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e t s r o C y r Fer Dutch Producer and DJ Ferry Corsten is a master music maker. His signature blend of Melodic Trance infused with hints of Electro and even old school Tiesto / Ferry Corsten Gouryella mashups enthralls the masses time after time because it is faithful to the core and filled with passion. Raver Mag caught up with Ferry Corsten before his Charlotte, North Carolina performance for an exclusive interview.

Raver Mag: How do you manage to juggle the Ferry Corsten Weekly Countdown Podcast with your busy tour schedule?

Ferry Corsten: Three things in my view help make it perfect and are the key to the success of the Podcast.

The first thing is the hotel that we are staying in. If the hotel is not that good, it is hard to get the right mindset.

The second point is the Internet. You have to be able to the find and combine the right tracks and be able to work with a fast Internet connection.

The third thing, and now this may seem a little odd to most, but I like to sit up on the bed in the room, a game plan already thought of and in mind, and then surround myself in pillows almost like in an igloo that surrounds me. I do this to block out the noise and keep the sound inside. After that, I play the tracks that I am most passionate about and let the music speak for itself to those who tune in.

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