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thomas turner FOUNDER OF RELENTLESS BEATS RaverMag: Tell us about the rave scene in Arizona.

Thomas Turner: We are constantly looking for new

How has it changed in the last five years?

talent, but we also keep in mind what is popular and relevant at the moment. As a frame of reference, in

Thomas Turner: Arizona’s rave scene has been strong

2016 we booked 368 artists that are not local and

for many years, but in the past five years we have

another 30 to 40 local ones, with tons of debuts.

taken our events to the next level. From booking bigger and better artists to production and expanded

RaverMag: Dancers from around the globe come

events - we have seen much larger and diverse

together at events like Global Dance Festival

attendance across the board.

and Decadence. Are there any plans to expand internationally?

RaverMag: How do you feel the commercialization of electronic dance music has affected the kind of talent

Thomas Turner: I think the focus is to showcase what

and artists we see come up every year?

a destination Arizona is and to become a target on their travel schedules. For the most part, Arizona

Thomas Turner: Honestly, it’s a really diverse crop

boasts year round good weather and has some of the

each year. With more people enthusiastic about

best resorts in the country. Why not build off that and

electronic music, we see all genres flourishing as fans

showcase Arizona to the world?

navigate their way around things and figure out their own taste.

RaverMag: Many people look up to you. You’ve done things that people only dream of achieving. Yet, I find

RaverMag: What is the key to curating a successful

that success is seen differently by different people. In

dance music event?

your words, define success.

Thomas Turner: Relentless Beats strives to have our

Thomas Turner: For me, success is truly what

events remembered as one of the best nights of our

happens at home with my family. With regards to

fan’s lives. It has to be truly anticipated for the entire

Relentless Beats, we’ve built a fantastic team of


people. It’s been really fulfilling to see so many people work so hard alongside me on something that I fell

RaverMag: How has changing trends in dance music

in love with so many years ago. The community

charts influenced the bookings for your events? Do

that Relentless Beats has here in Arizona is truly

you like to feature local DJs or undiscovered talent

remarkable from both an internal and external

from around the world?



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