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friend. She has an amazing voice and we loved her song, Shadow, the moment we heard it. As it turned out, LEV already had the stems for Shadow printed out and was looking for remixers. I wanted to make the track more dancefloor appropriate while keeping the chorus intact. I started working on the chorus first, adding fat drums and a groovy bassline. Once I had a basic arrangement, I handed it off to Peitzke. Peitzke: When Zander sent me this track there was already a strong foundation. The chorus in the original has so many strong elements that it didn’t need much more. I added a few percussive elements, jammed some guitar and keys and created some vocal chops before handing it back to Zander. He took all the elements that I added and scattered them throughout the song. Zander: This song is meaningful to me because I feel it truly represents the original intention of TRAVELER: To create pop-sensible, dance

floor friendly music using elements of the underground to take listeners on a journey.

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RM: Apart from your remix of LEV, Shadow, what’s in store for TRAVELER in 2016?

Zander: 2016 has been a big year for TRAVELER. Our next release will be the first TRAVELER original production since the re-launch of the project, a single called Forget Me, coming out this month [October] on our new label, Outside In Records. We have releases planned through December and more shows to close out the year. We’ve also got lots planned for 2017…. it’s exciting times. • For more information,


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