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he Colosseum Club hosted the White Room event on July 13, 2016, headlined by the superstar duo from Spain, Chus+Ceballos. We were lucky enough to sit down with DJ Chus and Pablo Ceballos and this what they shared with us.

Raver Mag:

We checked your Soundcloud and listened to your remixes. What are the factors that go into you deciding whether or not to remix a song?

Ceballos: That’s easy, you must feel the track. We choose the elements 22


02 Minutes

03 Minutes

we can bring to our territory and those that fit our sound.

also thought that because the song was the song for World Cup 2014, the Brazilian percussion and Samba flavor was a perfect fit for the song.

Chus: We need to like the track, the song we’re gonna remix. That’s the most important thing.

Raver Mag: We like the remix you did for Shakira called Dare (La La La). We love the festive sound you put into the song. How did it come together?

Ceballos: Shakira is from Colombia and we’re from Spain. We have a Latin connection. Latin music has a lot of rhythm, right? So we’re very clear on what we’re going to do. We added percussion to the remix. We


Tell us about your journey so far as a duo. How you keep the chemistry going?


After 15 years working together? (laughs)


To be honest, it’s still excellent. That’s why we remain together. We always say that a duo is like a marriage. When you are with the right person, you have good times and bad times. In the

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