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DS: (laughs) It’s actually a true story. It was just an old piece of white bread. It was a bun from a chicken burger that I had two hours before. RM: So that’s not a ritual? You don’t eat a piece of bread before each set? DS: No it was just sitting there. I was like “Well, fuck it. I’m hungry” I’m going to have some of this before I get on. RM: What, that was enough to get you through the set? DS: It was enough. I’m good! RM: What have you been up to lately? Have you been spending more time in the studio or touring? DS: Actually a bit of both. I just came from Europe where I did Greenfield. I go to China next week, Dubai, then back to the U.S. In between I’m trying to squeeze in new music. I just put out a couple singles, “Just Dream” with Rudy and “All of Us,” and I’ve got some new ones coming too. It’s the balance between touring and making music. RM: You’ve collaborated with Rudy in the past. However, you often did so under the guise of “Ruben Haze.” Tell us about that?

DS: Ruben Haze is a side project we have. It’s more indie…I guess a more Coldplay-ish vibe. RM: You definitely tapped into that style of music during your set today. DS: I’ve always liked melancholy music. Every now and then I work it into my sets. RM: Melancholy music is the best type of music! Who doesn’t like to be sad? (laughs) Can you confirm or deny the rumor that you have a new album coming out in the fall? DS: I’m working towards that. If it’s not an album, it will be a bunch of singles. The two I just released are part of that. Like I said it’s the balance between touring and producing that makes it difficult. RM: Is it hard to make music while you’re on the road touring? DS: I can do it sometimes. It’s always about inspiration. I can get inspiration from anywhere. It can come to me on the plane, after watching a movie, or after hearing a song. It comes from somewhere; it comes anytime. I try to always be ready to make music. •


Raver Magazine - 016 (September)