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interview by: KYLIE PARHAM Raver Mag: Tell me how you enjoyed playing EDC this year? Ephwurd: Yeah it was f***ing crazy; we played for like 10,000 kids, it was mental. It’s always really fun playing for new crowds and not actually giving a s**t and just doing our thing and having them respond to it. I think that is most of the joy that comes from DJing, just doing your thing and hoping that people grip onto it and it seemed like it worked. Raver Mag: What influenced you guys to create your sound as a duo? Ephwurd: I think the reason why we started Ephwurd is that we were trying to do something different. We threw ourselves in the House world without trying to be cheesy and sh***ty. There’s a level of cheese to it coming from the Bass world that doesn’t really fly.


Raver Magazine - 016 (November)