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B X I AL S D D O L L A G BEAS N L I E A Y H F C I M E y: D interview b Alix B is an energetic and dynamic DJ who has overcome obstacles that would sink less determined people. Most notably, she turned a major health crisis into something artistically beautiful. Alix B’s live stream mixes are broadcast worldwide. She’s a source of inspiration for all her fans through both her personal triumphs and her fantastic tracks. Raver Magazine caught up with Alix B after one of her live performances. This is what she shared with us: Your music is unique, your vibe is unique, and the element that you bring I personally find remarkable. High energy is how most describe you. What is the driving force that keeps Alix going day after day, especially in the world of dance music that is always changing? I am naturally hyper. My sound is unique because I don’t have a set genre. It all depends on the mood I am in, to be honest. It is not uncommon for me to go from a Deep House to a more Tech House


Electro vibe to then switch it over to some Dubstep. You just never know because I do everything live for that purpose to keep everything fresh and new for my fans. You are the first American female DJ to rock the world with fans from 175 countries. What is the ride like to be in front of so many people who are going nuts over the Alix B vibe? The first American female DJ of anything is really humbling. Much less to have so much energy to resonate globally through a movement of coexistence is insane. I started mixing when I was sick and got diagnosed with endometriosis. I realized that I had to chill and take a step back from what I love to do the most. It was then that my good friend Aaron Reid told me that I needed to DJ, that I needed to do what I love most. I thought it over while I was sick and then I started to really get into Djing. Had it not been for my good friend opening my eyes and this severe illness who knows where I would be right now.

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