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end, when there is a connection, chemistry, you get along well. That’s what happened to us. There have been some rough moments along the way, but in the end we realize that we are a good team. The bad times help us to grow. It’s like life. When you make a mistake in life, you become a better and stronger person.

2014, so we played for fourteen hours.

Raver Mag:

Ceballos: The only way to play for

Last question, what was your craziest gig ever?


Two years ago, we played fourteen hours straight at a New Year’s Eve party in a Montreal club called Stereo. It was welcoming


Wow! How was the


Chus: We had to get right physically, so we rested before the gig. We had to prepare our minds to play for so many hours. We never prepare the set, we just play it. fourteen hours is to not think about the time. That only happens when you are performing in a comfortable place when you’re feeling the crowd and having fun. The hours actually went by very fast.


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