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My Lord, I cannot tell you how amazing this weekend was. I arrived at a fairly reasonable time on Friday, allowing me to catch half of Anna Lunoe’s set and before quickly migrating to Zomboy’s. I thought Zomboy had an incredible performance, but it was short lived due to the set times and it being scheduled for earlier in the day. After catching the end of these two talented producers, I quickly made my way over to the mainstage … ahh, the mainstage!

The party animals came out Labor Day Weekend at Randall’s Island in New York City, and party down we did! So far, I have been to four really fantastic festivals this year, but I have to say that Electric Zoo was by far my favorite festival to attend. The weather was perfect despite everyone’s fear of a hurricane hitting for the second year in a row and the music was exceptional. You could generally find me at the mainstage listening to some of the best headliners that the electronic music world has to offer.

THE YAYS OF EZOO I never felt like I was too pressed for space, which is rare to come by at festivals nowadays. Everyone had a great time and seemed to have enough room to dance. There was plenty of food around, but it was expensive. It was reasonably priced for how much they gave you but let’s face it, a McDonald’s with a dollar menu at a festival is never gonna happen.


I have been to many festivals, but I always missed Carnage. I couldn’t believe it, I was finally front and center for Carnage! I couldn’t resist but to throw down! Soon to follow up with another amazing performance was the Bass God, Bassnectar, and I was lucky enough to experience it VIP. I was underneath his feet and it was worth every second of it. Recently I have been debating on whether or not to go back until he “cleaned up his act.” Bassnectar has two styles, either full on bass, which everyone expects, or very slow and trippy “heady” sets. I prefer the full on “bass in yo face” sets opposed to his slower and more meaningful music, but to each their own. I cannot express this enough to readers - go to the nearest and next Bassnectar show in your area. If not, travel! Again, I’ve seen him a handful of times and can’t tell you enough how beautiful his music is. I believe he started “falling off” at one point, and his music got a bit boring, but he has definitely picked himself up this time around and has returned to being to the old Bassnectar we know and love.

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