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To me dance music represents so much more than just the music. To me, dance music is a culture, and all of those who partake have a common sense of community. The music creates joy and freedom in everyone, and it creates an environment where judgement is nonexistent. Everyone is left to enjoy the music the way they’d like and I think that’s the most beautiful thing. My passion for this music is so great that I want to make a career out of it. That’s when you know how impactful something is.



My bucket list festivals have to be Tomorrowland, Coachella and Burning Man. They’re all such unique environments which is something I value greatly in festivals. I will hopefully be making Tomorrowland happen in Summer 2017. My all time number one fav artist is Porter Robinson. To me Porter’s music encompasses what electronic music should be. It should have depth and meaning beyond the lyrics, and should seek to keep

the EDM scene fresh and moving forward. Porter has mastered this and is an incredible artist. He gives me inspiration on a daily basis. I believe Trance music will be around forever. Although styles change consistently in electronic music, Trance only evolves into new and better compilations. Ten years ago Deadmau5 was leading the industry for Trance and Techno and ten years later he played Trance music at Ultra 2016, twice. Trance is such a skilled genre of

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