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R O T I ED With so many events going on this month, it is hard to put your arms around the entire rave scene. The breath of who we are as a community has grown to levels that are far beyond the realm of comprehension. So many of us plan and schedule our months based who is coming to town with a desire to go out and rave with our fam. This month we lost one member of family at Electric Daisy Carnival; 34-year-old Michael Adam Morse died reportedly of heat exhaustion. Over 1,000 + people received medical treatment in the threenight music festival and I ask myself as to why that is? We sometimes get carried away with the moment that we forget to think about what could be or what could happen. It’s our responsibility to ourselves and to our friends to be safe when we go out. All of us love to party but we have to remember to party safely so that we can own the night together as the rave family that we have grown to become. Our hearts and prayers to go out to Michael Adam Morse and his family - he will always be a part of our rave community and in our hearts. This month Raver Mag. ventured to The Flying Dutch Festival where we interviewed Oliver Heldens. We interviewed Big Room EDM Legend MOTi and Bass Master 4B. To say the least, we are continuing to bring you the latest in our dance music culture. Check it out today and send us your comments at

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ere’s an idea – let’s get 13 Dutch DJ’s together for one day and fly them by helicopter between three venues around The Netherlands. We’ll throw three giant parties in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam and celebrate the top Dutch DJ’s and their countless contributions to the dance music scene. Whoever was responsible for this truly unique idea three years ago is a genius, because this one-day


festival packed a rock solid punch of energy from start to finish! It was another successful year for The Flying Dutch Festival and I was lucky enough to be able to attend on behalf of Raver Magazine for their first time covering an international festival. I opted for the Amsterdam venue out of the three


choices, which was held in the Olympic Stadium that hosted the 1928 games. Yes, it was old. Yes, it was huge. And yes, the people came out in droves to pack that arena! If there was ever an even slight doubt, this audience was here to confirm the love that the Dutch people have for their music.

I arrived early to get credentials taken care of and out of the way before setting off to interview Oliver Heldens for the magazine a little later. I popped into the stadium to take in a bit of Dash Berlin’s set from the center of the general admission floor, where the party was already in full swing. There’s something to be said for a daytime 3

Dash set that just gets me so amped up. He truly knows how to bring the perfect blend of energy and emotion while the crowd basks in the sunshine. And boy was there plenty of that – the weather was absolutely perfect in Amsterdam that day. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Oliver right before his set. He was so down to earth and poised for his age. Be sure to check out the interview with him in this issue! Oliver had to run (literally) from the interview to the stage to make it on time. From start to finish he had the entire stadium bouncing and there were groups abound perfecting their shuffling skills. Artist after artist packed in fantastic sets. I was excited to finally get to see Lucas & Steve, who had a lively and upbeat set that the crowd could really get into. This was my second time seeing Kriss Kross Amsterdam and this trio does not disappoint! They have a unique blend of R&B, hip hop, pop and house and their hometown crowd of Amsterdam really showed their appreciation for this group. And what can I say about Nicky Romero closing the festival for the Amsterdam crowd – Nicky brought the house down with one of the best sets I’ve ever seen him play. If you’ve never attended a festival outside of the USA (Amsterdam, in particular), I highly recommend doing so and The Flying Dutch has easily sailed towards the top of my list. The concept is genius, the stage was beautiful, the visuals were fantastic and the energy just kept building and building. That combined with the Dutch hospitality made for a festival I was thrilled to attend and cannot wait to attend again come 2018. So, who’s with me?




Check out the dance floor when Oliver Heldens is playing. You won’t find one person standing still. This man packs his dancing shoes wherever he goes and he’s going to get everyone grooving along with him. Even at the young age of 22, he’s so poised and humble. It’s no wonder he has accomplished so much thus far and there is no stopping what the future has in store for him. Oliver is a Dutch DJ and Producer hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands. He burst onto the scene in 2013 with two tracks released on Spinnin’ Records. It was also in 2013 that his song, “Gecko”, caught the attention of fellow Dutch DJ extraordinaire, Tiesto, who signed him to his Musical Freedom label. He then went on to start Heldeep Radio (which has been a weekly staple in my own podcast subscriptions since the start) and in 2015 began to produce tracks under the alias, HI-LO. His ability to conquer the decks goes unsurpassed. The vibe he generates is unique and when he performs you will be swept away in the moment, a moment that you will not soon forget. Raver Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Oliver right before his set at The Flying Dutch – Amsterdam, recently – here’s what Oliver had to tell us.

The Flying Dutch festival has one of the coolest concepts – in that it celebrates some of the top Dutch DJ’s in the world and the festival then fly’s artists to and from three different venues within the country. It’s almost a tribute to the countries success in pushing out some of the best artists that perform on the world of dance music. Is there something within the Dutch culture that fosters dance music progression?

I think that as Dutch DJ’s we are very critical of our music. We always strive to be on a higher level. We also push one another to further develop our skills to become better artists. We are competitive but in a friendly way.


Who is your idol in the industry? And whom would you most likely work and collaborate with in the future?

I do have a lot of idols in this industry. A lot of people have influenced me over the years but I would say currently my idol is Chocolate Puma. I grew up listening to their music and looking up to them and now it is cool to see that my music has Influenced them also in return. If I had to pick I would like to one day collaborate on a track with Pharrell. All right, imagine that you’re stranded on an island and you can’t bring any music or equipment. What three things are you bringing?

Well, my laptop…and my headphones…. Oliver, are you still trying to sneak music onto this island?



Talk to me about Denon DJ equipment. We see you spinning and sporting their new equipment line. As a user, what do you enjoy most about working on their new equipment line over any other brand?

I love playing on Denon. There is a great range on Denon that I can work with. I can alter the music by 50% and it still sounds so clear. I also love the touch screen and the looping features it provides. I really enjoy this equipment and it has allowed much more freedom on how I play and perform as an artist.

What can we expect from the king of shuffling in the near future? I really want to continue to expand my sound as well as the venues I play at. I would like to play at more club venues in the future because inside venues you get a good feel of the crowd and the energy is absolutely amazing. Touring and creating new music is a continual improvement of sound that I will always be evolving.


“I think that as Dutch DJ’s we are very critical of our music. We always strive to be on a higher level.”


Raver Mag

Raver Mag




his year marked the debut of one of Insomniac's newest music festivals. The Middlelands experience took place in the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds out in Todd Mission approximately 50 miles northwest of Houston, TX. This festival had the perfect combination of talent, location, and production. The festival featured camping on site with all the amenities such as showers, general stores, and plenty of food options. It was also very accessible for festivalgoer’s to "commute" into the festival with plenty of free of charge parking. Middlelands officially opened its doors on Friday May 5th, but the party started a day before with most of the campers arriving and settling in. The first day kicked off with lots of excitement and anticipation. It featured four different stages, Trinity Vale, a small and intimate stage, The Stronghold, which was the


sort of gate of the main and largest stage, and the Castle Orthwoods. Lastly, there was the Middlelands Arena, the second largest stage, which had the very distinctive stone carved “Middlelands”, spelled in the background. There was a hidden stage called the Wench's Bay was only open on the second and third day which was completely enthralling to say the least. All stages had a great variety of electronic sub-genres that gave music options to all attendees. Some of the most anticipated artists such Marshmello, Gramatik, Alison Wonderland, Bassnectar, Datsik, and Kaskade rocked the crowd for three days in various stages. Music was not the only art on display at Middlelands; in conjunction with the extreme musical talents from the performers, the visual effects and state of the art lasers, lights and fireworks

made everything come together from an unforgettable experience. There was a unique atmosphere because of the visual artifacts and festive performers for all over the world and who where walking about the premise hyping things up for all of us to enjoy. Maps were very clear and accessible for everyone and information booths were strategically located all around the festival that made the flow of the crowd come together. There was a large amount of security and medical personnel both in the festival area and in the camping grounds with ambulances on site. Free water refill stations and food options were all over the festival both in the GA and VIP areas that also helped everyone stay hydrated.

Even though the festival finished at 1am daily, the campsite hosted "Sound Camps" of mainly local artists, which kept the party going until the early parts of the morning. However, with a 3pm start of the festival, campers were able to get much needed rest before the journey begun the following day. The final performance in the Castle Orthwoods featured of the largest talents in EDM, Kaskade. The festival concluded a spectacular display of fireworks and a very appreciative speech by the King of Middlelands himself. In closing Insomniac killed it with Middlelands. It was an unforgettable experience that I will make a tradition...

Royal Decree By Sergio Nunez




e arrived in Raleigh, NC with an open mind and heart. The weather was hot and emotions were high with much anticipation of what the next few days of experiencing new technology would bring to us both. What we left with was a historical past that has lead us into the future of forever. Moogfest is a festival that teaches you about the art of sound and music. Everyone who attends is looking for the next best and cutting edge device that will take that music to another place. In many ways, Moogfest is the foundation for the music that we listen to today. At first glance it looks like something out of some techy, sci-fi expo. There are cords and synthesizers everywhere. New products and product testing is going on in every direction, all of which is light years into the future. While there are classes going on throughout the day for one to choose to attend, Kristine and I sat through a Richard Devine class. Richard is an Atlanta based electronic musician and sound designer that has been recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound that is influenced deeply from glitch music to more modern elements that we love today. The icing on the cake was when


Richards’s lovely wife and little girl came to give him a hug after his class had finished. Music is literally a family affair for the Devine family. As for the music, it was both unique and original in many ways. For one, you never knew what to expect when you walking into a venue that was hosting an artist, and no matter what, the music was different than that of which any of us in the dance music community are used to hearing. For Kristine and myself, the one set that separated itself among the rest was Flying Lotus - an experimental multigenre music producer who came out and performed behind a white curtain, almost like a silhouette in some foreign land. It was an effect that really brought the audience close to the music - to feel it run through your skin like some soft breeze that cools you after a hot summer’s day. It was, to say the least, unforgettable. In closing, Moogfest 2017 will last in our hearts and minds well beyond its end date. It is and will always be the beginning to the future of forever and one festival that we will never forget. WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BEAS


Timotheus "Timo" Romme (born March 23, 1987), better known by his stage name MOTi, is a Dutch Electro House DJ and Internationally acclaimed producer. He has performed and created music with some of the biggest names in the dance music community that include Afrojack, Tiesto, Dzeko, Flo Rida, Major Lazor, Martin Garrix and so many more. He has performed all over the world and is considered to be one of the top performers in the world today. We had an opportunity to interview and get to know MOTi in NYC. Our interview quickly turned into night out in the town where we got to know him on a personal note. He is down to Earth, never one to judge and is sincere and passionate about his music. His persona is what a true rave fan should be and his music speaks worlds to all of us‌



Hailing from the Netherlands, one of the most prestigious areas that dance music is coming from these days, do you feel there is more of a pressure to push out a higher standard of music within your own circle of friends and producers?

In the Netherlands people really help each other out. There is really no competition among us. When I started producing and remixing 12 years ago, everyone was supportive with my music. Within a few weeks of getting one of my tracks out Afrojack did a remix and then a few years later Hardwell did the same and little by little all of us - the whole group of us - just grew into who we are today. All of us are just happy to be doing what we are doing today and especially to be recognized for the work we have all put in. When one of us gets stuck on things we all help each other out. I mean, 12 years ago we were all kids who would go to the studio together to make music and then go home and eat at our parents house. Tiesto said it best, “there is no competition, only colleagues helping each other to make great music.” Is there one place, one festival, one experience that you can look back and say… “WOW I have made it” or “this is it, this is what it is all about”?

There are really a few moments that in my life that have stood out for me in the past. One that stands out the most for me would have to be the ADE Ziggo Dome. At the time I wasn’t really doing big shows and when I was asked to perform there I was really taken back. I was even more taken back when Tiesto put my track on CD and at the event he asked me to play after him and Calvin Harris. To say the least, I was in a bit of a shock. I mean, Calvin Harris played first then Tiesto and then they wanted me to play. Both were headlining the show and back then no one knew who I was.

What is one challenge that you face as a producer in the world of music today and how do you overcome that challenge to keep pushing forward and grow as an artist?

The biggest thing for me is sometimes getting stuck on a track. I can be in the studio on a track for sometimes weeks at a time and nothing comes out of it. It is hard to stay motivated, but you have to get up and keep pushing hard to get the right sound that you are trying to create. What helps me out the most is to try different genres. Trying different techniques and styles that you are not used to in order to grow and come up with something different. There is nothing wrong with going back and forth and adapting to the music. Honestly, that is what works and my advice is to never settle and always try different things. What’s next for MOTi music, what do you have in the works that is going to be released?

I actually have a new track that I just released called ‘SAY! ft. Yton’. It has a more disco funky element to it with some uplifting vocals that I think will be great for the summer. It’s a bit of a different track than what people are accustomed to hearing. I have slowed it down to about 109 Bpms. The first step was to synthesize the music, and then we got the lyrics written and mixed in the vocals. What was fun about the whole project was when we brought in the live bass players to come and finish off the track. It was definitely one of those tracks that for me was a lot of fun to make. While this is my second track that is kind of retro and funky, I am not abandoning my big room EDM music in any way whatsoever. Some people say, “MOTi is changing his style, we come to rave at your parties and now you’re switching things up on us”. That is not the case. MOTi is still here to stay, so keep tuning in for even more music that we are going to be releasing.

“There is nothing wrong with going back and

“I think thatadapting as DutchtoDJ’s are Honestly, very critical ofisour forth and the we music. that what works and my advice toon never settlelevel.” and music. We always strive toisbe a higher always try different things.”

Needless to say it was a bit terrifying. Tiesto finished his set and introduced me to the 15,000 people, which up to that point I had only played in front of 800 people. I got up and saw the crowd and just began doing what I loved the most, it was just natural to me and the people loved the performance. I knew then that this was going to be my life forever.

Last Question, what is up with the four bar stripe tattoos on your right arm? What’s the meaning behind them?

It’s my father, my mother, brother and my sister. I have one stripe for each of them to keep close when I am on the road. Family is everything… 15


Danny Bartsch Danny Bartsch known by all as Danny B is resident DJ, Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of SPENT Entertainment. Danny has been in the music scene for years and over time, he has personally developed not only a fan base on East Coast but also a love of the Charlotte crowd. Together with his business partner Mike Tookie they have created a small empire here in Charlotte, NC putting on amazing shows and raves that have placed a stamp on the community. Powered by pure energy and the themed events they have single handedly set the bar for others in the area to follow. I was able to interview Danny before one of his sets in Charlotte with the goal of understanding the logistics of not only performing music but the challenges one faces when you want to get in the entertainment business. This is what he shared up with us.



The Charlotte Vibe is unique in many ways. The culture in itself is vibrant with a diverse group people who love music. Hip-hop, to House Music, to Trap, to an all out Trance element that everyone loves in the Queen City. As a DJ its hard to master so many elements into a set so that everyone in the club can enjoy?

For me personally, I’ve lived in the city for a long time. I enjoy all types of music myself its almost second nature for me to put out what I like and what I feel would connect with those who come out to catch one of my sets. In the end it’s creating the right vibe for the crowd. Apart from your artist hat, you are also one of the founders of SPENT Entertainment, one of the few entertainment companies in Charlotte, NC. How do you manage both hats and how did it all get started? It has been a long ride to getting to where we are today. Mike Tookie is my business partner and we both work hand in hand to make our events perfect for the Charlotte crowd. In beginning we performed in microbars. One day Mike came to me and asked if I wanted to go in on Cry Wolf. The event was a huge success and as the say the rest is history. How many hours does it take to plan an event?

the quality of events that we put out people look out for our events. They are excited when we set things up because they know that the SPENT events will not be forgotten. I personally wear many hats, everything from Graphic Design to working in the financials. Work hard and play hard and put out nothing but the best. Can anyone book a headlining DJ / Producer these days? Any thing is possible and money always talks, but in the end it takes a good plan and presence in the community that will help you get an artist booked. It took us 2 years of sending emails to get Bassjackers to come and perform in Charlotte. If that doesn’t tell you anything not sure what will. This is definitely not a business for everyone. But if you enjoy the music and you enjoy what you do then it is totally something that can be enjoyable for everyone. The bigger you get the more people will try to block you and you have to work hard to make sure you keep pushing forward. What’s next for Danny B. and SPENT Entertainment? The future is ours for the taking. SPENT Entertainment will continue to grow as a company. We have some events in the works that I am positive our fans will love and enjoy. As a DJ I hold a few residencies but I may be making some moves between now and the end of the year that can help me progress and an artist and as an entrepreneur.

Oh my lord it takes a countless amount of hours to plan an event. Sometimes you don’t even know the outcome that can be a bit unsettling. I can send out hundreds of emails to just get support on social media channels. It takes a lot of time to line up the artists and get the backing of the venue and even to make sure the right story is told on your event without any guarantee that it will even go the way you hope that it does go. It’s hard to get people to attend to get the word out that a party is going to be put out in Charlotte. There are some big competitors but now with time and 17



unset Music Festival 2017 started summer off the right way during Memorial Day Weekend, by flaunting one of the best lineups to hit electronic music this year. Partnered with great vibes and dedicated fans, this May 27th and 28th in Tampa, Florida was an event to remember. Thousands of EDM fans flocked from far and wide to see some of the most talented artists in the game playing top of the line sets and presenting a plethora of new music to an eager crowd. All of the performances that we could catch were terrific, but some of our personal favorites included Zeds Dead, Louis The Child and Kayzo. Zeds Dead, the two masters of Dubstep, were granted that oh-so coveted spot as mainstage closing headliners this year. The duo did not disappoint. With the most ingenuous mixture of classic ZD songs, paired with new tunes that sent chills amongst the crowd, their performance was jaw-droppingly perfect.

PHOTOS BY RUKES aLive Coverage via SMF Media 18


Kylie Parham Senior Staff Writer

Louis The Child, a personal favorite, known for their uplifting and fun futurebass compositions, did exactly that with their SMF selections. The visuals were happy and vibrant, and everything about the set radiated positivity. The young Chicago DJs announced their gratefulness at the honor of transitioning from a smaller SMF stage in 2016 to the mainstage now. Tears were brought to my eyes as I have

watched these two grow in their musical capacity over the past year and a half, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them. One of the other more memorable acts from SMF came from Kayzo. I was blown away physically and mentally as Kayzo dropped the most heavy, yet seamless, bass/ trap set I have ever heard. It was clean, it was intense, and it had everyone in the audience diving full force into a head-bang. The best part was his enthusiasm throughout the entire performance. His apparent joy could’ve made even the most reluctant festivalgoer break into a smile. In addition to the fantastic music at SMF 2017, there was a noticeable increase in festival design and decoration. Bright and colorful seemed to be the theme for this year, and with a surplus of cheerful decorations I was impressed with the transformation of Raymond James Stadium. Sunset also made huge strides to fight that scorching Florida heat, with the addition of several misting fans placed

strategically at each stage, and ample water opportunities for ravers around the event space. With temperatures rising, these extra developments in the hope for guest hydration were well appreciated throughout the weekend. Sunset Music Festival came back with a vengeance this May, with an impressive lineup and the perfect climate for celebrating our country on Memorial Day. It is safe to say SMF “Sunsetters� are already planning their return in 2018.





GUNSLINGER - Journeyman The newest from trance and bass artist Gunslinger is a beautifully enigmatic track featuring intricate melodies reminiscent of Santana. “Journeyman” sends you through space and time as you explore the depth and cryptic sounds produced through expert basslines and excellent guitar work. Gunslinger is one artist to follow as he brings creativity to a new light through his dedication to mystery and intrigue. His music cultivates a native ruggedness meets the Wild West, whilst maintaining flawless elegance and mystique.The aura created by this talented artist can not only be found in “Journeyman” but rather in all of his music, including the last single he released “Taking Back Time”. This track feels no different, and its complexity hints at a deeper significance behind the lustrous melody and electronic beat. His ethereal style is captivating and impossible to ignore, so give in to his realm and follow Gunslinger as he takes electronic music by storm.

LCAW - Nobody Else But You 22-year-old German producer Leon Weber aka LCAW dropped “Nobody Else But You” on Ultra Records recently and we highly recommend it gets added to your playlist. This is track is a testament of the profoundness in youth. This track encompasses that precious feeling of being unstoppable, of being filled with an endless spirit that lives inside all of us. Infused with elements of funk and disco music, this one keeps things real on a level that is simply going to be a chart topper this summer. If you are looking for that feel good track they will be playing on repeat then look no further, “Nobody Else But You” is the track for you. LCAW said “This song is about feeling like a child again. I remember when I was a kid that I thought anything was possible, that I could be whatever I wanted to be and it wasn’t until I got older that the realisation hit me that life just isn’t that easy...”. We hope you feel the same way!



ILAN BLUESTONE FT GIUSEPPE DE LUCA - Scars Ilan Bluestone has done it again with his new single, “Scars”! From the moment the beat drops, our minds and hearts are captivated by the dubstep-trance blend and we surrender ourselves to the heartfelt lyrics provided by none other than Guiseppe De Luca. Ilan shows he’s no one-trick pony by venturing out of the traditional 4/4 world to produce this track, while still managing to take us on a beautiful, melodic journey.

BONNIE X CLYDE - Rise Above (VIP) Bonnie x Clyde have returned with another amazing song that will be sure to rise to the top. “Rise Above” is a song that will simultaneously put you in your feels and make you want to headbang. This song is very empowering, because it describes the cycle of life. “We rise and then we fall but that won’t break me” are the lyrics that are heard throughout the song time and time again. It’s motivational for anyone to hear, especially if you’re feeling under. This song will be a beacon of hope for anyone that maybe going through a rough time.


Nora En Pure - Tears In Your Eyes (DJ Edit) Duke Dumont & Gorgon City ft Naations - Real Life (Extended Mix) EDX - Feel The Rush (Original Club Mix) Chris River & Mark Pigato - Feel It (Extended Mix) Oliver Heldens - Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It Extended Mix) Dana Jasmine - Carnival (Extended Mix) Bakermat ft Kiesza - Don’t Want You Back (Extended Mix) Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (SDJM Remix) Yves Larock - Phantasma (Club Mix) Jay Hardway - Golden Pineapple (Extended Mix) Don Diablo - Save A Little Love (Extended Mix) Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson - Symphony (Cash Cash Remix) Robbie Rivera vs Tom Staar - The Funkatron (Robbie’s Juicy Remix) James Greene & Matt Gray - Obrigado (Original Mix) Keanu Silva - Close 2 You (Original Mix)


4B is a talented DJ and producer who was born in Staten Island, NY. He moved to New Jersey at the age of 13 to begin his DJ career and he holds his roots close to his heart with his Jersey club sound. 4B came onto our radar when we heard Hardwell drop his track, “Love Is Dead”, during his set at Ultra Music Festival this past March. Then came the video he posted on his Facebook that went viral. That was it – we just had to meet this man. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to 4B after his explosive opening set for Hardwell at Governor’s Island in New York City. He’s full of life, love for music and he’s got the drive to make it far. He’s humble and grateful for his big break into this industry while also staying energetic about giving back to the community and his fans as well. One thing is for certain – 4B is here to stay and we can’t wait to see what he brings to the industry in the future! INTERVIEW BY MICHAEL BEAS & KRISTINE KENNEDY



We’re going to name two names here – DJ Snake and Diplo. Can you tell us what they mean to you?

It’s clear that your fans mean a lot to you. Can you talk about how they have shaped you as an artist?

So alright, DJ Snake and Diplo – two guys that without them I would easily be DJ’ing small, small, very small, empty bars in Jersey still. They put me under their wing from day one; Snake being first and Diplo, I did a show with him in Jersey in 2011 and we always kept in contact, but Snake really put me under his wing in 2013 I would say.

Yes, Dakota! Easily the best thing I have ever done in my life – hands down. Everyone always says “what is it like having fans?” It’s like.. sometimes it’s weird, you know? I’m from New York and New Jersey so I have fans here. But when you go to Asia and there’s people like crying and freaking out, it’s absurd. I’m only in Asia maybe once or twice a year so it’s nuts. There was a girl with 4B earrings, shorts, shirt that she made with 4B on it. There was one show when I was in Japan that I saw a sign that said “I love Jersey Club” and it was crazy that all the way in Japan they know of this little state and my sound. So this kid – he gets DJ lessons from a guy in Jersey named Greg. So they reached out to me and told me Dakota was a huge fan of mine and he wanted to go to Hyperglow and they sent me that video and I stopped everything I was doing. I said “I’m going to make this the greatest day ever for this kid.” So he came to Hyperglow and he made his own 4B shirt. I brought him on stage in his wheelchair and he stayed next to me for my entire set.

Are you still working with them today? Oh yeah, yeah. I’m very close with both of them. I’m still working with Mad Decent and I talk to Snake all the time. My manager has been his tour manager for the last couple years. How did you guys link up originally? So he was playing [Snake] like three or four of my songs and basically he was doing a show in Jersey and I DM’d him on Twitter and I met up with him and his manager and I was like “yo, what have I got to do – tell me.” And he just told me what I had to do and I did that and more and that was it. I think some people have the vision and some don’t. I think some people can literally tell you what to do and you’ll work and some people just don’t have that vision. Snake has that vision for everything. So if he tells you what to do, you do that and you’ll be successful – that’s it. We recently came across a video on your Facebook wall where a fan reached out to you who was so excited to see you at Hyperglow that really touched us.

I made the whole crowd chant his name and he was literally, physically jumping out of his wheelchair. And I gave him my number and we exchange messages even to this day. I’m actually going to his house soon and we are just going to mess around with DJ stuff. But the first thing I told him [Dakota] was “Hey, I’m a fan of you.”

“To be honest, people the power to make som have to go above and

don’t realize that if you have meone’s day like that, you beyond.”

To be honest, people don’t realize that if you have the power to make someone’s day like that, you have to go above and beyond. I wish I could do that every day because that makes everything worth it. “Love is Dead” still gets us going every time we hear it. What was it like working with Junkie Kid on this and having it released on Revealed Recordings? I actually just made a VIP edit to it because Junkie Kid is playing in EDC Vegas for the first time and I told him I want to try something and he actually dropped it and did a drum and bass version. I don’t know if we are going to release it or just keep it for our sets but it’s super tight. I was looking for a home for that record that made sense. It’s more of a ‘big room’ record that’s very different from what I usually put out. But I thought with that sound plus adding the hardstyle element that if I just released it for a free download or how I usually do that it wouldn’t grab the audience that I was going for. When I sent it to Hardwell he fell in love with it and made a few edits of it and said this track is perfect. It really fit the label. Can you describe your unique sound in just five words for us? Five words, okay..Jersey, intimate, ignorant, loud, bass! What’s in store for the future? Any projects you’re currently working on? I have a ton of music right now. A LOT of music. At the end of the month I’m dropping a remix for DJ Snake and that’s going to be really tight. Then we’re working on some big stuff that I can’t really tell anybody about yet. I’ll give a little insight that it’s really my first listenable, real music. I’ve been in so many scenarios where someone says “oh, show me your music” and I’ll play “Pop Dat” and it’s like NA-NA-NA-NA! You can’t listen to that on a phone – you have to be at a festival or a club for that. So this will be my first piece that you can really listen to anywhere. It’s a really dope transition from what I’ve been doing because it’s not like I’m just dropping a pop record. It really still has all of my elements of my production and it’s going to work out really well – I know it.


Bonnaroo 2017- A Loophole To Reality Written By AmberLynn Anderson | Photos by Taylor Reed


onnaroo Music & Arts Festival really knows how to put on a show. I went last year and although it’s only been my second year, Manchester has become my home away from home. The musical variety of this festival is definitely something else. Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival had just that, a ton of music and a lot of art. I don’t just mean art as in the paintings on the walls either, I mean it seems everyone there is a masterpiece themselves. The way people flowed together was beautiful. We danced and laughed and sung together as one family. All the brand new features of Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this year impressed me to the fullest! Hidden entryways were guarded by security-lines, allowing only a handful of people to get to the very front. It was almost into the “photo pit” which is a type of access that got us pretty close to Flume, one of my all time favorite artists. Now being the raver that I am, and have been for years now, of course it’s obvious who I’m going to say was my favorite this year. The legendary Flume put on the most magical set of this weekend...all I can say is that he had everyone in the crowd going absolutely insane over his set! That kind of reaction and energy from the audience was definiely one of the many highlights form that weekend. The dance sets I had seen hit home for me. Familiar sounds filled the air but it was lesser known acts that really satisfied my quest to find great music. I’ll start with Eden, Jonathan Ng, is an Irish electronic pop producer who had started The Eden Project, as an alias

and had discontinued that in 2015, as ‘Eden’ had ventured more into the Indie pop style. His extremely emotional lyrics grabbed my heart to the point of tears. I’ve been a fan for a long time but that set was something beyond special to see. He might not be a DJ per se, but the electronic elements in his sound definitly resonated with me. I was lucky enough to get behind the stage area during Herobust’s set as he threw down some of the heaviest bass, almost making my heart beat out of my chest! Following that mindblwong set was... OG basshead G Jones! The big red headed teddy bear holds the secret of throwing down in his beard, I swear! I’ve seen him play before at Tomorrowworld a couple years ago and honestly? He just keeps getting better and better! Borgore was there this year with some throwbacks of his that I was really surprised to hear, such as “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” and “Decisions.” The only time I had made my way to the Silent Disco was when I had went to see Eliot Lipp’s set and I’m very glad I did, he did an all vinyl set that I was very impressed with. Vinyl is extremely hard to compile but he did it with ease. Last but not least from our rave world, comes the legend...Marshmello! I wasn’t surprised to see such a packed set when I ventured on over to The Other Tent on Saturday...I can always appreciate the masked Dj’s fun tunes, and hyper feel. Marshmello radiates great vibes and such happy music! Ya know, minus “Alone.” There’s so much great music out there guys, you just really have to look for it, find it, and most of all...experience it! Small moments like these are what I live for. Thank you so much Bonnaroo!






hile it’s changed names and redefined itself over the years, Movement Festival proved again why it’s among the world’s greatest electronic music festivals. Located in the heart of Detroit at the aptly named Hart Plaza, Movement is spread out over 6 stages and each stage has its own feel and appeal. Over the 3-day event I was able to spend time at each stage while also meeting and taking pics of the incredible and diverse crowd. The Made In Detroit Stage is a small stage area off to the left of the grounds that brings in a lot of local DJs that have been on the scene for years.

On Sunday, DJ Psycho treated fans to his hypereclectic mix of dance music and Scan 7 donned masks and did a futuristic electrofunk set. The Underground Stage is a bombastic haze of twitch-drenched electronica. While it’s a great place to go escape the rain, which we did have this year, its mostly youthful bassheads that thrive here all weekend. The Stargate Stage is a daily themed area with Detroit Love on Saturday, Origins Elevation on Sunday that featured a set from Heidi and Audion (Matthew Dear), and Paradise on Sunday with DJ Harvey and Kate Simko. The Pyramid Stage overlooks the Detroit River with a beautiful riverside

view; the crowd here claims their space early because as the day progresses space gets very limited. Local greats Golf Clap kicked off this stage by passing out hand fans and playing a very heated set. The next stage, Red Bull Academy is my favorite stage as it hosts the most diverse set of artists, Earl Sweatshirt closed out the first night. On Sunday night Shiba San played an amazing set hip hop inspired beats and on the closing day Gaslamp Killer lit a fuse with a mindnumbing set of frenzied beats. The Movement Main Stage is more than just the stage that brings the biggest artists;

it also packs surprises and legends. After Josh Wink and Nicole Moudaber played we saw the Belleville Three comprised of local royalty, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. On day 2, Death In Vegas played an amazing set in the rain and DeadMau5 in his Testpilot guise closed the night. On the final night, Claude Von Stroke played under his Barclay Crenshaw moniker with a classic hip-hop set. Festival headliner, Carl Cox, brought the house and festival down with an extended set of hard techno and dance.


RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (June Edition)  

Raver Magazine brings you nothing but the best coverage in electronic dance music the world had to offer. This month we bring you internatio...

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (June Edition)  

Raver Magazine brings you nothing but the best coverage in electronic dance music the world had to offer. This month we bring you internatio...