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Dreamstate, one of the biggest trance events in North America, made its highly anticipated return to Southern Califo

Thanksgiving Holiday weekend this year. There were lots of changes from last year’s incredible event including three featured designs enhanced by top of the line production elements. It was sure to be a once in a lifetime experience best trance music on the planet.

Raver Mag’s Sr. West Coast Correspondent Rob Roy was on hand at the two-day phenomenon. He had an opportuni sit down with MaRLo, Australia’s recently crowned #1 DJ. Here’s what MaRLo had to share about his music in 2016 current productions, and a new chapter in his life.

RM: Welcome to California! Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us at Raver Mag before your set. How hav you been? How are you feeling about your set tonight? MaRLo: I want to thank you for having me here in Southern California. Although it’s a little rainy outside, the trance family is in full effect. I love the California trance family and they always come in full support. I’m excited about my set tonight! I have a couple of edits made especially for the Dreamstate crowd. I’ve heard plenty of great things about Dreamstate, so I’m thrilled about playing on the main stage. RM: How has 2016 been treating you? MaRLo: Twenty-sixteen has been great to me. I put out some new productions that were well received by my fans. I played at some of the world’s biggest shows. But my proudest achievement was having my own show, Altitude. RM: Speaking of your own show Altitude… What is the creative process behind it and what was the inspiration behind the name Altitude? MaRLo: It began a long time ago at the start of my musical career. No one would book me to play or even give me a chance. I handed out demos and I got no response. It was really frustrating. I remember telling my mom that I felt like I was standing in the desert yelling out and no one could hear me. I figured that if no one was going to help me, which they weren’t, I knew that I had to just do it on my own. I said to myself, “You know, I’m going to get my friends together and we’re going to start our own club and invite everyone from the universities. We’re going to make ticket prices really low and offer really cheap drinks just so people will come to our club.” It actually worked out really great! The name of the night event was called Altitude and we kept it going strong for about a year until I started working on more productions and traveling to perform gigs. I thought, what a better way to go than to call my own show Altitude because of the impact that it had to me. This is isn’t about branding, but rather something personal with meaning that I want to share with others.


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