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With a metal and punk background, Seven Lions is experienced in playing bass, guitar and the drums. Talk about multi-talented! But has he ever thought of doing a live set that incorporates him playing the instruments he’s so well-versed in? “I used to think about it all the time,” Montalvo explained. “After a while, though, I’m just so used to traveling with my backpack. It feels more versatile having a DJ setup opposed to loading and unloading a whole set of instruments and equipment.” Every musician has their inspiration - it’s what kick starts their career. Everyone who knows and loves Seven Lions is familiar with how he followed his love for Above & Beyond, and vocalist Zoe Johnston, and how he downloaded the parts to their “You Got to Go” single and entered the song’s remix competition using a copy of Fruity Loops. Inspiration aside, Seven Lions explained that “maintaining a love and passion for music” is what continues to drive him to create new and fulfilling work. “I’ve always just loved music,” Jeff told us, “ever since I was a kid - and I know that I always will.” “Day to Come” to “Worlds Apart”, “Throes of Winter” to “Creation”, his music takes you on a journey through different dimensions, to a new atmosphere - but you may be surprised that the world-renowned Santa Barbarabased DJ and producer, Seven Lions, is really just a man who appreciates craft beer and Game of Thrones, and who considers his pup, Khaleesi, his spirit animal. We totally appreciate that name inspiration!


Raver Magazine - 016 (November)