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R O T I ED What an amazing month party people.

Raver Mag is committed to bringing you nothing but the best in electronic dance music from all over the world. In this month’s edition, we have an exclusive interview Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano who caught up with us in the Big Apple. Elephante, LNY TNZ, international artists Cat Dealers and public relations legend David Kim also gave us a look into their world. The photo spreads include Pheonix Lights and Shaky Beats, two extremely under-rated festivals we were delighted to cover! Our photographers did an incredible job capturing everything from Tiesto taking over the decks to our extended rave family in action. That’s not all though, we have a few other surprises for you this month that we’re sure you’ll love. We hope you enjoy this edition and remember, we are united by one common affinity...our love of music.

Michael Beas CEO of Raver Magazine


Stephanie Piedrahita LEAD VIDEOGRAPHER Bobby Ben-Gal

PHOTOGRAPHERS Nhan Tran Tran Ngoc Nguyen SENIOR WRITERS Kimberly Phan Miguel Tost STAFF WRITERS Charolette Vosbeck Sandra Santana

Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano have created a household name for themselves within the world of house music. They’ve headlined some of the biggest festivals in the world and have set the standard for what house music is and what it should be. The powerhouse duo just recently announced their full summer line up for “Sexy By Nature” at U R Ibiza and are set to play the mainstage at Tomorrowland not once, but twice! I sat down with Sunnery and Ryan at the most quaint Caribbean joint to discuss their new residencies, the state of the “electronic dance music” industry, the evolution of house music and of course, to eat delicious croquettes. INTERVIEW BY KIMBERLY PHAN

up to Armin if he wanted to because it’s trance meets house and he wanted to do it. We had a trance meets house night and it was truly something special. We worked together and made something special out of it. Now, we’re here announcing the night! Festival season has kicked off – you’re playing on the main TWICE this year on Friday and Saturday at Tomorrowland. Tell me, what are the feels you get from being on that stage? SUNNERY: It’s crazy! For a DJ to play on the mainstage, it’s an honor and a big deal. The thing with us and Tomorrowland is we played at the first where there were only 2,000 people. We build a relationship with the guys and they really loved our sound and pushed us to stick with our sound. They wanted us to rock the mainstage twice for Tomorrowland. We also have our own stage as well. It’s the Sexy By Nature stage and we confirmed Afrojack Steve Angello, Sander Van Doorn and Thomas Newson so it’s going to be an

It’s always coming To explain our mus chamele exciting takeover with Sunnery and Ryan. RYAN MARCIANO: We did the lineup ourselves and we wanted it to be a little different. That’s why we asked Afrojack, Steve Angello and all of the guys to do different sets. As a visitor, I would love to see it because it’s going to be different! We talked about wanting to achieve so many things and it seemed like a long shot. Steve Angello is a big name and he confirmed then Afrojack, so it’s a big thing for us. Everything came together. Can you describe the creative process of “Sexy By Nature.”?

You just announced your full line up for U R Ibiza every Wednesday from June 21st to September 13th at Hi Ibiza. How did this all come about? How long have you been planning this? SUNNERY JAMES: We actually started the end of last year. They asked us if we were ready to host a night on the island and we said, “yes of course!” But it’s Ibiza so you never know. Asked us if we were ready and we said, “of course we got this.” Two months later, the option came in and we said let’s work. Armin has the same residency and at SPACE Ibiza, there are two huge rooms. Armin is hosting one room and we are hosting the other. It was

SUNNERY: We select a lot of songs and when we go to festivals we drop some of them and feel out the crowd. In the past we’ve tried selecting everything and it doesn’t work that way, it’s less powerful. Our power is to feed the crowd and we try to interact with the crowd as much as possible. We know what we’re going to play but not in any order. We always play our own tracks of course but there are some nice mash ups. Before each set we always get excited because we don’t really know what’s going to happen. You two have been with Tomorrowland since it’s very inception. How do you think it’s transformed over the years? SUNNERY: It’s hard to say! There used to only be 2,000

to 3,000 people. Within two to three years it became bigger. They focused on the South American markets very well. After that, the world started noticing and talking about it. The people at Tomorrowland are so creative from production, lighting to the pyrotechnics. RYAN: They’re a big hand within the music industry right now too. They’ve supported some of the biggest acts, like David Guetta, who at the time was only big in Europe. Now with Tomorrowland, you get a lot of exposure since there are millions of people watching. If you get a slot on the mainstage and you deliver, you can blow up. You have to deliver and prove yourself. To get a stage like that, it’s insane. The environment is just magical. Last time we spoke, you explained “Sexy By Nature” as being “sexy beats, sexy this, and natural” with your weekly radio show which started in 2014. You brought the charm of dance music along with tribal beats, progressive sounds but to a different level of sophistication. Fast forward to now, how do you think your

from the heart. sic is hard. We’re eons! sound has progressed? SUNNERY: Wow! Well, we’ve progressed in a way where it was really only underground house music. People like Frankie Knuckles, Eric Morillo and Steve Angello inspired us. Actually, Steve did something for us. He was playing house music but it was a harder and tougher sound and that inspired us. We had the tribal beats but we needed more power in our sets. We started making beats to mix it in. Now we have “Sexy By Nature” which is the sound of Sunnery and Ryan. It’s energetic but tribal and progressive. Our music is what we feel, it’s hard to describe. We could play in a room and if it felt dark, we could play techno for an hour. With just techno, I could throw some tribal beats in between and it’s a techno set. At a festival, you need more energy and we translate it differently. RYAN: It’s always coming from the heart. To explain our music is hard. We’re chameleons! Is there anything you guys know about each other that your fans may not? SUNNERY: He’s a real good cook. He can cook really well. What’s your signature dish? SUNNERY: He’s good at making any Caribbean dish, any styled chicken, and it’s the best.

RYAN: He may look like the superstar “Sunnery James” but he’s the simplest man you will meet. A simple man, a family man? RYAN: Yes! SUNNERY: I like nice clothes but what I really like is to just hang out, eat good food and to be with my family. It’s that Caribbean feel, I just like to chill and that’s what makes me happy.

There is no doubt that the Dutch music scene is the number one place to look when you are in search of talent. That is no exception when it came to the doorsteps of LNY TNZ with the Dutch sound. Vlaardingen, Mitchell Vreeswijk and Jan Stadhouders aka LNY TNZ are killing it with a new twist on hard-hitting dance music. Performing at festivals the like Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Summerfestival and Defqon, LNY TNZ continues to break all boundaries, one beat at a time. INTERVIEW BY CHAROLETTE VOSBECK What is your favorite thing about the new song ‘Set You Free’? How was it working with Jantine?

The favorite thing about our latest single “Set You Free” is that it is a great mix between different ingredients of different styles of music. We get our inspiration from listening to a wide variety of music. We have tried to combine some pop influences with trap, hardstyle kicks and future bass. We think this single really turned out to be something fresh and we are very lucky that the people seem to like it. We receive a lot of national and international radio support which is great. We recently also dropped a club mix of “Set You Free” which is a free download on our Soundcloud page. We think this version works better for our live sets. It is a little more rough. How did the two of you meet? We met at the age of 16. Mitchell was working at a local pizza delivery company, where a lot of guys from the neighborhood used to work and used to hang out. At some point it was more like a local hangout. We already knew each other because we were both born and raised in the same city and we had common friends. Because we both shared the same passion for the music we immediately hooked up and started going out to some crazy

underground venues. From that moment on we knew we had to make some music together. What upcoming projects can we look forward to? We are already working on our new single and we are working on a new EP with some real club bangers! We have some new merchandise coming out really soon, so keep an eye out on our social media! We are also really looking forward to our FVCK GENRES festival hosting. We will be hosting stages with a lot of cool DJ friends and live acts we love and support! What is your favorite song the two of you have worked on?

It was really great to work on the track “Techno” we did with Yellow Claw, Diplo and Waka Flocka Flame: we never really thought it would hit that hard. The cool thing that happened in this track is we brought trap, harder styles and rap all together in one track! Which we think is really awesome. Rap lovers, trap lovers and people who listen to harder styles all seem to like this track. That’s why we say: “FVCK GENRES” it’s all about the music. We are all really anti-drugs and that is why we decided to do a video against drugs. Top 3 people you would like to take a selfie with?

J.Lo - who doesn’t want a selfie with J.Lo?! Hans Zimmer - Legend! Max Martin - Legend!

If money was not a factor, what is the one thing you would like to have made for your fans that you would like to see them take with on their next event. Something that would remind them of you and your music?

It is funny that we see a lot of fans wearing custom made shirts, hoodies, flags and totems. It’s really an honor to see this. This means the fans really love us. Maybe we should do an online poll and ask the fans what they want to have. We can try to find a fundraiser and make it happen!

PHOTOS BY NHAN TRAN WRITTEN BY LEXXICA Phoenix Lights did not disappoint this year. Initially was set to take place in downtown Phoenix, then the festival was moved at the very last minute to Chandler, AZ where Decadence took place. Relentless Beats and Caren West PR did an amazing job coordinating the last-minute location change considering the downtown area of Phoenix hosted the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship that very same week. The festival had three stages, a ridiculous amount of amazing artists, both headliners and up and coming, and had something for everyone! From trance, dubstep, house, bass,

etc. Phoenix Lights Music Festival had it all for everyone to rage, experience good vibes, and of course PLUR out!! Above & Beyond and Tiesto showed us why they remain timeless legends, taking us on a musical journey from the moment they started. It was pure magic as they went through their sets with tracks we grew up loving. Illenium, Zed’s Dead, Bro Safari, and Keys N Krates were some of our favorites as well, bringing high energy that kept us jumping and raging. Oliver Heldens was also super close to joining us on the dance floor it seemed while Griz and Crizzly just flat out went hard!

We were privileged to see Pete Tong and Felix Da HouseCat in person, Pete Tong is a popular BBC Radio 1 host but his legacy goes beyond that as he has helped shaped the dance music community to what it is today. Felix Da HouseCat, one of the legends of house music, was a nice, refreshinh change as he showcased how dynamic and euphoric house music can be. Overall, Phoenix Lights 2017 was a huge success and we look forward to next year with even bigger artists, bigger venue, and bigger music to come. Magazine and Lexxica

JACKAL - Summer In Your Arms (ft. Josh Congress) Whether they be the confines of the dreary English seaside town he grew up in, or the barriers between musical genres, Jackal continues to shine and develop his craft. With clear influences from dubstep, hip-hop and electro-house, Jackal possesses a keen ear and appreciation for everything from UK grime, garage house, and even heavy metal. With his full EP set to drop on 6/6 and a full tour in the works, the time of the Jackal is truly upon us. “Summer In Your Arms” is just the beginning. The lyrics are sensational and it rings home to most of us who are looking for that special someone to spend the summer with. It is moving and uplifting almost to the point that you never want summer to end, or in many regards wish that it could be an absolute endless cycle of bliss and romance EDM style.

TRIARCHY - Coconuts (ft. J.Lauryn) You might just want to start sipping out of “Coconuts” on a beautiful beach day as you listen to this brand new track by Triarchy. Grab a nice, comfortable chair or a towel and spend your day on beach, feel the sand and the ocean water beneath your toes and press play. This song has an island vibe to it and can only make you imagine that you are taking your boat down Miami Beach on a hot and sunny afternoon just because life is too short not to. The track is a combination of deep house and tropical house which worked very well for Triarchy, making it adaptable for other similar artists. You could probably hear this song during a set by Kygo, a possibility with his comeback at EDC Las Vegas this year, or Thomas Jack among other tropical house DJs. J.Lauryn’s vocals were airy, light and wonderful which really complements the lyrics and wraps up the track into a potential summer anthem.



M4SONIC & YDG - About It This track proves M4SONIC’s ability to be versatile in the tracks he’s producing. The combination of M4SONIC’s dubstep sound and YDG’s heavy bass sounds create the perfect balance for this track. The added rap notes create even more depth for this song. For those of you who are bass lovers you are sure to love every second. M4SONIC is usually known for his electro dubstep style in many of his tracks such as “Weapon 2.0” and another track released via Ultra Records, “Into the Light”. He played on the Vans Warped Tour in 2015 and at TomorrowWorld in 2014.


MAHMUT ORHAN - Save Me (ft. Eneli) Balearic house vibes collides deep and hard with Middle Eastern influences that will have you floored and leave you saying…“Save Me”. Bursa-born Mahmut Orhan once again was able to master the art of sound after the success of “Feel” which brought in 21 + Million Streams across DSP’s and 170 Million views on YouTube. His vibe is flawless, the execution is endless and the elements he creates are unique and original. “Save Me” is another testament into the world of dance and how it is changing for the better on a global scale. We have been saying it from the start that house music is here to stay. Ultra Records is always on point when selecting the right music and the right artist to work with and support. Mahmut Orhan is no exception to the rule, the combination of the Balearic House, the vocals of Eneli, the rich bass line and the vibe of the Middle East make this one stand out among the rest.

YDG is known for delivering bass heavy tracks such as “All Night” and his well-known collaboration with Shawn Wasabi, “Burnt Rice”, which reached almost 2 million plays on SoundCloud.

Dynamic duo Luiz Guilherme Cardoso & Pedro Henrique Cardoso, aged 20 & 26 respectively, are holding it down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as they serve up dope tracks as Cat Dealers. With a little under 80,000 active followers on SoundCloud, surpassing the 2 million mark on their track “Your Body� and opening for Nora En Pure in their home country, these brothers have been making waves that will surely take them and their nostalgic, intoxicating music to the ends of the earth. INTERVIEW BY STEPHANIE PIEDRAHITA

What was your very first concert? Who was the first DJ/Producer you discovered? The first time Pedro went to a dance music concert was back in 2009 to see David Guetta in Rio. The first time Luiz went was when he was 15, to a festival with Hardwell, David Guetta, Zedd, Felguk and many others. Actually that was the first time he ever went out to party! The first DJ/Producer we started listening to was David Guetta of course, probably around 2008, 2009. Then with Swedish House Mafia we fell in love with music production and it all started from there. The first time we played as artists was in March of 2016, but before that we were already producing for 3 years non-stop. Who is your dream B2B/collaboration? We dream to B2B and collaborate with many artists, but probably the main one we would love to is Skrillex! One of the artists we dreamed of collaborating with was Felguk and we are very happy that we already achieved that one! You’ve sampled old-school tracks by Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Nelly Frutado. Which other non-dance music artists are you listening to currently? We listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but we mostly listen to bands as Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and System Of a Down. Where do you see Cat Dealers going in the next five years? Hopefully around the world, hahahaha! Our dream is to travel and show our music to different people around the globe, playing at great nightclubs and festivals. You are very loved by the people of Brazil, tell us about how you built such a strong following in the span of a year. We started just putting our tracks on the internet without showing our faces and people started to like it here in Brazil. So we kept doing it and it got everyone to start talking about us, trying to figure out who we were. Also, since the beginning we released some tracks that many big Brazilian DJs were playing so that helped us a lot! And we have really good managers working with us, helping us to make the right decisions and that makes a huge difference. If you weren’t creating music, what type of work do you think you would be doing? No idea, probably something creative like design!


As the resident Latina here at Rav er Magazine, I feel like it is my dut y to show our readers a whole new but also maintain the integrity of hisp side of dance music anic ravers everywhere. I promise you, there are multiple latin influenc both new and old, that are deservi ed songs out there, ng of a festival debut if given the chance to be flipped by a talented Gasolina by Daddy Yankee and Sua producer. I truly love vemente (big ups to Kennedy Jones for the iconic remix) as much as the gets repetitive considering every loca next person, but it l open format DJ in the 305 drops it every weekend during their set. Ya basta. Check out these fresh, latin classics turned to future festival staples that I hope will make you want more out of your live set experiences and add a little flavor to your playlist.



Ask any of your Hispanic friends if they’ve heard this song. If they said no, they’re lying. El Beeper by Oro Solido has been a part of every single Latino household’s chores playlist for hundreds of years it seems. It’s the kind of song that you can’t help but to move your hips to and will have you bouncing off the walls, out the window and straight onto South Beach. This remix did the track justice, check it out on SoundCloud or Youtube.

This. Is. My. Jam. I grew up listening to Carlos Santana with my father so I was delighted to hear this remix and not subsequently roll my eyes. This is the kind of song that you’ll hear in an after hours club at 6AM and instantly feel revitalized, channeling your inner salsero until your feet fall off. Those cowbells just don’t stop and neither will you.

I’m not surprised either but hear me out. This track will end up being as memorable as the two previously mentioned. In fact, the original track has already reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 making it the first mostly Spanish song since “Macarena” in 1996 to top the chart. There is already a collective sigh hovering over Miami but whether you hate it or love it, this track will be coming to a live set near you. Our personal favorite is the Major Lazer and Moska remix, a version that I definitely would like to hear live.

Watermat ft Kelli-Leigh - Won’t Stop (Bob Sinclar & The Cube Guys Remix) Dirtyloud - Heartbeat (Original Club Mix) Benny Benassi x Chris Nasty - 2 My House (Original Mix) Mike Williams ft Brezy - Don’t Hurt (Extended Mix) EDX - Feel The Rush (Original Club Mix) Firstlight & Simson - Last Night (Extended Mix) Calippo - We’ll Be Heard (Original Club Mix) Pandaboyz & Nano Bites - Mumble (Extended Mix) Blue Koala - Watch Me (Paul Carpenter & Persi Mix) Croatia Squad - Hyper (Original Club Mix) The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Don Diablo Remix) Yves V & Marc Benjamin - Blow (Extended Mix) Natema - The 4cker (Original Mix) Fedde Le Grand & D.O.D - Love’s Gonna Get You (Extended Mix) Belli & Adorisio - Lollipop (Original Mix) Tritonal - Hey MaMaMa (Club Mix)

You’re a Harvard graduate. Talk to us about your decision to leave the corporate world to fully pursue your dream.

with Brandyn Burnette - we were really just making it as an album cut but then it turned into one of the biggest songs on the EP.

I’ve made my music my whole life, and always dreamed of being a musician. When I was working I was spending a lot of time on the side, nights and weekends, making music, and it got to the point where I was spending more time doing that than my actual job. At a certain point, I just couldn’t take it anymore - I knew that I’d always regret it if I didn’t give it a shot, and was basically like eh fuck it let’s see what happens.

Who was most influential to your career development and why?

Describe your inspiration for your new single that’s being released this week.

I worked with the amazing Deb’s Daughter on the song - I think the lyrics really capture this feeling that a lot of people have right now, where it seems like the world is out to get you. The song is about finding grace and joy in the face of that feeling, and somehow come out feeling okay that everything is going to be okay. Walk us through the process you took to develop your EP, I Am the Elephante.

It was a collection of songs that I thought really

Probably my moms for making me take all those piano lessons when I was a kid haha. Other than that, John Mayer - he made me want to pick up a guitar in middle school. And Skrillex for inspiring me to make electronic music. You have 24 hours outside of the music world. What will you be enjoying most?

My own bed, some BBQ, and a Game of Thrones board game marathon with my homies. Personal preference between a smaller club setting or festival? Do you have a specific venue that you would most like to play at?

They’re both amazing in their own ways. More intimate shows are dope because you get to really connect with individuals in the audience, but then you can’t really replicate the energy from thousands of people at a festival.

“I just couldn’t take it anymore I knew that I’d always regret it if I didn’t give it a shot.”

represented me as an artist to that point. I had spent most of my career doing remixes, and it was important to me to sort of draw a line in the sand, and really put myself out there creatively as my own artist. It started with Closer, and I had a bunch of songs that weren’t out yet, and was like let’s build this out into a thing. Spent the next year and a half or so making a ton of songs, a bunch of which ended up getting cut. The last song to get done was Plans

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully on a yacht in San Tropez. Just kidding honestly I’m living my dream right now, I genuinely hope in 5 years I’m doing the same thing I am now, making music and touring the world, just on a bigger scale.

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Orange County, California PHOTOS BY NHAN TRAN

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st place you think to throw a r festival?

would have to  say a cruise ship, er attending Groove Cruise Cabo, ually one of the best places to have al. Everything is right there! Your ood, music, etc. It’s  pretty perfect. 

ite Rave outfit?

ck and forth between going all out

with my outfits and wearing something comfortable. The weather is usually a large factor in my outfit decision. I’ve worn everything from bras/bikinis to onesies and robes. Current EDM artist(s) you are hyped about right now? I’m ridiculously obsessed with Bassnectar. I  have  mad respect for Lorin Ashton as a whole; he is easily one of the most talented artists in the industry. Above all, he is humble  and his music is BPM therapy for this bass head’s heart.  Pizza or Donuts? Pizza gang all dayyy! Pizza is life!

Magnum PR was founded in 1989 by Susan Zimmerman, known in the industry as SiouxZ; for over 25 years SiouxZ has worked with mainstream A-List artists from all over the world. The Prodigy, Daft Punk, Tiesto, DJ Shadow, Underworld, Nine Inch Nails to name a few have made her one of the best publicists in the world. Through growth and development throughout her journey, she has met and worked with publications around the globe. Along her journey, she crossed paths with the man that I have dubbed The Wonder of the Publicity, Mr. David Kim. David’s journey has taken him far and wide in the world of music. His critical role in the development of Magnum PR and his client base has given him the opportunity to work with artists that some of us could only dream about and moreso, have the opportunity to work with these artists on a one on one basis. There is no stopping his vision, work ethic and personal drive to be the best. He talents and ability to get his artists in front of the top media publications is something that we have caught onto and it is something that we felt could inspire others to be the best at what they do.


How did you get started in the PR world? I went to Rutgers University and my parents wanted me to be a stockbroker or a doctor or a lawyer. For most of my life I never really knew what I wanted to do, but the one thing that I enjoyed the most was always music. I tried to be a DJ at one point but I had issues on the production side so that hindered me quite a bit, so I had to try something else. I ended up with a job at Warner Group in A&R which was a fantastic job for me at the time. I started my own PR firm called Meraki which is the Greek word that means “to put your soul and passion in your work”. Shortly after SiouxZ from Magnum PR gave me a call out of the blue and asked if I wanted to come work with her, which for myself, I was taken a bit back at the time. SiouxZ had always had my respect and in my own eyes she is a huge influence in the dance music community. She’s worked with almost everyone in the industry, from The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails, to Underworld. For myself it was a surreal experience to have her call me and ultimately have this opportunity.

Who was your first client at Magnum PR? DJ Shadow would have to be my first client at Magnum PR. DJ Shadow is a legend and for me it was somewhat of a challenge. At the time I didn’t understand his genre of music. Because of his fame it wasn’t like I could get him on some small blog and he would be happy, I had to work hard to get him on some of the biggest platforms in the market. It made me realize then how important it is to really understand your client’s needs and goals. Challenges always help you grow as an individual and for me that was a learning experience that helped me become the person that I am today. Talk to me about Blogs, Newspapers, TV, Magazines, what is it that artists want these days in way of exposure and coverage?

I think the most important thing is to have empathy and try to understand ultimately what it is that they are looking for. It takes a lot of awareness of the scene and where the artist is in their career to come up with the best plan of attack. Artists work so hard to make music for us to enjoy, especially in the beginning when they need the most support. My job is to just get their message out and to project it in the best light possible.

Hardwell Hosts the First Ever World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BEAS In cooperation with the GuestList4Good social enterprise and its founder Shailendra Singh, Hardwell and Anna Knaup (CEO of international electronic music agency Anna Agency) are coming together once again to deliver the third massive day of the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ (WBGLF), in association with Hardwell’s United We Are Foundation. Expanding from its previous inception, the now 3-day festival will cater for sports, live Bollywood and pop music, with Hardwell closing out the festival on Sunday, Dec 3 with a show called ‘United We Are by Hardwell’. Talking about the target for the 2017 edition of the ‘World’s Biggest Guest List Festival’ and his project the United We Are Foundation, Hardwell said: “In 2015 we helped put the spotlight on something that is of great importance to the future of many young children living in Mumbai. The entire team were blown away by the response of the fans and sponsors that day but it felt like only the beginning of the journey. Although we achieved, and excelled, with our donations goal, we all knew that more could be done. So, it is for this reason we decided to go back to India and make the goal even bigger by aiming to educate 100,000 young children. And this time, I’ll be joined by some of my biggest and best DJ friends who will be helping us achieve this aim.” Titled ‘United We Are by Hardwell’ the show will see Hardwell, joined by some of his DJ friends, attempt to put attention back to the subject of child education in India and place more awareness on the deprived conditions of the slums of Mumbai, that many of these young children have to live in day-to-day. reports that even though “education being offered as a fundamental right, more than 40% of India’s children drop out of elementary school – and the country has more than 287 million illiterates, 37% of the global total. Moreover, 40% children are stunted in India, which means they don’t grow to their full potential because they don’t get the necessary resources.” It is a fundamental right as human beings to help others learn and grow as individuals. We are all fortunate to live in a country where going to school and learning is something that is second nature to us. The numbers are staggering in India and because we are privileged we should do our part to make this world a better place. We at Raver Mag support and commend Hardwell for making a difference and uniting us once more through music for the greater good.

The Do Lab is Where the Party’s At in

Coachella’s 2017 edition was a massive success with its unmatched lineup and massive turnout. Whether fans gathered at the main stage to catch headliners Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, and Radiohead or to the myriad of stacked lineups on the other stages, Coachella acts as the epicenter of musical performances with a wide array of included genres. Coachella has proven that it is the go-to festival to catch rock bands, hip-hop acts, and pop icons, but how does it fair with electronic acts? Historically, Coachella has hosted its biggest electronic acts together in the Sahara and Yuma stage. Over the years, the festival has mixed up the lineups by mixing live acts with DJs. This proves to also be true at the Heineken House, the newer stage that hosts lineups more akin to something you might find at Ultra or Electric Zoo. However, if you want the quintessential electronic music experience, you should have and should forever aim for the Do Lab stage. The Do Lab is an all inclusive experience that bridges the elements from dance culture to the experimental branches of electronic music. This year, the stage stacked its lineup with artists that have next to nothing in common musically. From the hip-hop rhythm of Barclay Crenshaw to the Drum n’ Bass aggression of Netsky, and the house vibes of Justin Martin, the Do Lab stage keeps its visitors content with its variety, audience, and surprises. With four surprise acts on the lineup this year and one being Skrillex, the stage takes the crown as the place to be at Coachella. If next year’s festivities is anything like this year, don’t miss it. WRITTEN BY MIGUEL TOST PHOTOS BY DANIEL ZETTERSTROM & WATCHARA

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (May Edition)  

What an amazing month party people. Raver Mag. is committed to bringing you nothing but the best in dance music from all over the world. Thi...

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (May Edition)  

What an amazing month party people. Raver Mag. is committed to bringing you nothing but the best in dance music from all over the world. Thi...