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Phot o by Ricar do Rom er o

Phot o by Ricar do Rom er o

Phot o by Ricar do Rom er o

Florida native, Atlanta legend, Eddie Gold was nothing but PURE Gold at Imagine Festivals Oceania Main Stage. Grey clouds quickly cleared a path to the front of the stage where Eddie Gold was ripping it up with nothing but high, intense energy. Midway through the set and seconds before the beat dropped Eddie made his way to the front pit to rev the Gold Fam up on a massive level. The crowd went nuts trying to grab and touch him as he elevated their emotions to max overdrive. Michael Beas and Chase Morgan of Raver Magazine caught up with Eddie Gold right after his epic performance. During the live interview we asked Eddie to give us the run down on the ATL crowd and the passion that drives Gold Fam. Here?s what he had to say. "I first touched turntables in 1998 when I moved with my family to Pensacola FL. I realized that rather then try to just get fans I?d rather try to get more family. That?s where the whole concept of ?Gold Fam?came about. What can be better then doing what I love and being able to do it in front of all of my family of fans who come to support me. Phot o by Chase Morgan

Phot o by Ricar do Rom er o

?I moved to Atlanta mainly because I wanted to grow and learn how to not just mix, but also how to start producing. Atlanta being a bigger city, especially one with such a solid history in music, provided a platform that allowed me to grow as an artist. It was not long after that I was asked to perform at my first venue here in Atlanta. The opportunity ultimately gave way to more in my life. Promoters started calling to book me for gigs. I remember stepping off a plane in Hawaii for the first time. It is one of my best memories. Seeing the volcanic mountains around me was humbling. I put my bags down and though I did not cry, I did think to myself that all of the hard work I put forth prior was finally paying off.? The Eddie Gold Fam is truly a thing of beauty that words are almost impossible to describe. His fan base is forged out of love and respect for master music maker Eddie Gold. Catch him here in ATL or on tour this year and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed and you will quickly be added to the # GoldFam Catch the LIVE Interview with Eddie Gold this month exclusively on this month at Raver Magazine TV

W STLNDR Trend set t ing, st yl ist ic compression t hat wil l change dance music HISTORY! ?At most opia?f rom Bl ack Hol e Recordings!

a musical world that is in constant change, where artists are coming up with new genre defining tracks that are breaking the boundaries of what we define as EDM, a breath of fresh air rises out of the thick clouds that dense the new world that is forming. Spinnin?Records artist Bolier (PKA Leon Bolier) this month officially launched his new artist alias, WSTLNDR. His album, ?Atmostopia?for Black Hole Recordings is now out for your listening pleasure.


We had a chance to listen this past week and were literally blown away with its stylistic compression that, quite frankly, we?ve never heard before. The beats, the originality, and the profound nature of the untamed beast is making history as every deep sequence plays out. To say the least, ?Atmostopia?will help shape the way electronic music is played.

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"Spinnin?Recor ds a r tist Bolier (PKA Leon Bolier ) this month officia lly launches his new a r tist a lia s, W STLNDR" http:/ / http:/ / blackholerecordings

http:/ / tags/ wstlndr http:/ / wstlndr

Phot o by St ef ano Oliva

Phot o by St ef ano Oliva

Electro House Legend EVO ? K is blowing up on a massive scale! In August 2015 she got entry into the huge, high-proclaimed MTV family with a new summer single released with Avicii, R3hab, StadiumX, Don Diablo, Pitbull, Ciara, Angelika Vee which made it in the ?POP MANIA TOP WORLD HITS for 2015?. If that wasn?t enough, her first single with Hardwell, Chainsmokers, Zedd and OneRepublic hit number 15 on iTunes. Evo-K also received a testimonial for the American ELECTRIC FAMILY together with Nicky Romero, 3Lau, Dash Berlin, Gareth Emery, Borgore, Krewella, Kygo to name only a few. Signed to Universal Music Group in 2014 and with not one, but two, world tours under her belt, she has become one of the best DJ?s / Producers on the planet. Now on her 2015 ?Destination Tour? that is circling the globe, you can find her as a featured performer on the main stage performing on her own platform as well as opening and closing for producers such as Dyro, Nari and Milani, Basto, Tujamo, DVBBS, MOTI, Promiseland and many more.

While Progressive House and Electro House tracks are pure, deep and sometimes traditional for EVO-K, her style of music also sheds a bit of urban progression from the uptempo, horn-infused Dutch house style, Melbourne bounce that that truly sets her apart from all the rest. In the end, there is nothing like EVO-K music. Check her out today! Q&A wit h EVO - K Q. Your music has a cross over mix of Progressive House and El ect ro House. What el ement do you l ook f or t o creat e t hat vibe when your pl aying on st age, be it at a f est ival or venue? The power of music is something that lives in the deepest part of me that I cannot control or rationalize. I just live it and and consequently try to render it through my emotions. Yes, my prevailing genres are Electro House and Progressive House. I try to combine harmoniously the features of one and the other, to get a very smooth and solid mix of sounds.

Q. (Cont .) This happens both when I work on my new original songs or remixes and when I play on stage. It doesn?t matter if it's in a club, or a private party or a festival: my style and musical consistency never change, otherwise I would be a kinda hustler (I used a cuter word than ?bitch? LOL.). When I perform my live acts you love me or hate me, doubtless there will be no middle ground. My greatest desire has always been to communicate through my music everything that no other language can express. I want people to feel the intimate passion I have when I compose my music. Exactly the same thing happens when I play on stage. I want my listeners to perceive that no matter what they know about me as an artist or if they don?t know me at all, I am a DJ, producer, singer, guitarist and songwriter. People can know all of this about my artistic life, or simply be in tune with the vibes I try to spread through the emotions with which I fill my songs when I produce as well as when I spin. A pressing beat is always the key to catch your crowd and preferably, never a beat under 128 bpm. I can make a rare exception only when it comes to 127 or 126 bpm ;) Let?s say? . it's a matter of beat! All kidding aside, I always try to do a careful music selection based on the kind of event and what people convey. I am addicted to massive (pounding) drum and bass groove with punchy, hitting drops lines. But combined to these two basic elements I always need some tearjerker riffs with the perfect singing or vocal drop upon, this is my pure orgasm and I see the same involving my crowds. Proper songs are well structured from beginning to end, so most of the time I prefer to remix or edit the tracks I see having the right potential to be dropped during my live shows. Q. Your New Track Release wit h Kaizer - 'Soviet ' st ar t s slow t hen pulls you deep int o an upt em po, hor n-inf used Dut ch house st yle t hat is only f it f or a Melbour ne Bounce r hyt hm t hat I 'm sur e your f ollower s love. What 's t he st or y behind t he t rack? ?Soviet ?is a song that originally came from an idea flashing in my head for almost one year: to rearrange in a modern way the Russian song ?Kalinka? written in 1860 by the composer and folklorist Ivan Larionov. It ?s the most famous Russian folk and folk-style song in Russia and all over the world. As you are American, I give you some small nice notes: the instrumental organ versions of this song can be found playing in North American ice hockey arenas; while a techno infused version of "Kalinka" played by live organist Calendine, plays when your Detroit Red Wings forward Pavel Datsyuk scores a goal. ?Kalinda? gave birth also to the original Tetris (the game) theme ;) Talking about ?Soviet ?to the Berlin-based Kaizer (one of the most brilliant Melbourne Bounce DJ/producers I have met so far), he said he wanted to try to make something with a traditional or cultural sound because these styles are timeless and don?t get boring like a lot of generic tracks these days do. Then we decided to pool our ideas and ?Soviet ?is the result! In August, this highly alternative track out on Universal Music Group (Italy) gave us a big success in the iTunes charts on the same CD?s release with Avicii, R3hab, StadiumX, Don Diablo and other big names and soon after, we got our single selected by the huge MTV for the ?Pop Mania Top World Hits 2015? release. Phot o's by St ef ano Oliva

Hey Ravers!!! Me and Kaizer are about to launch another upstream Melbourne Bounce grenade! If you like our style, then follow us!

Q. You've played wit h som e of t he biggest headliner s in t he wor ld of EDM. Ar t ist s such as Dyr o, Nar i and Milani, Bast o, Tujam o, DVBBS, MOTI . Your dr opping beat s on a m assive scale, som et im es collaborat ing wit h som e of t he biggest nam es in t he EDM cir cuit t hat ar e headlining acr oss t he globe. That being said, what have you lear ned on your jour ney? Mor e im por t ant ly what m akes EVO-K m usic st and out am ongst t he r est ? I feel that fate was so wonderful with me :) but I also feel that I am just at the beginning of my music-trip and I still wanna live, experiment and learn more and more, day after day! It also seems almost impossible that happened so fast! When you meet such masters and you share the stages, beside the side-splitting experience? . in cold blood you must raise your antennas and learn, absorbing like a sponge as much as you can! Actually my dream is to work side by side in studio with a giant of the EDM industry co-producing a huge anthem! I don?t know what really makes my music stand out amongst the rest, I think it is something unconscious, which I have yet to understand and realize. But I think a good dose of guilt :) belongs to the experiences of my whole life: mainly passions, travels, joys, pain, ?forbidden episodes?? . freedom, tears, going beyond the limits, desires, sometimes even prohibitions? in short, the whole world inside and outside of me. This is what I want my music to express and probably when my crowd and the listeners get it ?the magic is made?. You know... sometimes the amount of passion and soul you put in what you do is much more important than following the trends (decaying too fast) or worse, copying the styles of what is most popular just because it 's booming. I am now even more convinced than even before that Music is the reason of my life!

Phot o by St ef ano Oliva

Q4. What s next f or EVO-K f or t he r est of 2015 and int o next year ? I must confess: I?m a workaholic! Beside my ?Destination Tour 2015? crossing almost all continents this year, thanks to a chance meeting with the American Trenton Thompson (aka Aeon Flex) DJ/Producer and owner of the Orlando-based charts dominatrix ?Tech D Records?, the new song ?On The Way To India? done with the talented Russian Mattis Coe will be out in all stores on September 28th. It is our tribute-song to that fascinating country we both love. Furthermore, I am working on 4 new songs (3 original mixes and 1 remix) which will be released by this year 's end and in them I am experiencing an ethnic and tribal journey (although always Electro and Progressive oriented). Finally, I just undertook two different exciting collaborations with two skilled Indian DJ/Producers I met and shared the stages during my recent first tour of India: Dj AYK aka Anil and Dj Prithvi (one of the India's most essential, influential and popular young DJ.). They both have a ton of talent and I would like to give them a little help to emerge in the international EDM industry because they really deserve it. About that? . keep your ears on the alert! Thanks, Raver Magazine for letting me come into your world! Can?t wait to come back to your beautiful country!!!

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Phot o by Cr eat ive Dir ect or Chase Morgan


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https:/ / KayzoMusic

https:/ / kayzomusic

Phot o by Cr eat ive Dir ect or Chase Morgan

K A YZ O KAYZO ripped it up on Oceania Main Stage at Imagine Music Festival 2015. It?s hard to find words to describe the vibe that was felt when he took the stage. First word that comes to mind; EXTREAM! KAYZO Music EXTREAM!!!!! Streaming from the heartfelt roots of Hip-Hop to R&B, the set got down and dirty with mixes of Dubstep, Hardsyle, Trap and other emerging musical influences that only KAYZO music can create. KAYZO?s Dog House is LIVE and in full effect as he launches a massive tour all over the US. This wickedly crazy tour will start in Las Vegas and run all the way into the New Year. Be warned! When KAYZO takes the stage there is no holding back, there is no calm before the drop. There is only nothing but madness that plays until the very end. Kayzo is definitely on our short list for favorite artist of 2015! Don?t forget to catch the EXCLUSIVE LIVE interview with KAYZO and Hanna Hughes of iHeart Raves only on Raver Magazine TV.

https:/ / kayzomusic https:/ / KayzoMusic https:/ / kayzomusic/ https:/ / kayzo-music

Phot o by Cr eat ive Dir ect or Chase Morgan


"Br a zilia n Super Sta r FTAM PA r ea ches a new milestone" ftampa https:/ / ftampa http:/ / https:/ / ftampa https:/ / ftampa

Brazilian sensation FTampa reached another milestone recently. After successful tours in the US, Australia and Asia, his remix of NERVO's "Hey Ricky" has just been released on mighty Ultra Music. This track is Electro House at is finest. With it sick drops, amazing vocals and bass style beats, this Remix for NERVO is a mind blowing sound that will carry you into 2016 and beyond. On top of this, FTampa's brand new single "Strike It Up" will be released on October 19 on Tiesto's Musical Freedom. Coming off a crazy packed out tour of Asia, where FTAMPA played in Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, September Marks the start of a USA tour make its way south to Brazil.

Cat ch FTAMPA LIVE on Tour: Sep 18 - Bassment of Euphoria Nightclub Portland, OR Sep 24 - Tomorroworld - Atlanta, GA Oct 03 - Holi Play - Belo Horizonte, Brazil Oct 04 - Holi Play - Porto Alegre, Brazil Oct 10 - Tropical Mind Festival - Goiania, Brazil Oct 11 - Holi Play - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Oct 11 - 180ยบ Graus - Ubatuba, Brazil

I see this shot (no pun intended) and the first thing that comes to mind is Steve Aoki featured with Machine Gun Kelly - 'Free the Madness' track that came out in 2014: https:/ / watch?v=jnGCP7auKVw With over 9.4M views on YouTube this is clearly one of the best tracks that Aoki has produced. An avid gun lover, Steve was able to get in his hands a pair of Cryo FX guns in Seattle for the 2015 PAX Prime. The crowd went nuts with his performance that was only enhanced by something other than a cake shot into the crowd. http:/ / http:/ /

St ev e A o k i

Phot o by Nhan Tran


Photo by Nhan Tran

K DSM L https:/ / KDSML https:/ / kdsml/ https:/ / kdsml

U.K. born, Nashville resident KDSML brings a unique blend to the electronic dance scene. In a world that is literally being re-invented every second of the day, KDSML sets himself apart as a true turntablist. His uncanny ability to produce on the spot cuts and scratches are eye-catching and flawless. No matter what track he is mixing he is able to find a balance to fill the vibe with an endless sea of bliss. Whether it?s the deep bass melody he is mixing up or the technical song-structure that is filling the air during a live set, KDSML knows how to impress the crowd with shear awe. This was the case at Imagine Festival 2015 where he performed live to a crowd that packed in to catch him spinning. His rapid motion switches combined with an electronic progressive mix brought big bass beats that drove the crowd crazy. This ability is what makes a true turntablist a true DJ and a true producer. This is what makes KDSML one of the greats on the electronic circuit today.

Cat ch t he FULL Live Int erview wit h KDSML Coming Soon t o Raver Magazine TV

A r m i n Van Bu u r en Armin Van Buuren gave one of the best performances of his career. From start to finish, Armin dropped sick tracks from old and new worlds that are quickly emerging on another level. Was it the nostalgic vibe created when most of the fans were not able to attend? Was it the simplistic element of the rain, cold and muddy mess that was unfolding all around? Armin Van Buuren was the man of the hour., the weekend, the place. He took everyone away to his world of TRANCE. TomorrowWorld was at times messy and chaotic, but Armin Van Buuren was his usual phenomenal self, much to the delight of those of us lucky to see him perform. http:/ /

KA SKA DE On a massive scale Kaskade dropped the release of his ninth studio album, Automatic, LIVE on the Main Stage Friday at TomorrowWorld. Stemming from the deep roots of the legendary classic song "I Remember," his performance rocked the core of many who came to see him. The rain kept no one away as fireworks blazed into the cloudy night air. During the week the media was not permitted to enter the pit to photograph the different artists, with the excuse "The artists are simply too high for proper photographs to be taken." But for the Kaskade set Editor in Chief Michael Beas along with Creative Director Chase Morgan where allowed access. Kaskade stood out among the rest. He is in-fact one of the most sincere, up-front artists that is truly for the people and for the media. For that, he is definitely on Raver Magazines watch list for being the # 1 DJ for 2015!!! Check out Kaskade and 'Automatic' on Beatport: https:/ / kaskade

ain, and I do mean LOTS of rain, put a damper all weekend on TomorrowWorld 2015. Sunday?s closing event was accessible only to those already inside. Buckets of water plummeted relentlessly all day as everyone struggled to just get out.


The TomorrowWorld staff, particularly the Sunshine Sachs Team, did everything to help coordinate the events that were unfolding, but it was no use. Mother Nature got the best of the already saturated ground that was impossible to cross. Cars by the dozens were stranded. The bridge to cross over into the different stages was closed. Staff members struggled to lay down straw with the hope of trying to pat down the mud so that people wouldn?t get stuck. Contrary to other media reports, the vibe inside TomorrowWorld was not bad. While some of the people interviewed were frustrated with the

situation, most made the best of things. The festival goers were living the moment and took the tough weather in stride. Most of those inside on Sunday were happy to be there. They saw Armin Van Buuren destroy the main stage with his epic closing set that lasted for hour and a half, one of the best performances we have seen in quite some time. Uber, taxi, shuttles, indeed any form of transport was hard to find. If you did not get into the Sunday event, be happy, it was a nightmare getting out. The decision to turn away attendees from the final day of the event due to inclement weather, while a tough call, was in fact the best choice for public safety. If you were inside, remember the memories you created with the people you met, remember the drops that inspired and took you to another place. On a more positive note, epic sets starting with Peking Duk, Kaskade, Tiesto, Steve Angelo, Space

Jesus, and Gramatik were legendary as festival goers packed the different stages to see them perform. The stages were epic and grand in style, especially the main stage with it's flowing spinning water and massive firework explosions that went off during the different sets.

"T he rain turns TomorrowWorld into a muddy mess!" By Michael Beas Photography by Chase Morgan Reported for The Untz.

In the end, no matter how muddy things got, it was the spirit of the festival goer that prevailed at TomorrowWorld. http:/ /

-Quote Author

St eve Angel o

What wil l t he f ut ure hol d f orTomorrowWorl d? For more exclusive photos visit:

PRESS RELEASE: Get In PR [Wednesday, Sept ember 16, 2015? Miami, Fl orida] Earl y Bird, General Admission and VIP t icket s f or t he eight eent h edit ion of Ul t ra Music Fest ival in Miami wil l go on sal e at 1:00pm on Tuesday, Sept ember 29. Early Bird tickets, priced at just $299.95**, will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, exclusively to fans that register at tickets before 12:01 am on September 28.

REGISTER TO BUY TICKETS FOR ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2016 - TODAY Three-day General Admission tickets will be available to purchase from $324.95**, over $100 cheaper than a General Admission ticket to the March 2015 event. Once again, payment plan tickets will be available for the General Admission tickets, priced at $349.95**. Dates for the payment plan are outlined below. In a new move by event organizers, Ultra Music Festival held a flash ticket sale in May 2015, selling an unprecedented amount of Super Early Bird tickets, priced at just $249.95**. Demand for this next release is expected to be extremely high, so Ultranauts old and new are advised to act fast to ensure their place at the World?s Premier Electronic Music event.

IMPORTANT: Ultra Music Festival takes place one week earlier than usual in Downtown Miami, from March 18-20, 2016, and is an 18+ event. For f urt her det ail s and t icket inf ormat ion, head t o About ULTRA Worl dwide? ULTRA WORLDWIDE? is the global edition of the World?s Premier Electronic Music event, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL. The ULTRA brand was founded in 1997 by Executive Producer, President & CEO Russell Faibisch, and began producing electronic music events in South Florida, which led to the inaugural Ultra Music

Festival in 1999 on the sands of Miami Beach. The internationally renowned festival, which has taken place every March since its inception, celebrated its seventeenth anniversary from March 27-29, 2015 by bringing over 165,000 music enthusiasts to the sold out waterfront event in the heart of the City of Miami. Ultra Music Festival returns to Bayfront Park for its eighteenth annual edition, 18-20 March 2016. Choosing to follow a unique, creative vision and a wholly organic growth focused around a true love for music, artists, and fans alike, the ULTRA and ULTRA Worldwide brands represent not only the world?s biggest and most successful remaining INDEPENDENT electronic music festival brand, they are now the most international of any festival brand in the world by far. The event organizers continue to transport the unrivalled experience from the Miami flagship festival to an ever-growing number of destinations and fans all over the globe.

Over the past seventeen years, literally thousands of the world?s most iconic DJs, producers and live acts have mesmerized audiences with awe-inspiring sets at ULTRA festivals in ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CROATIA, IBIZA, JAPAN, KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA and of course MIAMI, as well as ROAD TO ULTRA events in CHILE, COLOMBIA, MACAU, PARAGUAY, SEOUL, TAIWAN, THAILAND, TOKYO, USA, and now forthcoming events in BOLIVIA, PERU, PUERTO RICO, THE PHILIPPINES and SINGAPORE as well as ULTRA BEACH - BALI. Each and every new global edition is founded on the same successful recipe that has been perfected over seventeen years in Miami, combining the most diverse electronic talent with the most technologically advanced, large-scale festival productions in the world. In addition, the ULTRA brands pioneered the live stream experience, ?ULTRA LIVE? (whereby the festival is brought online to over 20 million unique viewers globally) and the audio broadcasting platform ?UMF RADIO?(syndicated to FM Radio in over 42 countries and reaching

more than 22 million listeners weekly). Also ?UMF FILMS?collaboration with FINALKID has seen some of the most visually breathtaking festival aftermovies in the music space, including a feature-length documentary exploring the latest explosion of dance music, entitled CAN U FEEL IT, which premiered at the Ultra Music Festival, Miami 2012 and was exhibited in over 500 theaters across the Unites States. In 2014, the ULTRA and ULTRA WORLDWIDE brands continued to push the boundaries, bringing an unparalleled combination of cutting edge production and the world?s best electronic acts back to previous strongholds and new frontiers across the globe. With its most recent new festival editions breaking records in JAPAN in September 2014, SOUTH AFRICA and SOUTH AFRICA in February 2015, KOREA in June 2015 and CROATIA in July 2015, and with the addition of the many new ROAD TO ULTRA events, the ULTRA brand has now united NINETEEN COUNTRIES across FIVE CONTINENTS worldwide.

Prices: Tier 1: Early Bird Tickets (Registration Only) - $299.95** Tier 2: GA Tickets - $324.95** Tier 3: GA & GA Payment Plan Tickets $349.95** VIP Tickets - $1,249.95**

Payment Pl an Dat es: Initial Payment ? before November 15 2nd payment ? November 15 3rd payment ? December 15 4th payment ? January 16 Final payment ? February 16

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This Month in Raver Magazine: TomorrowWorld 2015 - The Aftermath with Exclusive Pics of Sets. Interviews with EVO - K, FTAMPA, ATL Legend Ed...

Raver Magazine - October Edition  

This Month in Raver Magazine: TomorrowWorld 2015 - The Aftermath with Exclusive Pics of Sets. Interviews with EVO - K, FTAMPA, ATL Legend Ed...