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The New Look is here for the August Edition of Raver Magazine and the stage is set for the next chapter in Raver Magazine, which is now less then one month away.

Next stop for us at Raver Magazine is the official rollout of


Inside you will find a detailed look of your favorite artists, exclusive interviews, new music premieres, festival news, exclusive contests and so much more. We are passionate about keeping a true underground vibe that we know you love. Our goal is to bring you the best music in the world of dance music. It matters not for us that an artist has millions of followers or only one, if they make good music we want to bring it to you… This month, we have Exclusive interviews with Cash Cash and trance legend Ferry Corsten, as well as a full festival re-cap of Imagine Music Festival. Don’t miss it and tune in later this month for the next chapter in the history of Raver Mag. Your True Underground Dance Music Magazine. Remember, we all share in the same affinity…. “Our Love of Music.” Michael Beas Publisher


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MASTHEAD CASH CASH FEATURE Exclusive Interview by Kylie Parham Photos by Chase Morgan

FERRY CORSTEN FEATURE Exclusive Interview by Michael Beas

Publisher FOUNDER



Imagine Festival by Zach Lee Photos by Michael Beas

Alexx Antaeus by Amanda Cowan





5 Min. Chus+Ceballos by Maddy Pertiwi

Imagine Fest Event Pics by Nhan Tran




Raver Girl Kylie


by Michael Beas



DOWNLOAD REVIEWS by Bradley J. Callison





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feature - Cash Cash

s a C h s Ca Raver Mag:

What brought on the inspiration for your newest album, Blood, Sweat & Three Years?

Cash Cash: We started this album right

after we made Take Me Home featuring Bebe Rexha back in 2013. We have put out a handful of singles since then with the intent of eventually making a full-length album. We spent a lot of time on this one because we felt more connected to these songs than anything we’ve ever put out. It’s truly our blood, sweat and three years.


Kylie Parham

Ph ot og ra ph y n Chase Morga



We’re a group of two brothers and a best friend so you can be sure that we fight and have our moments. Overall this album represents that it doesn’t always have to be blood, sweat & tears…sometimes time is what can help you reach your goal. We put a lot of heart and soul into this record, but it was hands down the hardest thing we’ve ever had to do as a group. We’ve never been as attached to an album as we are to this one because of it. We believe it’s our most creative work.

These sixteen songs define the craziest years of our lives and we hope they can help define yours as well. Albums are supposed to help people define time frames in their lives. I know I can throw a Jimmy Eat World or Daft Punk record on and have it send me right back to where I was in my life when it came out. A good record will make you remember old friends, past relationships, or memories you forgot about. Years can be relived in just an hour…It’s amazing. Albums have that special power. This collection defines this chapter for us which has been hands down the best three years of our lives. We hope that Blood, Sweat & Three Years can help define this era of other people’s lives the same way it does ours.   

Raver Mag: I’m assuming the title of the album reflects on a personal experience. Can you tell us a little about that?

Cash Cash: We put our blood and sweat into Cash Cash every day and it’s so worth it when we get up on stage and hear thousands of people singing back our

NEw Jersey & Vegas


songs. It’s just one of those things that never gets old. Making the album was literally filled with holes in the wall, sleepless nights, fist fights, mental breakdowns, one million miles flown, multiple hospital visits, and roughly one thousand days hence the title - haha. We love what we do though and are so grateful to be able to do what we love for a living.

Raver Mag: How was the experience

working with Nelly, B.O.B., Christina Perri and several other big name artists for the album?

Cash Cash:

We had the pleasure of working with so many talented features on the album. Working with Nelly was wild because we literally raged in the studio till nearly five a.m. drinking and smoking. Making Lightning with John Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls was also a trip. We started it just messing around with acoustic guitars and a notepad of

lyrics then ended up recording gang vocals together in our home studio. We brought Christina Perri to our home studio as well to record Hero which was a lot of fun. Afterward, we gave her a solid tour of all the spots near us where they filmed The Sopranos. Fitz of Fitz & The Tantrums was also a lot of fun to work with. He also came to our home studio where we just hung out and wrote. We like to be very hands-on with all our features versus just getting vocals sent to us. We write lyrics and melody with them together in the same room just hanging out. We found we get the best results that way.

Raver Mag: I love the story of how

you all chose the group name. Can you tell our readers how the name Cash Cash came to be?

Cash Cash: We were in a previous

group growing up and never thought to copyright the name

because when you are young you do not have the money and do not believe that it really matters. After we signed our first record deal, it kind of did matter. We got hit with a ton of legal notices about it from the person who owned the name and had this old agent trying to screw us over. So when putting the new group together out of frustration, I was like, “We should just name this fucking group Cash Cash because everyone is after our cash, and we don’t even have any yet.” We all looked at each other, laughed, and it just stuck.

Raver Mag:

Is it true that your group began as a garage band and then transitioned into electronic?

Cash Cash:

We started playing instruments at an early age so we all come from very musical backgrounds. We played in different bands growing up and the part that brought it all together was that we



//////////////// //////////////////

feature - Cash Cash

h s a C h s Ca //////////



//////////// //////////////////

r, Kapslap, ad Party Favo h ve e’ w r fa also y a & others. We wanted to tr lin e o w ar C so e h n at ai of that, Bre e Street Heat ng, over ag ment called th rding, produci ifferent. On top g d co se g re a in s o h d ay et w m c al so si nsigned were y styles of mu we pick an u g all our music. an e n m er ri h o te w to as ix m ve M d lo an r way e e mixing it on air. It’s ou to making th ound with w y s ar la ve p g el n d si rs an u es o g m n it so and lim We started e community ver again. We o th l with our to d o to o an h k r sc ac ve b h o e ig g iv h same son erent to g rs and DJs recording in ming produce and eventually ge artists of diff co er rs p m te u u to p p el d m h te co an w ke . Along old PC g to be heard to try and ta professional n d yi n er tr u h e et so g ar to to at s an th d the enre things beg a section calle usic in some error. That g o m d d e ce an w , l an at ia d tr th f ic h o n h electro ething wit ically a song from years ds-on approac s. There’s som ix which is bas n M an o h ti ey r n ec u o ir o , d M id sa ew rd n being since ut the reco st Know! and recording cohesive abo we feel is a Mu ry ve ey rn u s u to production jo e a av s you on of our career g though. It take eing ic the beginning n o f different tr ec el g How does b : g a creatin M ad spectrum o p u ro r b g e a le v h a ve it R si in w as group’s had am towards the at’s what we e also began th rk W o d w c. an si s io u d tr n m u a r dance tists so ng music? . I think ou for other ar hen making it tage in produci n w va d in ad rd m o ch e , doing remixes iv g sd f songwritin which made u general style o what . n around 2008 e’re a io ct u d ro d production is onic p We’re lucky w an tr , : g ec h s in el a ix C to m , in h se s er u a C deep ted to we all shine m.  r remixes star unify the albu oduction wise s Pr p . el io h tr c Eventually, ou si u m ll voids in t areas and fi ce our original en en u er fl iff in d ly in t w u o e o sl ar vocals, ills. I shine on ll  us a little ab to where we sk Te s : ’s u g er s a th M ad o le r e ch h v ea x’s h Ra whic ngwriting. Ale io channel, Cas d so ra d M X an s , u g ri in Si edit your today. s, keyboard . oints are chord io p g ad n R h ro st as C e ign, etc. m the outsid gs, sound des o in Fr th : d g a te M la re r n ts, and Rave Cash Radio o ith drums, bea that you enjoy h s w as m at C ee re : g  s h it s ’s , a m C in looking Hip- Cash to sort Sa duction. We rall track pro at way for us with R&B and re ve n g o o a ti st ra is ju o b s PM lla B er at co n e mixing gether on th sic and let liste frequently. Wh u to ly m ir rk fa o ew s n w st h l ti g al u ar ro great Hop hich makes a r as what we’re out that style th w fa ab g as n is ri d it rl te o k as w in m r r th u & o do you group. As fo ur musical into adio is a very e R yo . th h to it g w in l in el n ic w te lis so am currently that works at having ng live dyn we realized th et than playi tl … u g o n ri t u en to er r? o DJing iff d ore flav us on the road r us to play m f fo o e ay re w a th l ’s al it arm d g doing more h y wanted an . just amazin el as it vs w n s y efi g tl d n e an so st W n g : Cash Cash ly diverse album and amazin tracks. We also do a lot of co good. Not enough original at than drops or getting to make a real pe interviews th remixes were ting with Hip ty ” ra r o st o b ti c ar lla si n u co o t m at is nger “art on knew th was taking lo a must. So inside scoop it e e b th d s ld an u er o n e w n te o s lis Hop artist eral. So d the give and DJs use our lives in gen rs d ce an u d s g ro n p so y man r and g features ove same soundin




////////////////// //////////////////

///////////// ////////////////// // //////////////////

Atlantic City


We are having a blast at our residencies in Las Vegas at Marquee and Premier Nightclub in Atlantic City.


t’s just say third grade. Le e th ce n si der each nly en we were o how to get un h w w o te kn ri l w al e to w e’ve for us the truth is w s of time. We t d u io B . er p in rt sk o ’s sh er home for gether for en we oth ing music to erent stuff wh ak iff m d f n o t ee b lo a e oseness do on Our level of cl ella sampling, s. ap ar ac ye e y lik an e m liv ctive e play tremely produ ex n the fly that ar o s s u er t g p ig ke tr d has iends shots an trio, but not well as best fr a as t as en er ci si effi ea we and definitely st two of us. So ju h it w le ib ss o to for life. imp re productive o m st ju ’s it decided album and one With your new : s on the road g a M r e v a R n o have two of u 0, 20 and ing all times work U.S. Billboard at e io th d u g n st ti e it all h th e W in dlining venues de of things. ea si h n p io u ct ro u g d r ro t u t yo the p what’s the nex and there, bu y, e tr n er u h co p u e it th change m on over ash? it’s me and Sa e m ti e th ove for Cash C st m o m . io d u st lex in the the road and A a blast We are having : h s a C h s a C e as at th a huge fan of cies in Las Veg in en I’m d : si g re a r M u o r e v at Ra Three ier Nightclub lood, Sweat & uee and Prem q ar M rk o artwork for B tw ar are absolutely es the album City.The shows c ti an tl l A al Years. How do u ext level. yo e overall idea production is n e th th to d te an u ib ild tr w n s and co y playing club ray? rl rt la o u p g to re g e in ar p o e W ntry are h out the cou h g u ro th s al ur festiv cashmusic. represents o over to cash It d : h ea s h a C so h s d details. Cas d personalitie latest dates an an e s th n r io o  f in p m o co r and ideas, make Cash h us on Twitte to it w er p h u et g ep to ke g , o all mergin see what erent Als @cashcash to ree very diff th m ra re ag e’ st W In . h t Cas en e you all at ntribute differ We hope to se . co to l al p u at re th e’ w le peop so clash project. We al ming show. are an upco things to the s u f o o tw that at times given Sam e’ve known w d an s er th bro



feature - Ferry Corsten


Michael Beas


Michael Beas




e t s r o C y r Fer Dutch Producer and DJ Ferry Corsten is a master music maker. His signature blend of Melodic Trance infused with hints of Electro and even old school Tiesto / Ferry Corsten Gouryella mashups enthralls the masses time after time because it is faithful to the core and filled with passion. Raver Mag caught up with Ferry Corsten before his Charlotte, North Carolina performance for an exclusive interview.

Raver Mag: How do you manage to juggle the Ferry Corsten Weekly Countdown Podcast with your busy tour schedule?

Ferry Corsten: Three things in my view help make it perfect and are the key to the success of the Podcast.

The first thing is the hotel that we are staying in. If the hotel is not that good, it is hard to get the right mindset.

The second point is the Internet. You have to be able to the find and combine the right tracks and be able to work with a fast Internet connection.

The third thing, and now this may seem a little odd to most, but I like to sit up on the bed in the room, a game plan already thought of and in mind, and then surround myself in pillows almost like in an igloo that surrounds me. I do this to block out the noise and keep the sound inside. After that, I play the tracks that I am most passionate about and let the music speak for itself to those who tune in.

When I’m not on tour and I’m back home heading to the studio and I jam out to Dubstep in my car full volume…full bass…

en Raver Magazine:

Apart from Trance what’s another genre that you enjoy listening to?

Ferry Corsten:

When I’m not on tour and I’m back home heading to the studio and I jam out to Dubstep in my car full volume…full bass…

Raver Magazine:

Your second studio album L.E.F which is short for (Loud, Electronic and Ferocious) just celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary. Looking back, how amazing was L.E.F? You literally created history.

Ferry Corsten: It was an amazing

ride and experience that I will never forget. People today still ask me about that album and it is something that I will always take with me. I might even drop some of the singles from the album tonight here at Label Charlotte.

Raver Magazine: What’s next for Ferry Corsten?

Ferry Corsten: I have a lot in the

line up with tours and creating new music, especially with the Ferry Corsten Countdown.


e n i g a Im

l a v i t s e F

20 artists

rom over 1 f ic s u m f o s r u o h 140


eup providnk-focused lin fu ’s e g a st and a d needed levity stival returne ch e u F m c e si m u so M d e d who Imagine consecutive irie vibes. An d f ir o th se o its d r y fo p nue hap to Georgia isco Inferno brand new ve t about the D e a rg g fo in n n n o ca d r fo l delivered year, of camping re DJ Hanze n e o h si w u , cl e g in a e st nces of and th r the course dout performa ve n O a st r. e ve th e f e o e n ere the first tim oers were o stival goers w g e l F a ? iv d st n fe ke , e e ts as soon usic the w of three days high-caliber se 40 hours of m 1 to r d ve te o a e to tr d Mantis at treate including Steve opened, like s ts is te rt a a g 0 e 2 th 1 r s a m. from ove avita at 4:55p s, Adventure rr ci n Te d ra n F a n m o p ill and 1:40 Angello, D Beats Antique , tik a m ra G , Club ome, the IMF’s new h rmances Zeds Dead. way, provided Top 10 Perfo d e e p S r to o ulver Atlanta M nts to e Mention: Leah C h’s perforfor Iris Prese bl ra ce a no Ho sp f o ty n a ple ith more ifferent. Le e IMF brand w Dare to be d lis simply unci expand on th fa re ors, mo n Sunday wa d o n ve ce n a re o m m eekend stages, dancing. lse over the w re e o g m in , h e yt rs n u a e co cal lik ties, and of t, one part vo se J D rt a p e btheir - on one part colla w d re n th a , d e ce g n a a n ma perform ved that Iris Presents F yet, delight- orative project – Leah pro IM f o n o iti d n ts, chalbiggest re 00 – nearly t among artis ,0 is 0 rt 3 a r n ve a o f ’s o e hat ing a crowd year’s sh ctations on w st e la xp e n a r u th o r e g rg c lengin three times la can be. uerade Musi sq a M e th an EDM show t event a Park! o- 10. FYER rise was rves high acc se e d ts favorite surp n ’s se e n o ry m ve Iris Pre su E abriel e Duque and G king one of th y b b o B . R e E D lades for boo e inFY best lineups. e EDM and liv in te b lu m so co b a n ia s r’ rd me ing into Gua rging meloperatures tipp to create cha ts n e g m tin ru spite high tem n st le ced with and an unre avy drops la e h d n a , ck s a the triple digits ie tr d them ce licks that set own on the ra r d g ita u tin g a e te b a xn ic e su the intr ived to catch erformers in p rr a r e rs th e o o g m l o a fr festiv e of the apart pported ts from som duo even su e h T . e e n h e T hilarating se and . sc d rl set with drum Js in the wo D s r’ g e n lv ri u u C to t a h p a c to Le usi garding the m rve consensus re o guitar. s a w stival e F c si u M e Imagin year’s ositive. This whelmingly p ic, fea- 9. Liquid Stranger ain ry bass-centr ve s a w olished the m p u m y e e b d lin d f a te a ta in S m Martin stage do rks harder turing a main icated stage on Friday. Staaf wo d e d s e g a st two just about wobble and bgen- behind the decks than su s u o ri va d its to dubstep an azonia on of the Am si u cl in e th ravermag res,


Zach Lee

Ph ot oS

Michael Baes

Lo cati on

Atlanta GA


//////////// // // // // // // // // //// //////////////////


anyone in the game, and the results are audible. Liquid Stranger’s aural synthesis of old school dubstep and wavy melodies are unique to Staaf. His subtle swagger beckoned nearly all of IMF to main stage for one of the standout performances of this year’s festival.


8. Cosmic Gate

In a weekend chock-full of snarling bass and rattling snares, Cosmic Gate delivered some of the only authentic trance to grace Imagine Music

Quite possibly the summer’s strongest lineup to encapsulate a full spectrum of musical styles, even the unannounced “Six Feathers” stage was a breakout success. Festival. These veterans provided attendees with a detour into the lighter side of EDM before relinquishing a euphoric crowd to Showtek.

7. Caspa b2b Rusko

Dubstep forerunners Caspa and Rusko provided attendees with a hefty dose of nostalgia as they transitioned through many of their classic mixes. Rusko is a dynamite performer; it’s very possible that he had more fun than anyone in the crowd. Friday only featured two stages, so virtually everyone saw (and loved) this set.

6. FuntCase b2b Cookie Monsta

FuntCase and Cookie Monsta are a force to be reckoned with on the decks, continuously turning the dial to 11 before ripping it off entirely. Where Caspa and Rusko doused the crowd in nostalgia, FuntCase and Cookie Monsta drenched them in a lighthearted vitriol that resulted in mosh pits and head banging.

5. Dillon Francis

Whether he was dropping one of his famous moombahton-inspired tracks 14



or cursing his alter ego, DJ Hanzel, Dillon Francis kept the crowd smiling and dancing late into the night. His final send off of fireworks and rainbows burned an ultraviolet image into the collective conscience of the festival.

4. DJ Hanzel

Personally, I thought DJ Hanzel won the title of “Best Dillon Francis Performance” at Imagine Music Festival 2016. Perhaps it was the novelty of seeing a construct of social media brought to life, or perhaps it was the flawlessly executed deep house set. Either way, DJ Hanzel proved that he is not a gimmick.

3. Beats Antique

Although Beats Antique doesn’t technically fall under our umbrella of coverage, it would be a tremendous disservice to not mention their jaw-dropping performance.

As the band spins a carnival of world music using a variety of instruments, dancer Zoe Jakes moves in sync with the music creating an intimate atmosphere with a speakeasy vibe.

2. Adventure Club

Adventure Club continues to bolster their reputation for grandiose, melodic performances with another set featuring their signature sound. There are only a handful of artists who can tap into the full spectrum of musical emotion. Adventure Club will leave you weeping if you let them.

1. Steve Angello

Seeing a member of Swedish House Mafia perform live is always a treat. Angello delivered one of the only house performances of the weekend, and because of that, it was a special one. The entire festival gathered to dance,

sing, and hold each other as Angello reminded Georgia why EDM became popular in the first place. Although Angello performed on Friday, many clung to the memory of his performance throughout the weekend and beyond.

Top 15 DJs to Follow After IMF 1. Eddie Gold 2. Mantis 3. Ill Gates vs KJ Sawka 4. Levitation Jones 5. Sylo 6. Mastermynd 7. Daniels Jack 8. G-Space 9. Domii 10. Infexzion 11. Wildwidit 12. Bryson Taylor 13. Boo Munch 14. Andy Bruh 15. Kassy Nova


10 Snapshot Moments 8/26 – 7:02 p.m. – 8:15 p.m.

Martin Staaf aka Liquid Stranger bluntly explains the nature of the unapologetic music industry to Leah Culver as small pools of fans, media, and artists prepare to migrate to the main stage, Oceania. A cart arrives for Staaf and Raver Magazine and within minutes, Staaf is dominating Oceania with Imagine Music Festival’s first capacity crowd. Michael Beas captures the entire set with unrestricted stage access, delivering some of the hallmark images of Imagine Music Festival 2016.

8/27 – 12:35 a.m. – 2:05 a.m.

Oceania transforms into a colorful, aquatic fantasy after the sun dips below the horizon. The VIP viewing platform is packed with jovial


8/27 – 4:58 p.m. – 6:10 p.m.

Festival goers are dismayed to discover that Saturday’s sun is even harsher than the day prior. Luckily for them, Iris Presents has scheduled some of the festival’s strongest performances for Day 2. However it’s an unlikely pair of DJs who catch the attention of aloof attendees looking for a place to go: IMF alumni Ill Gates and his partner in grime,


8/27 – 10:16 p.m. – 10:56 p.m. The Disco Inferno stage has pulled the largest crowd it will see all weekend with the arrival of DJ Hanzel. Iris Presents has laid out special flooring for shufflers to get down, and the pyrotechnics emanating from the stage and the surrounding infrastructure create an intriguing ambiance. As fireworks from the main stage explode in the distance, DJ Hanzel cuts the music to quip about the originality of

Imagine Music Festival possesses a certain spirit that can’t be replicated, everyone was feeling it, still one the best music festival ever!

techno-aristocrats sipping Grey Goose and exhaling thick clouds of shisha into the night. Steve Angello takes to the stage, flipping the destructive vibe left by Snails and turning it into a smooth rollercoaster of familiar classics punctuated with a healthy dose of purist house anthems.


KJ Sawka. The Amazonia stage is one of three stages added for the final two days of the festival, and the only stage besides Oceania with music blocks ending at 3 a.m. Ill Gates vs. KJ Sawka is the first performance of many to showcase the unique, funky atmosphere of the Amazonia stage.

fireworks. And then – “Maybe go one deeper?” Perfection.

8/28 – 2:23 a.m. – 3:01 a.m. Zeds Dead closeout Oceania on Saturday night. With a swath of dubstep performances populating Oceania on Day 2, Zeds Dead fuse their usual sound with a bout of grunge and harmonic dissonance to keep things fresh. The duo starts their set with the classic Pulp Fiction recording from “Journey of a Lifetime”, a rare occurrence that delighted those following the duo since their inception in the late 2000s.

8/28 – 3:54 p.m. – 5:02 p.m. After a trio of jaw-dropping performances from Leah Culver, Daniels Jack, and Sunday Service, the Raver Magazine crew grabs a melt from the Gouda Boys, one of the most popular food service stations in the festival scene, and continues onward to the Amazonia

stage to watch Space Jesus crush another set. A huge smile creeps across our faces as Space Jesus drops melodic bloops and bleeps on the crowd, occasionally spinning idyllic mass into a fervor of pure bass.

8/28 - 6:57 p.m. – 7:32 p.m.

The artist schedule for Oceania on Sunday has something for everyone, which becomes extremely apparent as 12th Planet takes to the stage after a magnificent set from Dirty South. The two artists couldn’t have less in common, but the drastic switch from house to dubstep is invigorating to a diverse crowd of EDM Fans. Raver Magazine talks with Dirty South after his set about pre-performance meals (a single slice of bread), new music, and more. 12th Planet hasn’t missed a step since last year’s Imagine Music Festival, easily earning his spot in the triumvirate of top dubstep performances for IMF16.

8/28 – 8:48 p.m. – 9:53 p.m. This is what Imagine Music Festival is all about. Raver Magazine is forced to scramble from stage to stage to catch all of vibrant performances taking place in the Atlanta Motor Speedway. With T.E.E.D.,, Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics, and Benny Benassi all playing around the same time, there’s a zero percent chance we’ll only catch one act. By the time Benny Benassi reaches his halfway point, we’re resting our legs in the VIP viewing section and reminiscing about the last hour of music.

8/28 – 10:59 p.m. – 11:38 p.m. Thomas Jack is closing out the Disco Inferno stage on the final night of Imagine Music Festival. Although we’re expecting palm trees and pineapples from the tropical house icon, Jack opts for

a deeper sound this time around, treating attendees to something a little different. Now, if he didn’t play with his hair so frequently, he might have had more time to take festival goers to the island.

8/29 – 1:22 a.m. – 2:01 a.m. The absence of the Glitch Mob leaves a glaring hole in the Imagine Music Festival lineup this year, but Iris Presents is prepared to fill that hole with another legendary dubstep act, Nero. Nero’s unique brand of dubstep is less heavy than other artists, but also more soulful, nearly capturing the vibe of a soaring house set with their tremendous buildups and immaculate drops. Excision takes the stage afterwards to turn the entire festival on its head one last time before Iris Presents says goodbye until next year.



Amanda Cowan


Mag: How did you first get into music, and was it electronic music to start or a different genre?

Antaeus: At an early age I studied classical

guitar, but all of my work has been in the electronic music genre; some Chillout/ Downtempo and some Dance. I started out as a club DJ in Los Angeles, CA. Around that time, I also graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a B.S. degree in the Music Industry. I then got into remixing, and eventually into writing and production.

Raver Mag: Who are some of your musical influences, and why?


Giorgio Moroder (especially the Donna Summer disco productions), Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. I love synthesizers and what those giants did with them back in the 70s and 80s. Michel Cretu (Enigma) because he was the first to fuse



/////// / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ///// //////////////////


Alexx s u e a t An

electronic music and sacred sounds (voices or traditional instruments). And, Dr. Dre. One could really see the West Coast Hip Hop influences in some of my earlier Downtempo tracks.


Mag: Your single Angel featuring Jamaican dancehall artist Tommy Lee Sparta is different than most tracks we hear released in the EDM realm - which is amazing. What made you want to release something different?

Antaeus: I always try to do things differently.

What’s the purpose of repackaging the latest flavor of the month? Sometimes I’m way ahead of my time. I remember that in the early 1990s I released several productions


combining ragga/dancehall and techno. Kind of a predecessor to what Major Lazer is doing today. Even though that work was released on a major label (RCA Records), it didn’t do as well as I would have liked it too. People weren’t ready for it. With Angel, I wanted to combine three elements: EDM, Dancehall (Tommy Lee Sparta) and Gregorian Chant (Steven Wilson, tenor of the New York Polyphony, and a Yale graduate in both electronic music and early church music).

Raver Mag: We hear you’re releasing an album this fall - tell us a bit about the process, release date, what can we expect?


I last released a full album in 2004 (zero4, Monom Records). That was a very special album to me as it was entirely composed and


At an early age I studied classical guitar, but all of my work has been in the electronic music genre

produced while I was incarcerated. I got into so much trouble with smuggling certain equipment and cell phones into prison that I don’t even care to remember. Luckily, I was able to get all the discs with the data out of prison, and to my team, before all hell broke loose. This new album will be my first since then; it’s been 12 years. It will be an EDM album but with heavy reggae and dancehall influence. Living between New York and Kingston, Jamaica allows me access to some of the biggest names in these two genres, and most of the tracks will have such guest artists. All the tracks have been written and recorded. All that’s left is to record the vocals and to mix. That’s not an easy task as some of the artists are established names, from known Jamaican music families, and on tour during the summer.


Mag: If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry (producer, singer, songwriter, band, instrumentalist - anyone) who would it be and why?

Antaeus: Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia).

The reason I would love to collaborate with him is not necessarily a music-related one. His father George and I were very close friends. We grew up together in Athens, Greece. Unfortunately, 20


Raver Mag: Where do you head

to find new music? Who are some of your current favorite artists or producers?


My schedule is so ridiculously busy (running Opa!, my restaurant/lounge in Kingston and being in the studio both in Jamaica and in New York). Little time is left for listening/discovering music or reading a book. I usually rely a lot on girls I date to bring the latest

underground hot tunes to my attention. I also pay attention to what the DJs are playing at my lounge. Once a year - Grammy voting time - I try to get up to speed with all the nominated tracks that I’m not familiar with so I could be fair with my voting.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////


George was killed a few years back. It would be cool for Steve (whom I never met) and I to do a project together and dedicate it to George’s memory.


Mag: Lastly, what one piece of advice would you give to young aspiring artists looking to break through in the music biz?

Antaeus: Stay focused and work

your ass off. Don’t try to break into the music business because of the “fast” life associated with it. Do it for the love of music. Stay true to the art and people



Maddy Pertiw

////////////// ////////////////// //////////////////


5 minutes with

+ s u h C s o l l a Ceb




he Colosseum Club hosted the White Room event on July 13, 2016, headlined by the superstar duo from Spain, Chus+Ceballos. We were lucky enough to sit down with DJ Chus and Pablo Ceballos and this what they shared with us.

Raver Mag:

We checked your Soundcloud and listened to your remixes. What are the factors that go into you deciding whether or not to remix a song?

Ceballos: That’s easy, you must feel the track. We choose the elements 22


02 Minutes

03 Minutes

we can bring to our territory and those that fit our sound.

also thought that because the song was the song for World Cup 2014, the Brazilian percussion and Samba flavor was a perfect fit for the song.

Chus: We need to like the track, the song we’re gonna remix. That’s the most important thing.

Raver Mag: We like the remix you did for Shakira called Dare (La La La). We love the festive sound you put into the song. How did it come together?

Ceballos: Shakira is from Colombia and we’re from Spain. We have a Latin connection. Latin music has a lot of rhythm, right? So we’re very clear on what we’re going to do. We added percussion to the remix. We


Tell us about your journey so far as a duo. How you keep the chemistry going?


After 15 years working together? (laughs)


To be honest, it’s still excellent. That’s why we remain together. We always say that a duo is like a marriage. When you are with the right person, you have good times and bad times. In the

04 Minutes

05 Minutes

end, when there is a connection, chemistry, you get along well. That’s what happened to us. There have been some rough moments along the way, but in the end we realize that we are a good team. The bad times help us to grow. It’s like life. When you make a mistake in life, you become a better and stronger person.

2014, so we played for fourteen hours.

Raver Mag:

Ceballos: The only way to play for

Last question, what was your craziest gig ever?


Two years ago, we played fourteen hours straight at a New Year’s Eve party in a Montreal club called Stereo. It was welcoming


Wow! How was the


Chus: We had to get right physically, so we rested before the gig. We had to prepare our minds to play for so many hours. We never prepare the set, we just play it. fourteen hours is to not think about the time. That only happens when you are performing in a comfortable place when you’re feeling the crowd and having fun. The hours actually went by very fast.


l r i g r e v a r

To me dance music represents so much more than just the music. To me, dance music is a culture, and all of those who partake have a common sense of community. The music creates joy and freedom in everyone, and it creates an environment where judgement is nonexistent. Everyone is left to enjoy the music the way they’d like and I think that’s the most beautiful thing. My passion for this music is so great that I want to make a career out of it. That’s when you know how impactful something is.



My bucket list festivals have to be Tomorrowland, Coachella and Burning Man. They’re all such unique environments which is something I value greatly in festivals. I will hopefully be making Tomorrowland happen in Summer 2017. My all time number one fav artist is Porter Robinson. To me Porter’s music encompasses what electronic music should be. It should have depth and meaning beyond the lyrics, and should seek to keep

the EDM scene fresh and moving forward. Porter has mastered this and is an incredible artist. He gives me inspiration on a daily basis. I believe Trance music will be around forever. Although styles change consistently in electronic music, Trance only evolves into new and better compilations. Ten years ago Deadmau5 was leading the industry for Trance and Techno and ten years later he played Trance music at Ultra 2016, twice. Trance is such a skilled genre of

Kylie music and those who create it are geniuses in my opinion. I doubt trance will ever die. In my mind, I work so I can afford to do the things necessary to further the career that I want to have. Right now modeling is a huge focus of mine and I’m putting all of my energy into it, but in close second is my desire to

have a career in electronic music. Many times I’ll sit out going out with friends or spending money in ways that non-ravers would in order to be able to afford the shows I go to. Luckily I am almost to the point where I can work the festivals and shows I want to attend. If this continues I will be able to have a career in a field I am extremely passionate about,

therefore I wouldn’t technically be working at all. There is always time to do the things you love.

Ravers, keep going to shows, hearing great music and supporting your favorite musicians. Stay safe and enjoy all the amazing music that is out there. Always be able to recognize the happiness that dance music brings you and you will never feel alone.


L D The s

d a o l n w o D t s e The B

by Bradley J. Callison



On the verge of releasing what will undoubtedly be an earth shattering album, US Producer GIGAMESH is making moves like no other. His music is profound. The vocals are beyond moving. The up-tempo vibe is like nothing we have ever heard. He is literally making ‘History’ with the first track to be released from the record. GIGAMESH’s debut studio album, Time Travel is split into two 5 track volumes which will ultimately combine into an 11 track album. The word is out, the hype is building for the first Time Travel volume, out August 19th. Mark it on your calendar. This is one debut that you do not want to miss.



SLANDER is wasting no time in keeping the music and momentum going. They dropped their remix of  Jack Ü‘s “Mind” and now the duo has their sights set on taking over the rest of the year. SLANDER’s top tier production of this rework sheds light on a different side of their skill set. Featuring a future bass vibe and structure, this combination is the stuff dreams are made of and we can only hope for future collaborations. SLANDER just announced a nationwide tour with NGHTMRE. Stay tuned. Clearly, the best is yet to come! “When we were asked to remix this track it was a dream come true. We have looked up to these guys for a long time, so getting to work on a project with parts they created was incredible.” –SLANDER



The Partysquad

Reunites Rebel Yard and Spinnin’ with ‘Pum Pum’ /RebelYardMusic

The Partysquad and their label,  Rebel Yard Music, features the talents of DJ Punish, Lady Bee and Jurab. The Amsterdam based label is on the rise as of late and has joined forces yet again with Spinnin’ Records and released ‘Pum Pum’. This latest move will no doubt put them in an even better position to influence and spread their sound and varying styles of music. ‘Pum Pum’ represents a new chapter for everyone involved and we look forward to what the future has in store for them collectively. “We are happy to welcome back The Partysquad to our family, along with their trusted label Rebel Yard. They truly are a legendary act that has helped shape dance music as it is today. We are confident we can take each other to great heights again, starting with this free download ‘Pum Pum’ – the future is looking bright.” – SPINNIN’ RECORDS

Dumbers & MAXIMALS Dancin

/watch?v=78wdiJTgeYI Long before today’s electronic music, Protocol Recordings and even before the rise of purist House music, there was Disco. It was Disco that began the modern dance revolution, and Dumbers  and  MAXIMALS  new track Dancin‘  proves that it still holds it’s own and has an influence on today’s music. Protocol Recordings producers have provided a fresh twist on the label’s familiar House sound with the funky, bouncy bass line of Dancin’. Dumbers and MAXIMALS have managed to take a vintage-inspired sound and make it accessible to the modern generation of electronic music lovers, which is a unique move at a time when the music scene is focused on futuristic and forward-thinking productions.




high-energy dance-floor friendly masterpiece and co-produced by the legendary label-head Tiësto, this progressive house track is destined to make another lasting impact on the industry. Uplifting original lyrics and momentous energy combine for the record solidifying itself and it’s the versatility of VASSY that shines through as a singer, songwriter, writer and producer. In regards to her new track, “The parallels between the challenges and joys of everyday life inspired me. While each day brings new challenges, whether or not you succeed is something that everyone can relate too”



o secrets here, the vocalist behind Musical Freedom’s biggest hit of 2015, VASSY, is back on the record label with her latest single, ‘Nothing to Lose’.




Bradley J. Callison



Pavlos Christodoulou




range County producers BLVCK  LIGHT  are back at it with another stellar production, this time in the form of a Kap Slap remix. Breathing new life into the original, the up and coming duo served up this rework as a follow-on to their latest releases, ‘Odyssey’ and ‘Black & White’, which was signed by Enis Records. It’s safe to say they are perfecting their sound with each and every new release.


y supplying this uplifting, motivational and good feeling remix, BLVCK LIGHT has provided us with an ample amount of vibes to push us through the middle of summer. BLVCK LIGHT remains one of my favorites. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow over the course of 2016. With momentum building for these OC boys, don’t be surprised if you see them pop up more and more throughout Southern California and beyond. by

Bradley J. Callison



Amber Lynn


MaRLo Music



he lyrics definitely popped from the song and grabbed my attention. For me, it talks about how they can never be again “…with frozen hearts, we fed our parts. But it’s living inside of me, living inside of me with open arms. We’ve come so far...but it’s living inside of me, you can be here with me.” On so many levels this speaks to me. I can relate to wanting and yearning for something so badly and although it may not happen or may not work, you can still love that person or that something from afar. They can still be with you and you carry that through whatever you’re doing,  or wherever you may go. I can tell that this song means so much to him and it’s loud and clear through Chloe’s vocals the message that the music is trying to get across for all to hear.


After hearing a clip of MaRLo featuring Chloe, “You And Me”, I am not only ecstatic to hear the rest, I’m impressed beyond words. It starts slowly with suspense (unlike most of his darker Tech-Energy work) until the beautiful Chloe enlightens the feel of the whole track. To add to the success of the powerful new debut, it was also hand-selected by his fellow Dutch Trance artist Armin van Buuren for the A-State of Trance mix compilation this year. Chloe will be performing live with the musicians on the Altitude tour as well. The song struck me as very personal and treasured.  30


aRLo is a Dutchborn electronic dance producer from  Australia who has a very unique sub-genre of Tech-Trance, Hard-Trance and a somewhat  big room sound. His style has been dubbed as “The MaRlo Sound.”  He has lent his hand to other kings in the industry such as Armin, Dash Berlin, Ferry Corsten, W&W and Gareth Emery and is well known for his song Haunted featuring his wife, Jano. Armin said, “MaRLo knows how to program the best lead sounds.” As for Chloe Condylis,  her own version of Armin’s single “Heading Up High” featuring the band Kensington is breathtaking.


! e c n e d a c e D e m o S r o f y d a e Are You R Positioning itself ahead of the pack for a New Year’s Eve Extravaganza, Relentless Beats and Global Dance Announce their Phase One Lineup for DECADENCE ARIZONA. Strategic planning and an uncanny approach to detail are what can be expected when you spend your New Year’s Eve at DECADENCE ARIZONA. Deadmau5, Zedd, The Chainsmokers, Disclosure, Porter Robinson, Jauz are the solid anchors that will make the third annual DECADENCE ARIZONA a must attend this year. General Admission tickets go on-sale Friday, August 19, 2016 at 10 a.m. for $139, plus fees for a 2-day pass. VIP passes, with separate VIP entrance, two (2) complimentary drink tickets, a catered spread, massive VIP deck with assorted seating, preferred main stage viewing area, passed hors d’oeuvres, New Year’s Eve champagne toast, a commemorative lanyard, and VIP restrooms are available for $349. Table service will be available. VIP is reserved for 21+. With this massive line-up, ticket prices are sure to go up fast.

Tickets will be available at Stay Connected at: /RelentlessBeats


e n i g a Im l a v i t Fes



Ph ot os

Michael Baes



Nhan Tran


e n i g a Im l a v i t Fes





// //////////////////

Ph ot os

Michael Baes







Ph ot os

Mike Pfeiffer





Raver Magazine - 016 (August)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (August) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Cash Cash, Ferry Corsten, Alexx Antaeus and...

Raver Magazine - 016 (August)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (August) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Cash Cash, Ferry Corsten, Alexx Antaeus and...