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RM: What other tracks would you recommend to someone that is not yet familiar with your music? SANJOY: Why You Run, Barriers, Lights, Lost in My Own World, Set Me Free - also check out the JOYCAST mixes. They are 30 minute long mashups of all my favorite records. Also, I record it live to give people a teaser of how I play. RM: What advice would you give to up and coming musicians? What helps you stay focused?

SANJOY: I take inspiration from many different artists. It ranges from Yanni, Hans Zimmer, A R Rahman to Skrillex, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris and more. Aside from other artists, I think my multi-cultural background entirely shapes my music and me as a person. The melodies and harmonies I create while writing music and my choice of instruments are definitely influenced by the music I grew up listening to. You can hear an Eastern touch in my music and my cultural influences are what sets my music apart from others and makes my sound unique. RM: Your track “Slip Away” is doing really well! What inspired you to write it? SANJOY: Huge thanks to everyone for the support on Slip Away! I wanted to create a fun, nostalgic record that just about anybody could relate to. Inspiration definitely stemmed from being at Miami Music Week this year. Meeting passionate industry individuals, connecting with my favorite artists and the Miami vibe - summer, beaches, beautiful people all played a role in shaping the idea for the sound of Slip Away. I just wanted to produce a song that anyone can fall in love with and attach memories to. Getting out of your spring fling and finding your summer love. That’s what the song is about, slipping away with that special person. Shout out to Stephen Rezza for penning the lyrics with me.

SANJOY: Just put your heart and soul into the music you’re making. Break boundaries, make things sound and feel real yet keep it interesting so the listener comes back to discover new things in the same record. Make music only when you feel inspired. I’ve noticed that when I try to make something and I’m not feeling it at the moment of creation, it always sounds robotic and forced. Connect and network with as many people as possible and try to have something relatable about you. When you’re out of sight, they should remember how interesting of a person you were. You need everyone’s support you can get, so go out and meet people in person. Build an excellent team and a support system. Also, hit me up if I could be of any help! RM: Are there any upcoming releases or collaborations in store for the fans this year? SANJOY: Oh so many! I can’t wait for you all to hear the new music. I’ve been working non-stop around the clock writing new songs. My next record will be with one of my fav singers Elliott Yamin! I’m also doing a record with my buddy Gazzo. The one after is going to be with a massive artist too, just can’t say who yet, but you’ll be the first to know! RM: Where can you see yourself perform next? SANJOY: Let’s throw a Raver Mag party right now! •


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