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combining ragga/dancehall and techno. Kind of a predecessor to what Major Lazer is doing today. Even though that work was released on a major label (RCA Records), it didn’t do as well as I would have liked it too. People weren’t ready for it. With Angel, I wanted to combine three elements: EDM, Dancehall (Tommy Lee Sparta) and Gregorian Chant (Steven Wilson, tenor of the New York Polyphony, and a Yale graduate in both electronic music and early church music).

Raver Mag: We hear you’re releasing an album this fall - tell us a bit about the process, release date, what can we expect?


I last released a full album in 2004 (zero4, Monom Records). That was a very special album to me as it was entirely composed and


At an early age I studied classical guitar, but all of my work has been in the electronic music genre

produced while I was incarcerated. I got into so much trouble with smuggling certain equipment and cell phones into prison that I don’t even care to remember. Luckily, I was able to get all the discs with the data out of prison, and to my team, before all hell broke loose. This new album will be my first since then; it’s been 12 years. It will be an EDM album but with heavy reggae and dancehall influence. Living between New York and Kingston, Jamaica allows me access to some of the biggest names in these two genres, and most of the tracks will have such guest artists. All the tracks have been written and recorded. All that’s left is to record the vocals and to mix. That’s not an easy task as some of the artists are established names, from known Jamaican music families, and on tour during the summer.


Mag: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry (producer, singer, songwriter, band, instrumentalist - anyone) who would it be and why?

Antaeus: Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia).

The reason I would love to collaborate with him is not necessarily a music-related one. His father George and I were very close friends. We grew up together in Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, 20


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