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How To Pick A Right Perfume For A Job Interview? After you've gone to great length to finalize the perfect dress for your job interview, choosing the right perfume is the next step. If there is a negative thing like sweating or bad breath, the interview could be over before it starts. For this reason, choosing the right fragrances can be an imperative decision. Different scents affect people differently, so making the right perfume selection may help you land the dream job. The market is flooded with a great variety of perfumes, like Armani perfumes, Ferrari perfumes, Benetton, Gucci fragrance, etc. For both men and women, it is essential to choose a fragrance that will rightly project their image with the prospective employer in a much positive manner. It is worthwhile to avoid overly sweet or strong scents. A perfume should remain close to your skin and should only be perceived when another person comes near to it. It means, it should have a subtle and unobtrusive background. Light and fresh scents are a safer bet. Try Burberry or Escape perfumes. Under no circumstances, you should wear juicy or gourmand fragrances like sugary fruits, sticky melon, etc., as they are risky and may also distract the interviewer, especially if its close to lunchtime.

For both sexes, it is pertinent to remember that less is more. Only dab and never spray, since even a lighter fragrance can be overdone as you don’t know the size of the room in which you will be giving your interview. No one wants to be cooped up in a small room wearing too much perfume. To ensure that your perfume is not overpowering, try below tipsTip 1- Wear perfume on those places where the interviewer wouldn't come in contact with, like behind your ears, back of your neck, inside of your wrists, etc. Tip 2- Avoid spraying perfume on your clothes, otherwise fragrance will linger on your clothes for a longer time and every time you lean over or move around, it’s powerful scent becomes more noticeable. Tip 3- On the day of the interview, avoid using strong shampoos, hairsprays, conditions or body sprays. No matter what perfume you want to wear, remember that you can wear it after the interview is over. The interviewer should be focused on your qualification and skills not how soon he/she can go to a window to get some clear air. If someone has told you that your perfume lingers in the room even when you've left, avoid wearing that particular fragrance during the interview.

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