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he lyrics definitely popped from the song and grabbed my attention. For me, it talks about how they can never be again “…with frozen hearts, we fed our parts. But it’s living inside of me, living inside of me with open arms. We’ve come so far...but it’s living inside of me, you can be here with me.” On so many levels this speaks to me. I can relate to wanting and yearning for something so badly and although it may not happen or may not work, you can still love that person or that something from afar. They can still be with you and you carry that through whatever you’re doing,  or wherever you may go. I can tell that this song means so much to him and it’s loud and clear through Chloe’s vocals the message that the music is trying to get across for all to hear.


After hearing a clip of MaRLo featuring Chloe, “You And Me”, I am not only ecstatic to hear the rest, I’m impressed beyond words. It starts slowly with suspense (unlike most of his darker Tech-Energy work) until the beautiful Chloe enlightens the feel of the whole track. To add to the success of the powerful new debut, it was also hand-selected by his fellow Dutch Trance artist Armin van Buuren for the A-State of Trance mix compilation this year. Chloe will be performing live with the musicians on the Altitude tour as well. The song struck me as very personal and treasured.  30


aRLo is a Dutchborn electronic dance producer from  Australia who has a very unique sub-genre of Tech-Trance, Hard-Trance and a somewhat  big room sound. His style has been dubbed as “The MaRlo Sound.”  He has lent his hand to other kings in the industry such as Armin, Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, W&W and Gareth Emery and is well known for his song Haunted featuring his wife, Jano. Armin said, “MaRLo knows how to program the best lead sounds.” As for Chloe Condylis,  her own version of Armin’s single “Heading Up High” featuring the band Kensington is breathtaking.


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