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Kylie: What influenced you to begin making music?

Throttle: It was awesome! I mean I didn’t get to work with them directly, but just remixing their stuff was

Throttle: I started really young. I was a huge JT fan,

awesome, and getting to go through their stems.

so I had a real music phase. I got into dance music

Especially Sam; that was ages ago, but his isolated

when I was 12 or 13 and started DJing when I was

vocals are incredible.

13 or 14 and everything went from there. I kind of got into Dance Music pretty late and then started

Kylie: How many times have you played EDC?

DJing and Producing. Throttle: This is number three. I did New York earlier Kylie: I’m just curious, how did you learn about

this year, then Vegas, and now Orlando. EDC Vegas

dance music?

was insane. I really enjoyed the nighttime aspect of the festival. You stand on one side of the Speedway

Throttle: Ministry of Sound, compilations, mixtapes

and you can see the lights for miles.

and annual discs; I used to listen to the hour mixes broken into little parts. They were individual tracks,

Kylie: What is your favorite part of playing a festival?

but when you listened all the way through it was a continuous mix. I was like, “How do they do

Throttle: Seeing all the DJs. Because you don’t get

that?” So that’s how I got into it and started making

to catch up with everyone regularly, but at a festival

mashups and that sort of thing.

when everyone’s here for the day you get to see each other.

Kylie: How was working lately with major artists such as Sam Smith and Aluna George?


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