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Dragan Roganovic started DJing before many of us even understood the significance of 4/4 repetitions and 128 bpm. He emerged during an era where Tiesto played nothing but Trance, Avicii was in diapers, and Hardwell was well…hardly more relevant than the dropping of a single pin in an ocean of electronic sound. Dragan crafted electronic tunes on the precipice of an event horizon in the world of music that would alter the way people create, listen, and respond to music forever. The Serbian-Australian DJ/Producer better known as Dirty South began his long journey into the hearts of EDM purists at the age of thirteen, but over the last decade he has asserted his position as one of the most coveted House DJs spinning today, using his notoriety to coast through a constantly shifting, nebulous EDM landscape with a timeless sound characterized by clean melodies and corporeal rhythms. A quick Google search reveals that Dirty South began consistently releasing music in 2006, but that’s only half of the story. Dirty South has released an array of charting singles, innumerable remixes, and two critically beloved albums.


In an industry bolstered by one-hit-wonders, where DJs come and go like commuters bustling in the guts of the subway and genre lines become the blurred lines of a Robin Thicke single, the existence of DJs who refuse to sell out, like Dirty South, is becoming a rarity. We sat down with Dirty South after his hallmark performance at Imagine Music Festival 2016 to discuss pre-performance carbohydrates, melancholy music, balancing studio and tour time and more. RM: You sent out a tweet before your set at Imagine Music Festival 2016 saying that you ate a piece of bread. Now everyone wants to know… what type of bread?

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