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“Dating Tips For Guys to Prevent Crucial Dating Mistakes, That 97% Of All Men Are Not Aware Of” The dating advice in our Dating Tips For Guys section will mostly be about big concepts like attracting women, date ideas, flirting tips, body language etc. Essentially these dating tips for guys are an overview of how to behave when communicating with women and how to present yourself in an attractive and positive way. The how to seduce a woman section is more about kissing women, reading female body language, what women want in bed, how to become a player and seduce women etc. Have you ever been tongue-tied on your date? The dating tips for guys section about how to talk to women contains everything you need with regard to starting conversations with women, how to talk to them, best pick up lines, approaching women in bars, first date conversation topics etc. Before I begin with giving advice for meeting and dating women… I will first explain why most advice about dating women that’s available for men, is completely useless and in the second part I will give you some valuable pointers on how to create a succesful date. Okay, now it’s time to unleash the secrets in our Dating Tips For Guys section! In various dating articles I wrote about the different steps when it comes to meeting and dating women. Let’s break some of those steps down here:

Tips For Attracting Women During this step I will share some dating tips for guys for how to attract women and how to flirt. The biggest factor for attracting women is to work on your body language and voice tone. Why is that? This is because a woman will never fall in love or sleep with you purely based on your pickup line. The ‘delivery’ of your line with the comfortable and confident male body language and voice tone creates much more attraction than the words alone. But if you are super curious about the openers, then please read our article ‘how to talk to women’ to check out some good pickup lines. When you understand how much you can communicate with your body language, eye contact and facial expressions, then it is time to learn more about how to flirt with women with some hot and effective flirting tips for guys. Next to improving your body language to attract women, you can learn some tips for attracting women like teasing her, misinterpretation and using humor mixed with a bit of arrogance, also sometimes referred to as cocky comedy by pick-up guru David DeAngelo. The bottom line is to always send her mixed signals and to behave like the woman really wants you, in a fun and playful way. Yes, sometimes dating tips for guys don’t have to be complicated!

Our dating tips for guys can even help you save time and money Going On Dates With Women

When you have a woman’s phone number, of course you want to call her and set up a first date. Hopefully you applied some of the tips for attracting women and talked to her for at least 30 minutes, so she feels comfortable with your presence. If you don’t know where to take her, then here you can read some cool date ideas. The key here is to go to a place where the two of you can easily talk, like playing pool, going shopping, or relaxing in a park etc. The best first date advice is to make it short, low-key and without pressure and expectations. This does not only communicate that you are a attractive guy, but it will also spare you time if you don’t feel attracted or connected to her in some way. To meet a woman you really like is sometimes hard, so dating multiple women at the same time is sometimes smart. Not only will you meet more women in less time, but it makes you much more attractive to women in general. Why is that? Because you will communicate, maybe not even conscious, that you have options with women and that when a particular women is not interested in you, that you don’t care too much.

How NOT Following These Dating Tips For Guys Could Cost You The Girl… Understanding Women To understand women at a deeper level, it is important to learn a couple of important concepts from our dating tips for guys section, like the lover/provider concept, why trying to convince a woman to like you doesn’t work, why women test you and how to deal those so called ‘shit-tests’. In general the key to getting results with these dating tips for guys is understanding why women act the way they do, which is often called female psychology. To put it simple, our dating tips for guys deal with learning what women really want when it comes to men. For example, most of the time women will say: “I want to have a sweet and nice guy, who treats me like a princess.” But is this really true or not? Find out here what women want in men for real!