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Monthly Executive Committee Meeting 17.12.11


17.12.11 14:00-15:00pm

VENUE: Mezzanine, Ravensbourne College, Penrose Way ADMINISTRATOR: Jane Gregory ATTENDEES: Harri Kamalanathan, Andy Morgan, Matt Fox, Kerry Lee, Jane Gregory, Richard Lartey and Soofiya Chaudry. |


1. Welcome & Apologies. Apologies for EO, TR & LP IS absent without notification.

2. Approval of last weeks minutes. Minutes pending approval.

3. Report from officers. MF announced that the management account for November has come through. He will be attending a meeting in January regarding the lack of registering NUS contributions.

4. RSU Monkey naming and Facebook page The RSU monkey will be a recognisable brand for events such as the 90’s night. It was also brought up that at events, pictures can be taken and the RSU monkey tagged in. A Facebook page will be created so that it will be a recognisable feature of the SU and monitored by all of the team.

5. RSU Achievements pack for NUS Awards The achievements pack for the NUS awards, which consists of |

everything done by RSU upon starting. All content must be sent to SC by 2nd January in a word document ready to be branded and completed by 9th January. Alongside this, all members must write an article for the e-newsletter before the New Year.

6. Cheese Night The discussion was held for the night to either be on the Monday or Wednesday of re-freshers, depending on the venue.

7. RSU/SU (decide how we refer to the union) The discussion as to the set name of the Union was held. Outside of Ravensbourne, the students union is referred to RSU, where it differs between RSU and SU within the building. A vote was held and all members agreed on using RSU regarding posts from the union.

8. Re-Freshers The discussion about what event will be held on what day during re-freshers was held. The big re-freshers night will be held in Proud 2. The house and terrace was discussed to be the venue for the 90’s night as it holds around 300-400 people. The idea of a masquerade ball was had for the end of year ball instead of part of re-freshers. MF put for ward the idea of commissioning a |

graphics student to create a murel on blackboard material during an event. ByTuesday, If there is no available venues for the 90’s night then INC. club will be considered. Inc. Monday. The price for the whole week was settled on £15 a week and £13 if a student still has the fresher’s wristband on. The price for the 90’s night will be £3 if a ticket is bought in advance and £5 on the door. HK to have a meeting with RL, KL and SC on Tuesday. RL and KL to find venues in Greenwich for events.


Operation Xmas: Stealing back the tree SC implied we should announce we’ve found tree, to see if anyone comes forward. NSS Email from Catherine to promote NSS. Comp and banners, To have an NSS fare on the 4th floor. SU members need to think of event ideas. Update from Andy regarding Accommodation, and RSU front desk In regards to the desk, no message has been received. If no message is received after AM has email, a desk will be bought. On the 9th January, Jam will be held in the Slug and Lettuce as well as the start of voting. |

AM to resend the furniture list (one for furniture in Ravensbourne and one for furniture to be bought) to HK. Leemail Get SU involved in sponsors in return for promotions. The SU team is to come up with events for them. SC, IS and LP to push the promotion of platform. HK head events due to contacts. |

December Minutes  

December Minutes

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