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Raver Mag: Where do you head

to find new music? Who are some of your current favorite artists or producers?


My schedule is so ridiculously busy (running Opa!, my restaurant/lounge in Kingston and being in the studio both in Jamaica and in New York). Little time is left for listening/discovering music or reading a book. I usually rely a lot on girls I date to bring the latest

underground hot tunes to my attention. I also pay attention to what the DJs are playing at my lounge. Once a year - Grammy voting time - I try to get up to speed with all the nominated tracks that I’m not familiar with so I could be fair with my voting.

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George was killed a few years back. It would be cool for Steve (whom I never met) and I to do a project together and dedicate it to George’s memory.


Mag: Lastly, what one piece of advice would you give to young aspiring artists looking to break through in the music biz?

Antaeus: Stay focused and work

your ass off. Don’t try to break into the music business because of the “fast” life associated with it. Do it for the love of music. Stay true to the art and people


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