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RM: You said, and I quote, that ALMA “Brings memories from my childhood.” Why was crafting music so close to your heart and soul important for you to do? Do you feel that because it was so personal that’s why it has been so successful? GO: This album was born with the particular idea of bringing the enthusiasm, emotions and spirit of a child into the older age. I’ve been inspired by watching my two little children grow and noticed how music can actually mark a precise moment in their lives. This brought me back to when I was a little kid and I remembered all the types of music I was listening to. It’s hard to explain since it’s a personal feeling, but there are many melodies and sounds that are strongly related to specific moments of my childhood. Especially with the instrumental tracks like “Primavera” or “Alma” or “Aurora”. If I close my eyes I can actually see and smell those moments, so yes, it’s an entirely personal album this time. RM: Talk to us about the inspiration behind “Firefly” with Kyler England. There are a lot of hidden meanings throughout the music that can be profound and uplifting. What does “Firefly” mean to you and what message do you hope it resonates the most to those who hear it? GO: Well, I think everyone can reflect on a different personal experience to those lyrics. When I got the

first draft from Kyler, I just loved it. It fitted perfectly with the moment when I left my first stable and safe job to start my music career with an uncertain future. I literally jumped into a black hole for the love of music and my girlfriend (wife now) really supported and helped me to take the right choices. RM: Growing up did you ever think that music would be your destiny or your place in the world? What challenges did you face along the way? How has overcoming those challenges made you into the international musical sensation that you are today? GO: No, I never really thought music would become my job just because it was and it still is my favorite hobby. I would keep making music even if I had a different job. Luckily my hobby became my job and this is due to many various factors. One of the biggest factors is Paul Van Dyk. He discovered me in 2001 and introduced me to the business; the rest of the story, as they say, is history. RM: What is in store for the future of Giuseppe Ottaviani and will you embark on a tour anytime soon? GO: I already have new plans, but at a very early stage. For now, let’s enjoy the new album and of course I’ll bring my album on tour starting this October. Check out for tour dates, I may be in your city soon.

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