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RM – How different is your set from night to night? Qbert – It’s about 50% unplanned. There’s preprogrammed beats I use every night but the scratching is all improv and I change things at the last minute. RM – You have worked with a lot of MCs throughout the years. What’s the process? Qbert – Mostly today they will email me a rap and I’ll track it. Which is easy then I don’t have to kick it with them. They are all weird and I’m weird too, but some of them have bad breath or smelly feet. Very talented people but a little hygiene would help (laughs). Some them I see, like Kool Keith, Mr. Lif and Del (the Funky Homosapien) but sometimes they just live too far away. RM – What is a regular day for Qbert? Qbert – I get up and go onto my meditation mode. I’m still half in the dream world and half in reality, so it’s a perfect time to make up ideas for what I am working on. Your mind warps things and the warpiest time is in your dream state. Then, before I eat anything else, I do my sit-ups. After that, I eat breakfast and exercise more. Eventually, I get to the office and work on my new records. I have meetings and all my meetings have the same focus, how can I make the world a better place? Even in small ways. I’m working with a luggage company to make carrying DJ equipment easier. I go home and practice the rest of the day. There are so many projects I’m working on. RM – And playing on stage still excites you? Qbert – Absolutely! Especially with everything new I am learning. Before I used to be all about battling on the turntables. But, I found out music is about healing. So I want to heal the audience and make them feel good. Kind of shoot beams of love to the audience with this invisible ray of energy that makes everyone happy.

to the next dimension and I’ve been learning a lot from monks on how to prepare yourself. I’ve been getting into a lot of outer body experiences and astral traveling. RM – You have traveled everywhere in the world. Is there a place you have been to that has changed your perception on what you do? Qbert – Well, just seeing that every scene, no matter where, has this b-boy or b-girl breakdancing scene. They all love breakdancing and scratching music. It’s not just the big cities, it’s everywhere. I guess it’s the internet, everyone is so connected and it’s beautiful. There’s also this thing about playing around the world. Do you know what a chakra is? The earth has like seven chakras and it’s my goal to visit each one. There’s one in Maui, one in South Africa, they are all over and I’m going to get to them.

RM – You seem to have gained a very holistic view of the world.

RM – Where can people catch up with you?

Qbert – Yes. Everyone is eventually going to go on and pass

Qbert – Go to my Instagram @Qbert or the website it’s all there.


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