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Stranger Candy: Dyro is one of the biggest ones for sure! His production work is absolutely killer! Every song hits the nail on the head and the work he’s doing with WOLV records is great. Showtek is another standout; they’ve been doing their thing for years and have maintained such a strong sound that stands the test of time. Raver Mag: You guys have played at Tomorroworld, Counterpoint Music, Artist Festival and Atlanta’s Imagine Festival (to name a few).Stranger Candy even toured in Japan. What’s the one experience during your travels that has left the most lasting impression? Stranger Candy: We could go on with gig tales for months, but honestly being in a different country and seeing the high regard they held for our music is unbelievably uplifting; watching that universal acceptance of music in play is essentially what we live for. Also, everybody always thinks we’re in a band and Japan was no different! Raver Mag: The Atlanta community supports you guys on another level. How are the ATL fans different from those you’ve had an opportunity to meet on tour? Stranger Candy: There is a different sense of love received from fans here in Atlanta. While many fans across the world regularly keep up with our music and are able to watch us grow as musicians, Atlanta is the only city that hears constant updates every time we perform. We always have something new to bring to the table whether it be a new song, edit, intro or even a new genre of music we just heard. Atlanta (mainly Iris Presents) almost always gets to hear it first. Raver Mag: Walk us through a day in the life of Stranger Candy. Stranger Candy: (Alex) First thing I do when I wake up is honestly try to go back to sleep! After I finally get around to being entirely awake and productive, I go straight to Ableton Live to see if I can get out some direct inspiration


Raver Magazine - 016 (November)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (November) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Seven Lions, Emily Tan, Ephwurd, MaRLo, C...

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