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As a student of Human Computer Interaction (HCI), I enjoy designing immersive user experiences and interactions. I am interested in a wide variety of areas under the umbrella of HCI. My current research is in the areas of Ubiquitous Computing & Information Visualization. I am looking for challenging and interesting research avenues in HCI to futher my career.


JavaScript jQuery D3js Processing


Academia Georgia Institute of Technology – M.S. in Computer Science 3.87/4.0 GPA HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION SPECIALIZATION AUGUST 2011 – DECEMBER 2012(expected)

Gujarat University – B.S. in Computer Engineering SEPTEMBER 2007 – JUNE 2011

3.79/4.0 GPA

Work Graduate Research Assistant Ubiquitous Computing Lab, GVU Center, Georgia Tech

Platforms AUGUST 2012 – PRESENT

Working in collaboration with The Center for Discovery, an institute for individuals with a range of disabilities, to automate their patient data collection needs. Work includes creating web app to digitize the currently paper based data collection and integrating automated data collected using different sensors.

Graduate Researcher Synaesthetic Media Lab, GVU Center, Georgia Tech


SciSketch is a tabletop tool for sketch-based problem-driven collaborative learning in the sciences. Investigated classroom collaboration behaviors through in-situ observation and came up with equivalent translated interactions on a tabletop surface. Used inexpensive sensors (eg, Wii remote) to automatically identify multiple individuals in a common workspace.


User Experience Design Scenarios Personas Storyboards Wireframing Design Evaluation Mockups Prototyping Visualizations Visual Analytics

JANUARY 2011 – APRIL 2011

Countandra, Ahmedabad, India Implemented monitoring module for Cassandra Distributed Database monitoring tool using Hector API, ZK and JMX. The module supported monitoring network statistics, bootstapping, ring management and Node functions.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 Linux (Ubuntu 8/9/10) Mac OS X iOS Android

Tools Visual Studio Dreamweaver Balsamiq Photoshop SPSS

Interests Photography Design Social Work Trekking Football Cycling Movies & Music

Netbeans Eclipse MS Office MS Visio

Key Projects Autism Data Gathering and Visual Analytics – Master’s Project Advisor: Dr. Gregory Abowd & Dr. John Stasko


Working in collaboration with The Center for Discovery to facilitate their needs of activity data collection, digitizing paper based data and building a visual analytics tool to gain deeper insights. Activity Sensing: Using on-body sensors to measure daily activity of autistic individuals, like day-time activity eg: steps taken, distance ran, activity measure, etc. and sleep-time activity eg: duration asleep, number of interruptions during the sleep, quality of sleep, etc. Visual Analytics tool: Building a visual analytics tool to make sense of all the different data being collected by the institute. Data includes medical data (physiological, psychological, etc.), therapy reports (occupational, physical, speech, etc.), educational data and lifestyle data (sleep, exercise, bowel movement, etc.). It is an interactive visualization tool for visualizing temporal categorical & numerical data across multiple records. It is aimed at enabling discovery and exploration of patterns across these records to support hypothesis generation, and finding cause-and-effect relationships among the patients. Digitizing Patient data: Creating web app to collect all the data digitally as compared to the current paper based methodology. All the data being collected will be used by the visualization tool for analytics.

Workout+ - Dr. Jim Foley

JANUARY 2012 - APRIL 2012 A workout application aimed at helping the user develop a regimen, provide constant motivation during workout via audio cues, to maintain the regimen. Administered study & performed primary qualitative data analysis for the project. Assisted in survery creation & interview material, created design alternatives and evaluation protocol.

Tabletop/Tangible Data Visualization - Dr. John Stasko

SEPTEMBER 2012 - DECEMBER 2012 Developed interactive visualizations on a tabletop surface using tangibles – in collaboration with Tangible Anchoring team in Synlab. Handled hardware calibration, created documentation for the hardware calibration, storyboarding, mockup visualization and contributed in prototyping of the visualization.

3D GEM - Dr. Gregory Abowd

SEPTEMBER 2012 - DECEMBER 2012 Developed a gesture based 3D workspace scenario featuring contextual help in 3D interactions (using projectors and depth camera). Contributed in designing scenario NUI and created the user study.

Interactive Storytelling - Dr. Keith Edwards

SEPTEMBER 2012 - DECEMBER 2012 Created a new interface implementing a Volvelle to tell a dynamic, user driven story on a tablet. Developed the interface and the interaction of the volvelle and defined the logic of the navigation. Coded the application using Air for Android in Flash.

Key Courses Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Information Visualization Principle of UI Software Creativity & Design Cognition

Psyc Stats for HCI Intro to HCI Computational Journalism Design Game


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