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KP: I think my fans felt like me, confused and alone. I dunno, it was a really strange thing to go through. I feel I learned a lot and gained some new perspective from it. It has reminded me that the whole reason I started doing music was just so I could be myself and be goofy and have fun. I think I lost sight of that for a while. RM: Was it difficult to push the name change across so many digital platforms and social networks? KP: Oh yeah, a nightmare, but it all worked out. RM: What made you decide to change your name back to Kill Paris, just one year after the tragic attacks in Paris (which took place on November 13th, 2015)? KP: Because it’s who I am, it’s what I’ve been working on for so long. The fans missed the music and the name. It felt very strange going about things under a different name. It was just as confusing for me as it was for my fans. RM: You’ve worked with some incredible artists in the Colorado region, such as GRiZ and Illenium. How do you feel about how the Electronic music scene has evolved in Colorado? Are there any local artists you’d like to give a shout-out to? KP: Colorado is such a beautiful place with wonderful people. I feel like the music just oozes this unique funky style. Big G has been holdin’ down the scene there forever. RM: Do you have any significant musical or professional influences that have inspired you in your career? KP: Bjork Bjork Bjork Bjork. Every time I list her as an influence people laugh, but for real. She’s the real reason I ever got interested in Electronic music. She still to this day inspires me all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to Vespertine and gotten the chills. Her and the band Mew are my biggest influences as far as pushing myself to make more challenging pieces of work. RM: Last year you released your first full-length album last year, “Galaxies Between Us,” do you have any big projects you’re working on for 2017? KP: Another album for sure... and some comedy skits and fun stuff. RM: Finally, who is your favorite superhero? KP: Batman, no contest. We’re looking forward to a bright future for Kill Paris. Listen to “Junkie” ft. Nevve & Monstre, below. Cheers to Kill Paris -- the artist formerly known as Chill Harris -- the artist formerly known as Kill Paris. Glad to see you back where you belong!


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