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inspirational emotional journey important to your style of music? Zander: The TRAVELER sound has always been about taking listeners on a journey, we like to write multiple chord progressions in our tracks and rely heavily on melodic elements. This is probably where the emotion comes from. TRAVELER is all about taking a variety of sounds and styles and mixing them together in a unique way. We try to keep our tracks relatable to a broad audience as well as dancefloor appropriate. Peitzke: Originality is a crucial aspect of our sound as well as our general philosophy while writing music. We don’t focus on any particular genre but instead strive to produce music that is always evolving and moving in new directions. Music has had a profound impact on both of our lives, so we try to write music that connects with people and affects them in the same positive way that music has affected us. RM: The musical component of your music is also setting TRAVELER apart from the rest of the pack. It’s not an easy task to understand and bring in instruments like guitars, percussion and keyboards while playing live, especially while blending in the visuals that are spellbinding. What goes on before your set to prepare and be in sync with each other?


Raver Magazine - 016 (September)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 016 (September) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Dirty South, Borgore, Bassjackers, Crywo...

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