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How To Store Perfumes To Make Them Last Longer You've recently bought your signature perfume and you want to keep it as long as possible (let's admit it, perfumes are costly to buy). Whether it's a bottle of a Benetton perfumes for men, vintage fragrance from the perfume online store or this seasons' new arrival, perfume bottles need to be handled and stored carefully in order to ensure that they don't loose their fragrance soon. The ingredients of perfume, like oil & alcohols break down in the presence of their opponentsheat and humidity. As perfume is so vulnerable to degradation from great number of factors, proper storage practices are important to follow. Want to know how to keep your perfume smelling for a long duration? Here's a complete guide to followKeep the bottle away from extreme temperature Most of the time, it means heat but people misinterpret it and put their scents in the freezers to keep them fresh but in reality, it destroys the integrity of the perfume. The right temperature to store a perfume is a room temperature, which should be around 5560 degree. The cool interior of your closest is the right place to store your fragrance. Avoid putting them in your bathroom It makes no sense to store your perfume bottles in your bathroom. The atmosphere of bathroom is both hot and humid, which breaks down the molecules of fragrances.

Make use of opaque bottles Some of us like to flaunt their Benetton perfumes for men or their signature fragrance on the dresser or in an open shelf, especially those beautifully crafted glass perfume bottles. If you also want to display your bottles then you should use wholly opaque or frosted bottles, since clear bottles attract light and that affects the ingredients of the bottle. Never leave the top off Those scents that are alcohol-based have a high rate of evaporation once they come in contact of air and therefore, when you forget to seal up bottles, your fragrance will dry up soon. Handle with care As far as possible, you should buy perfumes that already come in airtight bottles but if you want to transfer your scent bottle do it with care. It is advised to choose an opaque container so that your scent doesn't come in contact of air. If you like to spritz perfume everyday, you should use an airtight travel sized atomizer that you can comfortably put in your handbag. For more details visit us: Company

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How to store perfumes to make them last longer  

You've recently bought your signature perfume and you want to keep it as long as possible (let's admit it, perfumes are costly to buy). Whet...