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terrible sound and make it something cool. That was a challenge. What was it like working with Bassnectar? He is a really incredible guy! It’s easy if you’re that big of an artist to get a little bit jaded with the world. I understand when people are like that, but Lorin is super, super personable and helpful and generous and just really understanding. He’s definitely a really cool guy and it was a pretty surreal experience for me because Bassnectar was the second or third electronic artist that I ever heard. I had only listened to Rusko for a couple of months before I saw Bassnectar. He was one of the foundational artists in my development and the way that it all came about was random. I got an email from his management and from him out of the blue, without me having talked to him at all. I’ve never had a bigger artist co-sign before. It’s always just sort of been me alone in the industry so having somebody as big as him be that excited about my music was definitely a big confidence booster. Are there any artists you base your sound off of? Or influence you? There isn’t anyone who I “go after,” but often I derive instrumental inspiration from ‘alt-J’ or Odesza. Vocally I get a lot of inspiration from ‘City and Colour.’

Who has been your favorite artist to work with?

collaborations, but out of the ones that I have done I’ve definitely enjoyed working with Echos. We’re all really good friends and they’ve helped me work on other things other than music. Any surprises in the near future? There’s a lot of really cool stuff coming up on the horizon! What is your most meaningful piece of music that you made and why? For me either the song Anachronism or Epithelial. I think those are the two that are lyrically mean the most to me. I believe that Cataclasm as a whole piece of content is my standard answer, but if I had to choose a single track it’d be one of those two. I wrote that whole album in a very crucial time in my life and some of those songs are just so meaningful to me and every time I play it, I really feel it. What do you have to say to upcoming artists? Any advice? I think that the most important thing is urging them to be unique in what they do. I always felt like I couldn’t say anything unique because I was always trying to be something. I never really felt like I was expressing myself until I stopped caring about trying to affect people in some way. Make your priority finding your own voice as opposed to making things that other people are gonna like. •

I don’t work with a lot of artists because I’ve been very focused on finding my own unique sound over the last couple of years. I haven’t really done a lot of


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