production, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mathematics and Computer Sciences.

Senior Assistant Librarian Ms.Neetha Damayanthi Peiris Engineering Library, Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya +94 812393318 / 2393311

+94 812388158 Attn: Senior Assistant Librarian / l

102. Medical Library, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya The cliental of the Medical Library now comprises the members of the academic staff, undergraduates and postgraduates of Faculties of Medicine and Dental Sciences. The Medical Library houses the collection of books and

Page 61 of 73

Senior Assistant Librarian Mrs. Sriyani Perera Medical Library, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya.

journals pertaining to Medical Sciences and Dentistry. The collection comprises of about 20,000 volumes and 1,100 titles of periodicals stacked in 350 meters of shelving

+94 81 2396241, +94 81 2392155

+94 81 238 8678,

103. Main Library, University of Peradeniya The library of Peradeniya University originated in 1921 as the library of the Ceylon University College. The Library was shifted to Peradeniya in 1952 and was moved to the present premises in 1960. After moving to Peradeniya, the library developed into a library network comprising the Main Library and seven other branch libraries, namely Agriculture, Science, Medical, Engineering, Vet Medical, Allied Health Science and Dental libraries. The ninth library is attached to the subcampus, Faculty of Agriculture in Mahailuppallama. The branch libraries are located in their respective faculties. The Main Library can be accessed by proceeding along the new Galaha road, passing the entrance to the Arts Theatre and turning right to the Senate building.

Librarian Dr. Mrs. P. Wijethunga Main Library University of Peradeniya Peradeniya - 20400 +94 81 239 2470 / 238 8678 / 239 2471

+94 81 238 8678 Page 62 of 73

104. Science Library, University of Peradeniya The Science Library was opened in its new building in June 1993, bringing together the library collections maintained in the Departments of Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology. The materials relating to Mathematics and Geology maintained in the Main Library were not shifted to the Science Library, considering their use by the readers belonging to the other Faculties, but the new materials relating to these two departments are added on to the Science Library. Some collections having special relevance to the Departments in the Faculty of Science (such as the Taxonomy Collection and the Prof. Balasubramanium Collection in the Department of Botany) are still maintained in the relevant departments

Senior Assistant Librarian Ms.Sriyani Elleperuma Science Library University of Peradeniya Peradeniya +94 81 239 4417 / 2394416

+94 81 2388018 / 2389026 Attn: Senior Assistant Librarian /

105. Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science Library, University of Peradeniya The Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science Library was established in its present location in the Faculty in June 1994, to house the collection of books and periodicals in Veterinary Medicine which were transferred from the Medical Library. Refurbishment of the present Library was completed in 2005. Fully Automated Library system was introduced in 2007. The library collection in 2010 was comprised of more than 6000 books and bound of periodicals. The Audio Visual Unit

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Senior Assistant Librarian Mr. A. Dharmaratne Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science Library, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science University of Peradeniya Peradeniya +94 81 2395883 / 2389136 / 2395885

of the Library contains CDs ,VCDs, Videos etc. and there are 13 titles of current Periodicals and 79 titles of Bound Periodicals in the Library.

+94 81 2389136 Attn: Senior Assistant Librarian

106. Library, University of Rajarata Rajarata University of Sri Lanka has a library systems first consisting of following libraries. The main library was started at August 1996 with the appointment of the first all other branch libraries. Libraries have been functioning since 1992 under the former Affiliated University College main library. Commence services in October 1996 with a beginning of fist academic year of the university. Rajarata University at present the five faculties. The main library has three branch libraries in different areas. The Agriculture Science faculty library is located in Puliyankulama. The Faculty library of Medical & Allied Science located in Saliyapura, Faculty of Applied Science library is located in Mihintale. The Central library in the Mihintale gives services to Social Science faculty and Management Studies.

Assistant Librarian Ms. K R M Harshani Faculty of Applied Sciences Library, University of Rajarata, Mihintale. +94 25 3893841 +94 25 2266643 extn. 3039-40

0252 266694

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107. Agriculture Library, University of Ruhuna The Faculty Library serves students and faculty members and covers the Agriculture related subjects. The collection of the Library includes 25,000 books and around 10 subscriptions. Special collection of the Asian Productivity Organization is housed in the library as well.

Senior Asst. Librarian Mrs. S. L. Gammanpila Agriculture Faculty Library, Mapalana, Kamburupitiya 81100 +94 41 2292200 extn: 350 +94 41 2292816 +94 41 2292384 Attn: Library /

108. Engineering Library, University of Ruhuna The collection contains 14,00 books, around 20 subscriptions, ASCE database in Civil Engineering covering Civil and environmental, mechanical and manufacturing and Electrical and information areas.

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Snr. Asst. Librarian Mr. J.J. Garusing Arachchi Library, Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Hapugala, Galle. +94 91 2245765 extn: 1311

+94 91 2245761 Attn: Library

109. Main Library, University of Ruhuna The Library of University of Ruhuna being a central research library in the southern region of Sri Lanka caters for vast variety of communities in the country. The Ruhuna University Library has four branch libraries in addition to the Main Library viz: Agricultural Library at Mapalana, Allied Health Sciences Library at Mahamodara, Engineering library at Hapugala and Medical Library at Karapitiya. The resource collection consists of more than two hundred thousand books and 200 titles of periodicals related to courses and staff requirements of the university.

Librarian Mr. Ananda Karunaratne Main Library, University of Ruhuna, Wellamadama, Matara. +94 41 2227028 / 41 2222681/2 extn: 2210

+94 412227028

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110. Medical Library, University of Ruhuna Snr. Asst. Librarian The library holds about 140000 books and about 300 Journal titles (foreign and local). These resources are available in both print and electronic formats. Services of the library includes reference, lending, interlibrary loan, current awareness services, conducting workshops and maintaining library website with useful links to online resources for which the library have subscribed as well as those available free.

Mr. K.T.S. Pushpakumara Library, Faculty of Medicine, Karapitiya, Galle +94 91 2234801 extn: 151 +94 912243239 +91 2222314 Attn: Medical Faculty Library

111. Main Library, University of Sabaragamuwa The university has three libraries. The Main Library located in Belihuloya mainly serves the needs of the faculties of Social Sciences & Languages and Geomatics. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Management Studies have their own libraries. The library of the Faculty of Applied Sciences has been amalgamated to the Main Library since March 2008. The library of the Faculty of Agricultural sciences

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Librarian Mrs. T. N. Neighsoorei Main Library, Sabaragamuwa University, P.O.Box-02, Belihuloya. +94 45 2280045

serves their users and the collection includes approximately 20,000 publications. It has a separate section for e-learning facilities too. It is one kilometer ahead from the main library. The library of the Management Studies was recently established and located in their faculty premises. It serves their users. It caters to the Post Graduate studies etc. It has a collection of about 10,000 publications.

+94 45 2280045

112. Main Library, University of Sri Jayawardenapura Librarian Mrs. N.D. Wijayasundara

The library was commenced with an initial collection inherited from Vidyodaya Pirivena with establishment of the Vidyodaya University of Ceylon in 1959. Subsequently it was housed in a substantial area of the Sri Sumangala Building since 1961 and developed the collection over the years. The entire collection of the library was shifted to aspirate library building in 1988. It is certainly located with provision for a full-pledged library. The new building was designed to draw as much as natural light, ventilation and fresh air as possible into the complex, and to blend well with the surroundings

Library University of Sri Jayewardenepura Nugegoda. +94 11 2804194 / 2758520 +94 11 2804194

113. Medical Library, University of Sri Jayawardenapura This library is located on the third floor of the library building with a separate entrance. Basic texts and reference materials and current periodicals are available in the section. It serves the 16 academic departments and 3 Paraprofessional courses conducted by the Medical Faculty. WHO publications including Global Package are maintained Page 68 of 73

Senior Assistant Librarian-Grade II (Medical Library) Mrs. C.S. Dharmaratne Medical Library University of Sri Jayewardenepura Nugegoda.

continuously. The Sri Lanka Collection Thesis/ Dissertation are made available for reference within the premises.

+94 11 2803492/ 2758530 / 2802695-Ext.530 +94 11 2804194

114. Library, University of Vocational Technology The library caters students and the staff of the university.

Librarians Ms. G.W.G. Upamalika, Mrs. U.D.H. Kanchana, Mrs. A.S.G.A. Niroshani Library University of Vocational Technology 100, Kandawala Road, Ratmalana

+94 11 2630700 extn: 1502


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115. Main Library, University of Wayamba The Main Library is situated in the front side of the administrative complex of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka Kuliyapitiya North Western Province of Sri Lanka. The library was started as an affiliated college library. In 1999 the library became as an independent national university library. The library is serving more than ten years to the University generation. The main Library of The Wayamba university of Sri Lanka is serving for two faculties of the university such as Faculty of Applied Sciences and Faculty of Business Studies and Finance.

Librarian Mr W G P Gamlath Main Library(kuliyapitiya Premises) Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Layanal Jayathilaka Mawatha, Kuliyapitiya . +94 37 2283169 / 2284776 +94 372283169

116. Makandura Library, University of Wayamba The Makandura Library is situated at Makandura in between Kurunegala and Negambo. Faculty library at Makandura serve the Faculties of Agriculture & Plantation Mgt and Livestock Fisheries & Nutrition. At present the library consists of 18,000 books and around 20 subscriptions. In addition, the library provides access to AGORA and Emerald online databases.

Senior Asst.Librarian Mr.W.Punyawardena Makandura Library University of Wayamba, Gonawila, Makandura +94 31 2298112 +94 31 22 98112 /

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117. Library, Urban Development Authority This library houses at the Urban Development Authority and covers the subject areas Urban Planning, Town Planning, Architecture, Land use, Housing, Landscaping and Colombo Master Plan. Their collection has built upto 6000 which was started in 1978

Librarian Mr. W P G S Withana Urban Development Authority 6th floor, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla +94 11 2875916-19 extn. 252 +94 11 2875901

118. Library, Wayamaba Training Institute This library is not yet developed fully and operated under a professional librarian. Currently this is managed by the Director of the Institute.

Director Mr Chinthaka Ranasinghe Library Wayamba Training Institute Chief Secretariat Malagane Road Wariyapola +94 37 2267370 N/A

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119. Library, World Conservation Union Librarian Ms Darshini Wijesignhe The library is located at the IUCN Sri Lanka office, and provides general reference and current awareness services to its users. It has over 4000 books and reports. It also receives approximately 60 periodicals including BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Plant Talk, World Conservation, CITES World, TRAFFIC Bulletin, Zeylanica and Loris on a regular basis. IUCNSL Library Offers several on - line resources and services, these include: Access to the IUCNSL Library Database / Allows you to view the books, periodicals, pamphlets and CDs available at the reference library / Links to on line databases and Journals / Provides access to important links to environmental databases, Journals and newsletters on the Internet / IUCN Sri Lanka Publications

IUCN - The World Conservation Union Sri Lanka Country office 53, Horton Place, Colombo 7 Sri Lanka +94 11 2694094 / 2682418 +94 11 2682470 /asia/asia_where_work/srilanka/library/

120. Library, Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL) Librarian Mrs. Mangalika Gunatilake Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka was first established in 1964 by the Central Bank of Ceylon and re-incorporated in 1979 by an Act of Parliament, No.26 of 1979 to provide

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Institute of Bankersof Sri Lanka, College of Banking and Finance No.1081, Maradana Road , Colombo 08

instructions and training for employees of banks and conduct examinations. As a special library, it provides support service to the academic programmes and examinations in Banking and Finance. Library membership is open to IBSL Members and staff

+94 0112689797, +94 115219245


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Directory of libraries 16 07 15  

Directory of Libraries in Sri Lanka

Directory of libraries 16 07 15  

Directory of Libraries in Sri Lanka