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Yes Wynand, You are right. At the same time you should have had a glimpse of your senior postings on color theory, where you could have seen as much as 70 postings were posted. However, you could see we have not had any serious color theory discussion this time. The main reason behind this is, we Don’t want to give you a lot of workload this time. I will see to that what is important is taken and served to you at the best possible. So, let me share some color theory stuff quickly from the discussions I had with your MIDT serniors.

Named Colors These 16 colors can be specified by name in HTML 4. The color names are case sensitive. So, for example, you could use either "#000000" or "Black" to refer to the color black. Color Name Aqua








RGB #00FFFF #000000 #0000FF #FF00FF #808080 #008000 #00FF00 #800000

Color Name Navy








RGB #000080 #808000 #800080 #FF0000 #C0C0C0 #008080 #FFFFFF #FFFF00

RGB Hexadecimal Coded Colors Colors may also be specified by six-character codes representing their relative red/green/blue (RGB) values, where the possible values for each color component are 00 to FF. 00 represent the least amount of the color present and FF represents the most of that color present. The first two bytes indicate the amount of red, the second two bytes represent the amount of green and the last two bytes represent the amount of blue. Hex Value Red Green Blue 00 00 00 Here are some simple examples: •

Red = #FF0000

• • • • •

Green = #00FF00 Blue = #0000FF Cyan (blue and green) = #00FFFF Magenta (red and blue) = #FF00FF Yellow (red and green) = #FFFF00

The number of possible colors represented by this system is 256 * 256 * 256 = 16.777,216 You can try this interesting online color calculator 2) I had asked this question to your seniors on color theory? Which I feel could be of some interest to you aswell. My question asked in the previous batch was Can anyone tell me the differences in RGB color system against the Web Palette? In other words, why do RGB have 256 color combinations against Web palette 216 colors ?

The answers given by Enna would be worth sharing to you.

Hi Ravi, I hope my understanding is correct. RGB has 256 color combo. Which is a lot. On the web for best performance (e.g. page is fast to load) colors need to be displayed on an 8bit display. Browsers reduce and remap colors to their own build-in palette to assist best performance in page load up time. This Web Palette consists of the 216 colors (both Macintosh and PC system palettes); therefore colors chosen from the Web Palette will render accurately on Mac or PC displays. Web Palette is looked byits numerical values. that is it recognizes: 1. 6 shades of red 2. 6 shades of green 3. 6 shades of blue 216).

= resulting in 216 possible color values / or (6x6x6 =

This is sometimes referred to as the 6x6x6 color cube. Over to you Wynand.

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