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are beyond excited to debut our new look and logo in the August issue of Raver Magazine. While it took a while for everything to develop, we are now poised to take our publication to the next level and beyond.


The new look for the magazine is not our only upgrade. Within a few weeks, you will see a brand new website that will blow you away! Rest assured that while our look is changing, the content you have come to love will remain the same. We are committed to bringing you the in-depth coverage of EDM events and artists that you have come to expect from us every month. There was no better way to celebrate our makeover than by featuring BlasterJaxx on our cover! Their sound reigns with some of the best greatest musical producers on the planet. Thanks for helping us make Raver Magazine the Best in Everything EDM.


New website coming next week!

Michael Beas Publisher


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MASTHEAD Aly & Fila FEATURE Exclusive Interview by Rob Roy, L.A. Photos by Insomniac

Publisher FOUNDER


Blasterjaxx FEATURE

The Team

Exclusive Interview by Michael Beas


Jason Wiggz


DJ Freaky



Exclusive Interview Photos and Interview by Michael Beas

Exclusive Interview Photos and Interview by Michael Beas

Afterhours in NYC



by Chase Morgan


Hot Cali Nights


by Nhan Tran

Raver Girl Mackenzie

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// Photography


by The Matt Vivanco


DOWNLOAD REVIEWS Stormy By Zachary Leete Chris Bekker By Zachary Leete DENM By Bradley J. Callison Omair Mirza By Rob Roy L.A.

Exclusive Event Coverage Coldharbour Night By Rob Roy L.A. Electric Forest By Zach Liebmann




feature - Blasterjaxx

Blaste rJa by

Michael Beas


Blasterjaxx PR





Thom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf, known by their stage name BLASTERJAXX, are taking dance music to another planet. Born and raised in the Netherlands, their sound reigns with the unique bloodline of some of the greatest musical producers in the world. Pure talent and cutting edge sounds fueled by an intense energy have propelled their music to the top of the charts.


t all started after DJ Chuckie gave the duo an opportunity on his Dirty Dutch Music imprint. From there, the sky was the limit for them. Everyone from Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, to Spinnin’ Records, to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings

has worked with the talented duo. They have toured the world and have remixed for the likes of David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike - to name only a few. There is no place they can’t and have not reached.

axx Despite all of their success, they work in their spare time to help others through Electric Family and their collaboration bracelet that gives back to the blind. The 20x20x20 Foundation restores vision to millions of children and adults. Raver Magazine had an opportunity to catch up with the duo this month. This is what they shared with us.

Blasterjaxx signature sound will always be at the core of what we do musically so in that sense we don’t look at what’s popular.

Raver Mag. You both have come a long way since you came together to form the official duo of Blasterjaxx. How did you guys know back then that it would be the right fit to join forces and talent? BLASTERJAXX Idir and myself knew each other just from nightlife and working out in the same gym.


feature - Blasterjaxx

Idir was also producing as ‘Macosta’ and his talent was apparent – I was already working under the Blasterjaxx moniker and we both felt we could benefit from collaborating so it made sense to do so under the Blasterjaxx name. Raver Mag. Your music has a unique blend of Big Room House, Electro House and Dutch House that your fans love. More and more DJs are testing out new sounds instead of sticking with what they know best. Do you 8


feel that is a smart move to go with the crowd that might be considered “popular” at the time, or do you feel that House Music in all its forms is the way of the now and the future of Dance Music? BLASTERJAXX The Blasterjaxx signature sound will always be at the core of what we do musically so in that sense we don’t look at what’s popular to dictate our musical direction, but we love incorporating new sounds that

a lot of times turn out to be very ‘on trend’.

Raver Mag. Your Reborn EP that was released with D-Rashid was mind blowing on different levels. Some would say that it was the spark that took your musical career to the next step. What was the inspiration behind the tracks “Reborn” and “Where We Go”?

BLASTERJAXX We really just wanted to make a strong rave record

which at the time, was very different to what we were known for – it’s probably the one record where we had no examples sound wise what we wanted it to be like, probably one of the first records with such a hard kick, which hadn’t really been done. Raver Mag. From the past to the present - you guys have new music about to come out on August 1st with DBSTF titled “Hit Me.” Just from the preview, you can already tell it’s going to be an international success. What insight can you share with us on the creation of the track and the profound lyrics that are contained within?

people who are visually impaired are able to move through life. I am very aware of how much it takes a community of people and effort to create an environment that’s friendly for all people, lesser abled and otherwise – so very happy to contribute to that in a small way. Raver Mag. You are an international success. So many people are inspired by your music and the way you carry yourselves. It can

Raver Mag. Any other message or closing thoughts that you would like to share with the Raver Mag. fans? BLASTERJAXX As everybody knows, we’ve had a turbulent year with Idir coming off the road and everything that led up to that. Every day we are amazed and thankful for the team and most of all the fans that keep supporting us.

BLASTERJAXX Damn – that’s a strong statement – we definitely hope so, so thank you! I think inspiration isn’t always as literal as the lyrics speaking to us, it’s more about things coming together where your ideas shape as you go along, where you try to incorporate whatever mood that’s in front of the mind at that moment. Raver Mag. One of the things that I like most about Blasterjaxx is your willingness to help others that are in need. They say that with success and wealth comes a great deal of responsibility. It’s good to see that you are giving back to others. For example, your work with Electric Family. Your collaboration bracelet helps the blind through the 20x20x20 Foundation, who helps restore vision to millions of children and adults. Why is helping the blind important to you guys and what is the best way that others can help support this great cause? BLASTERJAXX For some reason, it is blindness above any other disability that has always struck a strong chord with me, something that I would consider as probably one of the worst things that could happen to me. At the same time, I am super impressed with how

Surround yourself with good people who allow you to grow to your full potential and support you no matter what. be difficult at times to surpass all of the hurdles that come with that success in this business. What advice can you offer to the producer that is struggling to achieve your level of success? BLASTERJAXX Always consider if the deal that’s in front of you is what works for you in the long run, especially when you haven’t quite broken through yet. It can be tempting to sign more away than you’re later happy with. Surround yourself with good people who allow you to grow to your full potential and support you no matter what.

Their enthusiasm is what helps us through our low days and lift us up further during our best days. Thanks so much for staying on the journey with us! Thom Jongkind & Idir Makhlaf are master music makers. Their sound is infused with a unique vibe that has given them a platform that not many in the dance music world can match. They are definitely on our radar for being one of the top producing duos of 2016.


n o s a J z g g i W


e’s one half AudioFlexx, one full part Jason Wiggz. Charlotte and abroad, his fame is spreading like an out of control wildfire that is fueled by nothing more than pure energy. It doesn’t matter who he opens for or where he is going next, the masses follow him because of that energy.

The question I pose is, does an artist propel and succeed through their unique vibe? Does that vibe make him stand out from the rest of his peers? I thought about this notion all month. After all, with energy comes flare, comes a willingness to surpass all that are around. Some might find that flare to be a bit out in “left field.” Yet with Jason, I



was surprised to find that his energy and a willingness to take control of the crowd on his Pioneer turntables help him a great deal. His flare has given him the cutting edge that few possess. It has given him the love of the Charlotte crowd and dance music scene. They beckon his every drop and are eager to find where he is playing next. I saw him

Ph ot os

Michael Beas


Michael Beas





at Bubble in Charlotte opening for another artists, then shot off to Label to headline as the main performance. I’ve seen the crowd chant his name like some demigod before an opening set that Mainstream DJ Tigerlily performed. Nothing phases him. Nothing gets in the way of his vision, of his drive to be the best and to give the crowd a show like nothing they have ever experienced

Raver Mag

You are one part AudioFlexx, one full part Jason Wiggz. How do manage to have to personalities to be split in two and still push out consistently creative vibes that everyone can enjoy? Tell me little about AudioFlexx first.


There is no limit as to what one can achieve with drive and vision.

Jason Wiggz

AudioFlexx is a huge part of my life. It’s something that is far greater than myself. It’s something that my best friend Nick Spain and I crafted together. The goal was to form a unique vibe that everyone in the community would enjoy. We play for the love of music and when the beat drops that’s when the magic happens. That’s why the fans come out to see us. There is no limit as to what one can achieve when you fill your life with drive and vision. Our next stop as AudioFlexx is Imagine Music Festival. If you are going to the event, it will be something that I guarantee you will not want to miss out on, so definitely come and check us out.

Raver Mag

Tell me a little about Jason Wiggz.

Jason Wiggz

In short, I am living my dream. I have been playing for so long that I have managed to turn this into a full time job. It’s hard work networking and playing different styles of music to different fans. Every week, sometimes six or seven times a week, depending on what is going on in Charlotte, I perform. It’s not really work because it’s what I enjoy doing, but it can still be challenging at times. I 12


Raver Mag

I’ve seen your cell phone go off a dozen times since I have been standing next to you. It seems everyone in Charlotte either wants you to open for them, close for them, headline for them - sometimes all in the same day. How do you manage to keep everything going night after night?

Jason Wiggz

I like money, who doesn’t. So that is always a motivator. But in reality, like I said, it’s about the music. It is about doing what you enjoy and perfecting what you’re good

at every day. Back in the day, you didn’t have all of the equipment that we have now. You’ll see me bringing out the turntables and records to mix things up from time to time. That’s what I love to do, so the more I can play and the more I can get out in front of the crowds, the better things are for me.

Raver Mag

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////


love reading the crowd and trying to figure out what the vibe of the night is moving towards. When the music starts, I connect with those in the audience and together the music comes alive.


Define success.

Jason Wiggz

Do what makes you happy. It doesn’t matter if you make a dollar for what you do or if you get paid every dollar in the world. At the end of the day, always do what makes you happy. Nothing else matters and if you do that, know that you will be successful.


Michael Beas

Ph ot os

Michael Beas

////////////// ////////////////// //////////////////


y k a e r f j d get your freak on




lex Fricke, known to his fans as DJ Freaky, is tearing up the Charlotte EDM scene with nothing but the best in Bass, Trap and Big Room beats. The word on the street is that Alex is the next big East Coast name to hit the main steam and take off into the world of music that is sweeping the globe. How far his span will reach is anyone’s guess at this moment, but that reach has gone far enough to catch the ear of Raver Magazine. We had the opportunity to meet up with him a few hours before his performance with Slander at The Fillmore in Charlotte, and here is what he had a chance to share with us.




Raver Mag

Rumor has it that you are going to drop some sick bass before Slander takes the decks tonight. Is that true?

DJ Freaky

I’m trying to keep that on the low but it is true. I have some new music that I am dropping for the Charlotte crowd tonight that I’m sure they’re going love.

Raver Mag

We have been following DJ Freaky’s progression for quite some time now. I personally remember catching your opening set for W&W a year or so ago. Was that really the moment that things started


to take off for you as an artist? I ask because so many of your fans, still to this day, remember that opening set and still talk about how well your performance was that night.

DJ Freaky

I have to admit, that was really one of the most productive nights of my career. Not just because of the energy in the crowd, but because of the connections that I made and the growth of my career shortly following that performance. It’s a slow progression but moments like the W&W night really help set the pace for better things to come for my music.

04 off days; go to clubs 05 netwrok

02 be part of community

Raver Mag It seems that you’re

munity. Then, when it does come time to book an artist, you’re the first one that comes to mind. In the end, it is all about the time and energy you put into getting yourself noticed, not only the music but about the business side as well. If you have a happy medium, you as an artist will stand out above the rest. With all things in life, it’s not only what you know, but who you know. For Alex Fricke, known by his stage name DJ Freaky, it is already taking root through hard work and an unending dedication to his music. Nothing but support from us here at Raver Magazine.

playing every week in Charlotte, sometimes four times a week. What’s the secret to this success?

DJ Freaky No secret really, it is

more along the lines of not getting wrapped up in the drama of the city - this city or any other city. It’s about focusing on your music. I am only 23 and it’s hard sometimes to not get caught up in extra-curricular things that take you away from your goal. Some are wrapped up in other hobbies, and honestly, I am happy with just playing a show or a gig, then going home to make music until five in the morning.

For me, it’s not work when you love what you do. It is really about the music, and from a business perspective, making the rounds and putting in the work to get booked. Work ethic and putting in the time is what it’s about. Playing in front of the crowd is what we as DJs live for. It’s time that goes into it beforehand that most people have a hard time doing. It’s going to the clubs when you’re not playing, getting fans to listen to your music, networking with promoters and news media, passing out flyers doing whatever you need to do to help be a part of the music com-


feature - Aly & Fila

a l i F & y l A FSOE 4 by

Rob Roy, L.A.

Ph ot og ra ph y Insomniac



Future Sounds of Egypt’s (FSOE) radio show celebrated their 10 year anniversary and 450 episodes, marking a special celebration that took place at various designated venues around the globe. One of these stops was the Palladium in Hollywood. Senior broadcaster RobRoy was there to cover the event for Raver Magazine and had the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive interview with Fadi, the captain of FSOE.


Fadi, how was your set? What is your view of tonight’s FSOE 450 celebration here in LA? It was a great set! As always, it’s an incredible experience to play for the LA crowd. I did something different this time - for the most part, I compressed all the songs I wanted to play and then edited them to play for an hour and ten minutes. Though it was still a shorter set, it didn’t



take away from any of my regular two hour set productions. The energy of the crowd was insane. My eyes were on them the entire night and the energy for the FSOE celebration was truly amazing. To finally have the FSOE 450 celebration here in Hollywood is surely a memorable experience.

Give me a little background about FSOE that some might not know. How did FSOE come to be? I can tell you one thing - we have come a long way with FSOE compared to where it was 10 years ago. If you were to tell me that one day I would be having an FSOE celebration here at the Hollywood Palladium, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am so happy with the process that we have established under FSOE. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication from the whole team. We have some really great and talented producers and artists that are making some big moves.

What was it like to play alongside so many talented artists tonight and have them support FSOE? I’m really happy to have all the guys playing here with me tonight. All of them have different sounds that make them unique as artists. Tonight was a good range of different styles of Trance. Also, bringing them along for the celebration is a duty that I take on personally. They are my artists and I want them to come out and be able to perform on the same platform as Aly & Fila.







//////////// //////////////////


//////////////// //////////////////

feature - Aly & Fila

a l i F & y l A ed to be s s le b y r e v s a Iw the sunrise m r fo r e p o t d e ask set at EDC this third time, and optime you had any on portunity to platage. the Dreamstate s o see How does it feel t gues y workur collea o y f o l l We are currentl a album that will was the w o H ? e ing on a new r e h ve t si n te retty ex come with a p ? r schedule. We sunrise set u worldwide to

What’s coming up ? Got next for Aly & Filarises any special surp for us?

mething spe rd that also have so k The one wo rks bac o w e th in is I was cial that asing comes to mind is Wow! le re e b ill w I n home. Soo be asked to special show very blessed to at th t u o ab s set and, I new cation - so perform the sunrise lo l ia ec sp ry e of my at a ve ll you, it was on ! te at st u th r m fo in ed stay tun f all time. You’re favorite gigs o of the desert at in the middle Motor Speedthe Las Vegas

You just played r the EDC Las Vegas fo




////// ////////////////// //////////// /// //////////// // // // // // // //// //////////////////

/////// ////////////////// //////////////////

t to say First off, I wan ottom om the b thank you fr


a Finally, give e essag shout out and m ns and to all of your fas. What all the FSOE fan say to would you like to them?


best way with the an lighting and sound amazing This production. time was my third and e sunrise set, performing th ly a all out. It is tru every time I go perience. memorable ex

ht I I never thoug of my heart. for to make tracks would be able ant enjoy. I also w thousands to ns the hardcore fa to thank all of Fila n with Aly & that have bee ns and also the fa since day one, tists enjoy FSOE ar to e m co at th out. ctions we put and the produ hasmuch for purc Thank you so ing porting anyth ing and sup u to and thank yo FSOE related, om e from the bott Raver Magazin at a ope to see you of my heart. H e soon! show sometim



l r i g r e v a r

We are here with this month’s Raver Mag girl, the lovely Mackenzie to get the scoop on what’s hot in EDM, her fashion likes, and see what she has to say in the rapid fire questions! Model at Nhan Tran Models of Eclipse Photography by The Matt Vivanco Hometown: Charlotte, NC Designer: Cat’s Eye Designs (Cat Higgins)





How does it feel to be the Raver Mag Girl this month?

Raver Music festival or killer club


MackenziE Being Raver Mag Girl MackenziE Music Festival hands of the month is such an honor!! It’s a cool feeling and such a fun experience that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.




Candy bracelets or glow

Raver You just did a photoshoot MackenziE Glow Sticks for sure. in Cat’s Eye Designs, how was that for you? Raver Calvin Harris’ break up with Taylor Swift, better for him or should MackenziE Cat’s Eye Designs have tried to make up with her? clothes were beautiful!!! I couldn’t even pick which outfit was my fa- MackenziE So glad Tayvin is vorite because they were both just so amazing and unique. That’s probably the best thing about Cat and her designs: she makes everything customizable to the person and she makes no two outfits the same. I highly recommend her for all your raver costume needs!!


In your opinion what’s hot in EDM fashion right now, what do you see as the trend?


I know everyone loves to go all out when it comes to rave fashion...the quirkier the better!! But for me personally I’m all into the boho/hippy/retro vibe. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good tutu and huge fluffies but boho wins me over every time.

Raver Favorite artist? tastes change all the time, but for the time being I love Galantis. Their songs totally amp me up and put me in an instant happy mood.

over!!! I think she held him back musically and made everything about her. I think the break up is definitely going to bring out some new songs/ everyone be ready!!

Raver Pokemon Go or No Go?? MackenziE Pokemon No Go...

haven’t hitched a ride on that bandwagon yet and don’t think I will be anytime soon

Raver Pizza or Donuts? MackenziE Do I really have to

choose?! Umm I’ll say doughnuts only because I don’t get to have them as much.


Bring back TomorrowWorld, yes or no?


Yes!!! Please bring it back (so I can go) !!!


L D The s

d a o l n w o D t s e The B

Omair Mirza Coldharbour Recordings /OmairMirza

American born and bred Omair Mirza kick started his DJ career in the summer of 1999 after graduating high school in Dallas. In early 2010, he made the commitment to pursue music as a full time career. In 2014, he became a signed artist with both Armada Music and Coldharbour Recordings. In that same year, he saw a meteoric rise in his popularity as his massive summer anthem “High Roller” was supported by the biggest names in dance music including Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Mark Sixma and many others. Thousands of fans were exposed to Omair Mirza’s mega hit “High Roller’ via Coldharbour Recordings at 2014’s summer festivals including TomorrowLand, TomorrowWorld, EDC Las Vegas, EDC NYC, Ultra Music Festival Chile and Future Music Festival. His unique sound is sought after in venues from small and intimate clubs to the main stages at festivals around the globe.



Another notable release from Mirza was the remix for Coldharbour label boss, Markus Schulz, of his track “Erase You” featuring the Grammy Award Winning vocalist Lady V. The following year also saw some huge original releases and remixes from Omair Mirza. His EP Begin Again soared in the Beatport Trance Charts and maintained a stable Top 5 rating. Omair Mirza’s upcoming endeavors promise to continue to captivate listeners in the coming months, with enchanting releases including his original melodic track “Perfect Imperfection” featuring Avari, as well as a remix of Markus Schulz’s immensely successful hit “Destiny” featuring Delacey. Omair Mirza is here to stay and continues to evolve as an artist, forging new sounds for an ever-growing audience. - by Rob Roy

DENM Under pressure /denmmusic/under-pressure This is a sentiment that every true music lover and musician knows all too well. We’ve all experienced the sweet and fulfilling release of our burdens through reckless movement. We also know the poignant lucidity that manifests itself through the sweat of a thousand bodies, both known and unknown, in motion to the same rhythm and vibe. When the world feels like it’s crumbling around you, dancing and grooving is the purest path to salvation. No one knows this better than beach town Santa Barbara producer DENM, as he proves on his vibey new production “Under Pressure”. Dreamy vocals, some powerful chord progressions and a sense of tranquility makes this track stand out. “Under Pressure” is calm, cool and collected. Santa Barbara is an isolated Central California paradise. Picture perfect sunsets are a staple of this Garden of Eden, with summer parties and nightclubs thumping all night long. I live only 45 minutes south of Santa Barbara and it has always remained a second home. This track and this new found local talent is just what our area needs! Summer is the perfect time to unleash this well-kept secret. - by Bradley Callison

Chris Bekker Berlinition Vandit Records Chris Bekker’s debut album “Berlinition” is a gripping, sixty-minute journey through the bowels of Berlin. From the first seconds of the introductory track “Heimat B”, Bekker weaves a soundscape resonating with equal measures of hope and trepidation. Bekker has spent the last 18 months dropping intoxicating tracks that hinted at a long-player release, and the result is nothing short of a polished masterpiece. Collaborations with Paul van Dyk and Chris Montana, Tricia McTeague, Sequ3l, and Pagano deliver carefully planned tweaks to the Bekker formula without taking hold of the reins. This is very much Bekker’s statement to the world of House, Trance, Tech, and Progressive dance music; and it’s undoubtedly a strong one. With a professional portfolio crediting him as a sound architect for Mercedes-Benz, resident DJ of the sultry KitKat Club in Berlin, and soundtracker for fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer, Bekker’s freshmen effort is a love letter to audiophile pioneers like Giorgio Moroder. Bekker ably captures the spirit of Trance, simultaneously stripping it down to its most basic before conversely laying down subtle melodies that elevate his tracks to spiritual levels of synchronicity. Anyone who grew up fascinated by the electronic language of EDM will find something to love on ‘Berlinition’.



STORMY ATL by Zachary Leete


At an early age I was exposed to various genres of music, because my mother was a singer and father an avid lover of music. When I transitioned to becoming the artist, it was very natural for me to pull from various forms and genres of music. My production team, The University, allowed me creative control on my project and supported my vision of blurring genre line to create unique sounds like BOOTED.


Describe the sensation of listening to Stormy for the first time. What can someone expect on his or her first listen?

STORMY It’s funny you asked, be-

cause many upon first listen tend to categorize my music based on their first ear. However, my music has various transitions of build-up and drops taking you on a journey I can only describe as the “PERFECT STORM”.


tlanta’s Stormy represents the iconic city flawlessly with her unique sound, a fusion of hip-hop and EDM that deserves the attention of anyone who worships the southern music mecca. After a successful listening party at ATLIER Boutique, Stormy has the entire city of Atlanta behind her and cheering her on. Her new track “Booted” is just the tip of the iceberg. Raver Magazine sat down with Stormy to pick her brain and become more familiar with Queen Gold Chains. Discover an artist who knows the industry from both sides, and isn’t afraid to go Beast Mode on her opponents.

RAVER Your music fuses EDM with Pop and Hip-Hop elements in a unique way. The

layering of dynamic melodies and vocals in“Booted”, which you dropped two months ago, creates this unique sound that is both familiar and fresh. How do you do it? 24



Your listening party at ATLIER was lit. Describe how you felt after the tremendous outpouring of love and support that took place there.

STORMY What began as a small pri-

vate industry listening party turned into a full blown live interactive performance, however I don’t think


anyone was surprised. A small invite only event turned into 80-100 RSVP’s overnight. I think everyone was anticipating what a female EDM Artist had to offer in Atlanta, as it is a rare find. Listeners were able to download an interactive app at the event so they can give live feedback for each song played with comments. At the end of the night the response was overwhelming and the feedback was even more difficult to assess as most of the songs on the album became fan favorites.


You were born in Trinidad and grew up in New Orleans, but you currently reside in Atlanta. All of these cities have rich musical histories. Has this inspired you to become an artist? When did you realize you wanted to make music for a living?

STORMY Ever since I was a young

child I was obsessed with music. I was initially exposed to Calypso and Soca, two predominant forms of music in the Caribbean. I was born in Trinidad in to a Guyanese mother and Trinidadian father. My appetite for music spans across all spectrums. My single BOOTED has cultural elements from all three very unique places I am blessed to call home. BOOTED infuses Caribbean and Latin dance flares in the track, blended with horns that are popular in New Orleans and vocal delivery of what we call Crunk Music in Atlanta.

RAVER What is it like making music

in Atlanta? The city has produced some of the most innovative and popular hip-hop and rap artists of today. How do you stand out in such overwhelming company?

STORMY Atlanta is an amazing mu-

sic city known for Crunk music and heavily influenced Hip-Hop culture. What most don’t know is that the city is a melting pot for so many international cultures. I always believe that you can only stand out if the

fans/market sees you as a rarity. I’ve been told that my sound is extremely creative, because I have infused Pop elements and Hip-Hop culture to make great dance/ feel-good music. I want you to enjoy what you are listening to without categorizing my music. In the end we have to place it in a category, but I really want my “STORM TROOPERS” to identify with my music and associate my sound to me and only me.


Before you were an artist, you helped manage artists in New Orleans alongside your brother. How did this experience prepare you to breakout on your own as a musician? Seeing the industry from both sides must have some strong benefits.

STORMY My brother and I grew up

as music heads. Between the both of us we have a collection of music that would blow your mind. He is the main reason I got into DJ’ing. Being a manager in the industry was definitely a challenge. The business side of this industry is very chaotic to say the least. The experience on the business side has helped me tremendously in putting together a team of leaders for the project. However, the most challenging is having to trust another to with your brand/ business. This is why I chose my manager Dre “The URL” and I Swim with Sharks, Inc. to manage me. The trust we have is amazing. I always tell anyone thinking about being an artist that you have to run it like you are a small business owner.


You’re known for your “BEAST” work ethic, explain how this manifests in your career as an artist. Which part of your music takes up the most time - producing, performing, marketing, etc.?

STORMY Yes, so I’ve been told. Hon-

estly, after my father passed in 2010 it put a lot of things into perspective. I always set goals with the intent to

crush them, but since 2010 it has been on another level. The past 6 years have been life changing with almost losing my mother as well in 2013. For so long, I ignored my passion so I can provide for others. Now I focus on myself and living my dreams. I learned that when I’m happy, everyone around me is happy and I am able to still provide to those who matter most. Production definitely takes the most time and energy as it is an endless cycle. There are no days off, especially when I am part of the entire production cycle. My production team is amazing and the producers Harvey Miller in Los Angeles and Omar “Sheikk” in Australia have been huge supporters of my vision and hope to make them proud.


Besides EDM, you’ve also created pure hip-hop songs such as “Sidechick”. Are you still making hiphop music or has EDM taken over for you? Have you ever considered remixing some of your older material?


I enjoy all genres of music and the creative/artistic expression it allows me. I love EDM and the platform it gives to express my creativity in the many subgenres. I have so much amazing music for the world to experience. I am looking forward to the release of my upcoming album Venom Kisses that will bring nothing less than the PERFECT STORM!

RAVER Has your past in athletics con-

tributed to your music? You boast a level of self-confidence and swagger that trumps many female artists today, does this have anything to do with your past a premier athlete?

STORMY I owe a tremendous amount

of my success to past coaches in my athletic career. Playing sports afforded me the ability to experience so many forms of success, failure and rejection along the way. It taught me discipline and has everything to do with my “Beastin” work ethic.


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Raver Magazine - 016 (July)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (July) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Blasterjaxx, Aly and Fila, Stormy, DJ Freaky...

Raver Magazine - 016 (July)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (July) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Blasterjaxx, Aly and Fila, Stormy, DJ Freaky...