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EDI TOR Love is in the air as festival season is starting to heat up all over the world. With two massive festivals about to kick things of in March there is no stopping dance music in 2017. This month, we had the opportunity to interview Laidback Luke for our cover story along with the legends of trance Cosmic Gate, and the one and only Fedde Le Grand. DWP, Lights All Night, and our top 5 picks for the best places to be at

Miami Music Week all highlight both past and present events that are quickly becoming milestones for us to turn into tradition. Are you in the mood for a workout? We have you covered with our exclusive workout mix that will get you all hyped up. Black Tiger Sex Machine and The Prophecy Tour tops things off with a bang and paves the road for what is going to be a festival year of historic proportion.

Michael Beas CEO of Raver Magazine

With your tour and New Release Album Materia - How has the experience been since the Chapter One release in January 2017?

Honestly, every show so far has been really good; it feels so good to play everything out finally. We have worked on it for so long and it is great to finally release the songs and get the reactions we have been waiting for. Most shows have been sold out and we are traveling with a smile on our faces and our fans can expect much more since we are working on Chapter 2 right now! Cannot wait to share our journey with our amazing fans. Materia is the Latin term for Matter. You either know it or you ask. What deeper meaning it does it have for you?

It’s a different type of title for most, for us it has meaning to it. Everything around us is matter, the music we have produced on this new album felt like us. Modern 2017 Cosmic Gate, going through albums from our first songs almost twenty years ago. Encompassing everything from the beginning to our current album.

How did you come up with the name Cosmic Gate? It is not really that interesting, ha. Every baby needs a name; in the beginning the project was not a planned thing. We did a track together and barely knew each other, calling it a “Karmic Meeting”. We worked on the track and sent it to a record label and they loved it but they needed a name from us. We had no idea what to call ourselves, based off the track our music was a spacious sound and just came up with Cosmic Gate. From then our track exploded and we stuck with the name, ha. How did you guys meet? We had mutual friends and were all hanging out in the studio with the other guys.


For some reason the recording session didn’t work out for everyone and it ended up being just Nic and I (Bossi) left in the studio. We started getting to know each other, about how each other’s djing club situations were. It was 3pm we did not know what to do; chill, leave or take a nap, so we had a jam session; it took 3 hours to come up with our first track. It was that karmic meeting that created the biggest decision of our lives.

“I think that’s the key. You need to get out of your comfort zone and hustle it up.”

You both started in separate clubs at first, was music guaranteed to be in your futures? Nic: I started playing the piano when I was nine years old. I also has an older brother that brought him to vinyl stores when I was getting older and then started my official djing career at the age of seventeen. Bossi: When techno and trance started in the mid 80’s we grew in the center of that. New things in the music scene everyday blew us away, everything was

very fresh and new and the trance/techno scene was wild and thriving in Europe. Nic: I remember going to the record store and a bunch of dj’s being there and having an amazing experience getting to know each dj. There were unfortunately not a lot of copies of vinyl’s to get at the same time so we would have to wait for others to be done with the copy we wanted. It was also hard carrying around a record box. It is crazy to think these days you can just download any music and carry a USB around, everyone can be a dj.

Where do you see the dance music scene going? Well techno/trance used to be big in the beginning, and then it transitioned into the trap scene. We are trance and it is getting bigger, this movement stands for a lot of things and we see everyone getting tired of going to the club and listening to the same thing on the radio. There are people out there that want something different and we are catering to that. We feel there is a need for melodic stuff, more touching stuff rather than in your face style of music. Phenomenon’s come and go, trance will stay.

When and why did you start your #WYM (Wake Your Mind) Radio Show? We just recorded episode 150 this week, on one hand we are easy going with the show, on the other hand people need to hear the sound that we stand for. You may not know what Cosmic Gate is about so we give our listeners that opportunity along with introducing new music, whether it is what is hot, our tracks and also exposing amateur dj’s that have extreme potential and we love to show their talents off on our radio show. There are so many other radio shows so we had to think why should we do it? We wanted to give our different sound a chance; show what we like and who Cosmic Gate is. With Miami Music Week coming up, tell us more about your plans for the “Cosmic Gate & Friends Sunset Cruise”. I will say it is the most exciting show of the year for us! Everyone going on the boat with us knows exactly what he or she plans on getting into when they bought their ticket. It’s the feeling we get; the positive energy is very unique. The feeling created is that we are all family and that we are all together. It is good to know most of the people that will be there are coming from all over the world to come vibe on the boat with us. They will kind of know the lyrics or maybe better than we do. Getting off the boat our stomachs and hearts will be filled with positive energy and love, we sometimes do not go out after the sunset cruise because we are so fulfilled with the love that nothing can feed us more than what goes on. We love that party and cannot wait to see our fans during the Miami Music Week partying with us.



John Legend Love Me Now (Armand Van Helden Club) House Of Glass ft Giorgio Giordano Disco Down (Gary Caos & Doctor Mawe! Rmx) Absolut Groovers Woah! (Original Mix) Oliver Heldens ft Ida Corr Good Life (Kryder Extended Remix) Armand Van Helden & Komes - Fried Chicken (Extended) John Gold - Spread Love (Crazibiza Remix) Federico Scavo - Bom Bom (Original Club Mix) Thoneick & Kryder ft R. Clark & J.J. Knight House Music (Main Extended Mix) Luca Debonaire & Chris Marina - Just Get Up & Dance (Original Mix) Antonio Giacca - Soul Motion (Original Club Mix) Christian Marchi & Angelo Frezza Saxy (Original Mix) Block & Crown, Chris Marina Is It Love (Original Mix) Franky Rizardo Same Man (Original Mix) Steve Silk Hurley The Word Is Love (Erik Hagleton Ibiza Boot)

Where do you get your inspiration? How long do you typically spend in the studio daily or on a track? So I find inspiration from lots of places, most of it comes from travelling and visiting different cultures I’d say though. When I’m in the studio a track could take a day or 3 months, it really depends on how the track is coming together for me. I’m quite the perfectionist, so when I’ve got something in my head I need it to turn out exactly as I envisioned. That’s something that sometimes comes just like that, but sometimes it are the ones that take ages that turn into something really special. When did you start Djing? Did you start out mixing tracks or producing your own? When did you realize you were gaining leverage in the music industry?

I can’t say that I remember exactly when I first started DJing. For me, it’s always been about music. As a kid I started this small drive in show and everything kind of just spiraled on from there. DJ’ing in small clubs across Holland, eventually needing the exact right edits I wanted to play out on the floor progressed into creating my own tracks. Proper house grooves was what it was all about for me. And then all of a sudden there was Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, a track I actually was doubtful of prior to releasing it, it blew up like nothing I could’ve ever imagined. Why did you decide to put on the GRAND event? How was the overall experience and what did you expect to get out of it? Good question! I guess when you’ve been in the industry a while you’re always trying to achieve something new. I had the idea of GRAND in the back of my mind for years but there wasn’t a good


moment to try and realize it until 2015 when we put the first one on. It came off so well that I naturally wanted to try and repeat it on a bigger scale and I think I just about managed that at the Ziggo Dome last year. I couldn’t thank everyone enough for making it possible, from the performers and crew to RTL Live Entertainment and my fans. It was a huge undertaking and everyone nailed it. It would definitely be a dream to see the realisation of the 3rd version of the show and taking it international for everyone across the globe to experience.

“Proper house grooves was what it was all about for me.”

Why did you choose to start a podcast? Is there a bigger listening audience with this media outlet? I started the Darklight Session podcasts as a way of showcasing music that I wouldn’t necessarily play in my sets. It’s a really good way of supporting up and coming artists as well, giving them a platform to get their music heard. It’s still something that I look forward to making every week, and really enjoy listening to all the submissions! You are creating opportunities for up and coming artists by providing a Demo/Promo link on your website to review tracks. What kind of feedback do you provide these artists? Well I’m always on the look out for new artists to sign on Darklight, or feature on my podcast. I think it’s essential for established artists to give back in some way to the fans and industry that made them. I do listen to everything that’s sent my way, and although I can’t give everyone feedback (I’d be on my laptop all day!), the feedback I do give tends to be production and style tips. You have an exclusive collaboration set to be released this month, can you tell us more about that and what your fans can expect this 2017year? I have a record coming up that I’m very excited about indeed, when it’ll be released precisely is not clear yet though, but I have to say that I’ve got a lot of new projects that I’m very happy with, so 2017

will definitely be an exciting year for me musically. For now I’ll have to keep you guessing I’m afraid, but you can rest assured that a lot of new stuff is coming! You just finished your ‘Something Real Tour’ and closed it out at Club Premier for NYE; you provided a high level of energy for current and new fans! How did you feel the tour went? The last run of dates towards the end of last year were great! I think 2016 was a bit of mad year for everyone so people wanted to say goodbye to it with a bang. The party at Premier was a great, people really brought the energy and I was really happy ringing in the new year with them. Also on the verge of the new year I released the Deluxe edition of my album SomethingRealDeluxe And now it’s full on focus to what’s to come this year! What do you not leave the house without? With traveling so often how do you keep your energy up? My laptop for starters. When I’ve got an idea, I need to be able to lay it down right away. My headphones too, couldn’t mix without them! Other than that, a fan is always good as DJ booths can turn into saunas. I use the time I travel to binge watch a few new TV shows and can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch to be released, that’s going to be some fun times on tour.

Creators of dance/indie/pop crossover feel-good music, Dutch duo East & Young are rapidly ascending through the global dance and pop ranks with their stunning tracks. Blending those two words in perfect harmony, theirs is very much the sound of the moment, with mainstream songwriting sensibilities expertly blended with a multitude of electronic sounds and techniques. Whether scoring club hits, conquering the pop radio airwaves or featuring in a commercial for Heineken, their unmistakable sound is winning them fans far and wide. Kimberly Phan has an opportunity to catch up with the Dutch legends, this is what they shared up with us.

Your style of music is so refreshing and energetic! In the world of house music, consumers, artists and fans hear so many repetitive beats. However, your music is so melodic and melancholic. What’s the creative process in regards to creating your tracks like “Make Me Fee,” “Summer,” “Elevate,” and “All My Life.” Thanks, that’s great to hear. It’s something we always strive for, the melodic and melancholic influences. We usually start with playing chord progressions on the piano. As soon as we like it we record it. After that we’re endlessly tweaking for the right sound. We love to get creative with cutting up vocals or other sound files and creating something new with those pieces. It feels a bit like mosaic. Over the past couple of years, the electronic music industry has significantly shifted. There’s mass-production of music and every other week there’s a new remix of a song that just went over the wire. What do you do to keep yourself relevant? 9

Like you mentioned in the previous question. We always try to stay true to our own sound. Whether we make a radio based song or more club orientated; The melancholic and melodic influences are really important to us. Nevertheless, it’s hard to stand out since there’s so much good music out there. With the significant shift, many subgenres have come out from the woodwork. Genres aside, how would you describe your sound? That’s always hard to describe as we don’t wanna stick up to just one genre. If you’d persist on naming the style we think we should call it Big Room House with a blend of Indiepop.


EDITORIAL BY KYLIE PARHAM Every time I see Tchami, I am even more impressed than the time before. The incredible DJ is off on his North American “The Prophecy” tour and I had the privilege of seeing him at his very first stop in Orlando. The show opened with Daniel Jacks and then the house master Mercer who delivered a deep and groovy set, making it the perfect segway for Tchami.

The deep/future house legend himself took the stage and blew everyone away. His new set design was clearly influenced by church architecture and his soulful beats matched the holy, sacred theme perfectly. The vibes were incredibly positive and left everyone in the crowd feeling like they were on cloud 9 throughout the entire show.

There is a reason that Tchami has such an amazing following, he never fails to deliver an almost religious experience every single time. Make sure to check him out on “The Prophecy” tour throughout the next couple of months.


“Follow” is different from the style of music you guys normally produce. Is there any particular reason you decided to step outside your usual genre? When we were working on “Follow” the both of us felt that we really hadn’t worked on any songs in the 70-75 bpm range since we did the Madonna record… So seeing how we love to play all different genres in our sets that was the motivating factor in starting the track…. We wanted to capture that pop edm sound with some harder festival trap influences. Is there any particular reason you chose to team up with ETC!ETC! for this song? ETC! ETC! and us all come from the original moombahton family and we’ve been really big fans of each other’s music since then but never really had the right track to collaborate on until “Follow” Any tours, new music in the works? So we first have the full Moons Out Goons Out EP on Mixmash which includes 3 really different amazing tracks… Then we plan on setting up a nice little tour promoting it in the US… For now we’re locked in the studio trying to knock out a bunch of tracks to premiere at WMC.

From an artists perspective what is it like working with MixMash? We love what Laidback Luke has been an amazing mentor to us and the Mixmash team have always helped motivate us to be the best us that we can be both as producers and as DJs.


The world of dance music is always changing, always evolving, in your view what are the keys to success? Constantly be trying to perfect your craft… when producing, try and imagine what the record that you’re working on would sound like in 5 years… Surround yourself with like minded motivated people… It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.

If you can send one message about your music to your fans what would it be and why? We really try and put a lot of genuine emotion into the music we make… we appreciate your support/time and hope that we can help you escape any troubles of your day even if it’s just for a minute help you laugh, smile, and dance…

LIGHTS ALL NIGHT was by and far the #1 place to experience the last day of the year. Six years in the making in Dallas, this year it took the party to new heights in Texas as the light showed bright in El Paso for a two time double header of non-stop fun. Fans from all walks of life, from all styles of music, over 40,000 strong to be exact, came out to party like if there was no tomorrow. In Dallas, the number 1 performance had to come from non-other then Above & Beyond.

and spellbinding musical sets that set the tone for nothing less then an outstanding 2017 year. The party never stops with Lights All Night: El Paso on December 31 went off in historic proportion. Felix Cartal, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set), as well as Excision dominated their sets. The visuals once again rocked the night into a place that event goers never wanted to leave.

Both Dallas and El Paso brought the ultimate NYE experience that few could match and even Zedd, closely followed behind for a good 2nd less could top. The massive high-end production place for us, and then to take things home, world was filled with ample amenities, beautiful lights, renowned deadmau5 performed in support of a rock solid staff and crew. In the end, LIGHTS his new studio album. ALL NIGHT made history this year in the world of Dance. We understand why this is not just an Don’t think we are all about a certain vibe event, it’s was not just another festival, it was Tchami and RL Grime also killed it. Their sets and will always be a Tradition that all lovers of where out of this world, with beautiful visuals Dance will need to experience for themselves in person as least once in their life.


So many people growing up today would love to follow in your shoes. Most look up to you as a mentor and some struggle to excel on their own paths to achieve the level of success that you have reached. When you were growing up in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands did you or your parents ever envision you becoming the international superstar that you have become today? And, when did you know that Music was the path that you wanted to take? It’s incredible to stand still and see how far this all has taken me. No, my parents didn’t see it at all! My father thought I was wasting my time. My mother was too busy doing her own thing. All I knew was I was destined to be this. And I was determined to take this to world level. No matter the cost! I still have that mindset, and that’s what keeps me going. I knew music was the path I wanted to take when a friend of mine showed me it was possible to make music on a computer! Mind you, this was in 1992 so the computers were nothing compared to what we have now. This was before smartphones and internet even! Your new track “XOXO” with Ralvero (Feat. Ina) just released. Personally, I love the uplifting vibe it resonates. The vocals are deep and profound with the beats taking it away to the top of the charts. That being said every track has a story, a meaning behind its creation. What’s the story behind “XOXO”? How did it all come together for you? What you described there is exactly what hooked me into the song as well! Ina sang some of my favorite tracks of 2016! Her track with Pyrodox - ‘Never Let Me Go’ and Ralvero’s - ‘Run Wild’ were some of the best tracks we put out last year! Ralvero originally sent me the track as a demo named ‘NGFA’. I remember playing it in the studio and my wife

instantly yelled from the living room: ‘What is this?!’. She’s usually super cool about my music so this made impact. I decided to jump on it and made the version a bit less dance floor, a bit more radio and that’s how XOXO came to life! You have toured and played at some of the biggest festivals and venues in the world. What has the experience taught you about music, life and your place in the world throughout your journey? That I’m not doing this just for me. How many people my music has touched and has touched and how many amazing memories we made together is unbelievable. Many people have come up to me saying my music helped them through dark times, or how music has brought them together as a couple. It’s the biggest honor you can achieve if you ask me. Those kind of things are far more superior than being famous, being ranked a certain spot as a DJ or making money. Apart from legendary beats I heard that you practice the art of Kung Fu, and more specifically Choy Li Fut to the point that you have and participated with Team Kung Fu Holland at the World Championship 2013 in China. Why is Kung Fu important to you and do you feel it ties into your music in some way, via discipline or order to the way you carry yourself? My lineage of Kung Fu includes Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi as well. Coming World Championships I’ll be competing in three Tai Chi categories as well as three Kung Fu categories. My martial arts and fit life absolutely ties in with my music life. Being a producer, or a touring DJ is quite an unhealthy life.

When producing you sit most of the time, for hours and hours working on your tracks, eating crap and not sleeping much. A touring DJ battles with time-zones, pressure, shit food, and no sleep as well. The fit life helps me through all of this. It’s the balance I need to battle stress and to keep on performing the very best I can. And it’s really not that time-, or energy consuming! You only need up to 45 minutes a day when it comes to physical training to call yourself ‘fit’. The other part is a proper diet, but that means more than just eating salads or only fruit. Eating mindfully is the best thing you can offer your body. Some people would say I still eat like crap, but it’s exactly what my body needs and has the right components to give me a great physique.

“Many people have come up to me saying my music helped them through dark times, or how music has brought them together as a couple. It’s the biggest honor you can achieve if you ask me.” 21 21

2017 is in full force. What plans do you have in store for both your existing fans and new fans this year? Any plans for Miami Music Week that you would like to share with everyone? We’re back in Miami in full force! I’m very proud to be back at Ultra again. I’m also back with my Super You & Me party and also the Mixmash Pool Party which has now moved to Nikki Beach, a bigger venue! I’ll be playing my new single, the track after XOXO, at full force by then. It’s the perfect summer track! I’ll have a lot of poppy stuff coming out this year, but I won’t forget the dance floor. I’ll be releasing some proper bangers in the meantime as well.

When I was first introduced to kandi, it was for Weekend 1 of Ultra Music Festival in 2013. My sorority sisters first introduced me to the rave scene and were my teachers of everything electronic.

I have special memories attached to each piece I receive and trade away.

I began noticing however that a lot of festival goers would come up to me, and just ask for a piece of kandi, and not even Janeah and Tish taught me about the have anything to trade. New age ravers meaning behind this craft, and it all starts forget the true meaning behind it. Because with the acronym PLUR which stands for of these kinds of encounters, I make a Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Sometimes fewwer but more special pieces for each of this gets overlooked with modern ravers, the costumes I wear to different events like such as myself, but I have the old school EDC. ravers to help keep me grounded in it’s actual meaning. Some dance music artists look down on kandi kids and I don’t understand why The concept of kandi is now flooded with that is. I guess what I’m trying to get at is false definitions and meaning. When I go that kandi is a dying art form at festivals, shopping, I constantly see those plastic as much as I hate to say. With EDM going pony bead bracelets available for sale at mainstream, new age festival goers are shops like “Spencer’s” with drug related forgetting what kandi actually is. It is a sayings. To me those are just bracelets, they way to bring people together through the are most definitely not kandi. creativity of one another. Each piece of Love and passion go into each piece of kandi has it’s own story and memories, kandi I make. what does yours hold?









BY MADDIE PERTIWI After months of waiting, we finally came to Djakarta Warehouse Project 2016 (DWP16). The event was held on 9-10 December 2016 at JIEXPO Kemayoran. We thought the festival couldn’t get any bigger especially after the 2015 series that brought Tiesto and Armin van Buuren as headliners. We were wrong! In two days, the festival attracted 90,000 attendees. They wanted to see Zedd, Yellow Claw, Hardwell, and Martin Garrix. This year was also special because Carl Cox made his debut in Indonesia. Like last year, DWP16 had 3 areas. The mighty Garudha Land, Neon Jungle for first day then changed to Life In Color Kingdom for second day, and Cosmic Station for first day then changed to The Darker Side for second day. These 3 areas flooded with fans from beginning to the end. DWP16 really broke the record and crowned as the biggest music festival in Asia. We really hope to experience it all over again in DWP17. Kudos for ISMAYA Live team! We end our note by saying.

See you at DWP17!


Where did the Snowta NYE idea came from? The concept was developed literally close to 10 years ago from a couple of the original Snowta partners. The actual physical planning of the event took a little over a year to accomplish. However, the timing wasn’t right back then. Dance music and festival culture were just starting to bubble in America, and it took up until this year for the stars to align for something like this to happen in Minnesota. Snowta was the direct result of preparation meeting opportunity. What made you want to get involved in the entertainment industry?

As the Talent Buyer how easy is it to find artists? What is the selection process like? Finding artists is the easy part. As a promoter you will already have a clear idea of what kind of talent fits into your event without thinking too hard about it. A good talent buyer and promoter will have extensive knowledge of what artists are relevant in the market and who will fit into the projected budget. You first will reach out to agents of the artists you are aiming for and let them know about the event you are planning, and when it is set to take place. The agent will either tell you there artist is not available that date or they will tell you they are open and to send an offer. So you send an offer, and the agent will take that offer to the artist’s


management and then they will get back to them on whether they are interested. If they are interested, then the agent will try to gouge you for as much money as you can possibly come up with. So you from there, you can either call their bluffand say this is a firm offer or increase the price of the bid or you can resubmit at a higher price. If you say the offer is firm, then you risk the artist passing on the offer. So it’s a gamble. A good talent buyer knows how to play the game and will typically low ball the agent on the first offer, so there is wiggle room in negotiating cost. You have to be careful though because too low of an offer and you will offend the agent which is not good for business. It’s all about finding that happy medium. So you do that over and over again until you land a lineup that you are proud of fits within your budget!

I feel like I fell into this business and never really had a choice, nor was I ever in my life interested in pursuing something else (besides maybe being an astronaut or a firefighter when I was like 5 or 6). I grew up in a family of music. My uncle is Bobby Z from Prince’s band The Revolution and all of my cousins work in either film or music. So I was exposed to the business at a very young age. I developed a profound attraction to music and would listen to it constantly. I was the kid that would get home from school and hop on the computer to discover music all day and night and not turn on the TV once. I even needed to listen to music to fall asleep at night from a very young age. It became a crutch to my very existence. Once I turned like 13 or something I got my first set of turntables and begin learning how to scratch and mix with vinyl. We used to throw crazy ragers constantly. From there I began to

Q1: hired As thetoTalent how easy is it tomaking find artists? timing wasn’t right back then. Dance festival get DJ at Buyer friend’s parties people pay absurd amounts relationships andmusic trustand I have in this Whatrandom is the selection process culture just starting to bubble in not America, and events...until mylike? of money only for the artistwere to show industry if I was sober.and it basement flooded and everything up and do 3 songs 15 minutes took up until this year for the stars to align for something got that was the end of artists before bar closed. hated every inIfMinnesota. you could describe Music Ha! ruined... That’s a funny question. Finding is thethe easy likeI this to happen Snowta was the direct that. promoter in the city, and it started Festival scenes in 5 words what part. As a promoter, you will already have a clear idea of result of preparation meeting opportunity. Just like pickto get hard to work with them. would say? clear idea of how we what kindvery of talent ing the talent. Our team hadyou a pretty fits into your event wanted Snowta to look. We are all seasoned vets in the So I said F*CK IT, I can dobiz, thisthe sh*t 1. You without thinking music total years of experience working in enterway better than anyone anyways. I 2. People too hard about it. A tainment between us all are over 60 years. We took what used the buyrelationships with aand couple 3. hated Are from music festivals across good talent we loved what we of venues I had and booked my 4. er and promoter the globe and used the F*cking blank slate of the convention cenfirst couple shows...from that point, 5. Savages will have extensive ter to curate a festival beyond our wildest imaginations. Chazin Entertainment was born. knowledge of what doinyou artists are relevant Q4: What made youHow wantmany to get artists involved themanage? entertainWhat would you say has been What is the most challenging part? in the market and ment industry? your challenging obstacle to who willmost fit into the overcome during your career? I currently manage one group. A projected budget. I feel like I fell into this business and never really had duo out of Boulder, CO called Beak a choice, nor was ever in my life interested in pursuing Maintaining sobriety without a Nasty. These dudes are literally the The process is the something else (besides maybe being an astronaut or a fire doubt is one of the most difficult most creative and talented kids difficult part. You fighter when I was like 5 or 6. I grew up in a family of muthings to do in this business. For I have ever had the pleasure of first will reach out sic. My uncle is Bobby Z from Princes band The Revoluthe most part, people in the music working with. BIG BIG things in the to agents of the art- tion and all of my cousins work in either film or music. So business are either in recovery works for these two young gods. istsoryou are aiming I was exposed to the business a very young age. I develshould be. It’s pretty black The mostatchallenging part for me is for and let them know about the event you arewhite. planning, oped a profound to music andwork. would listen to it By that time, I had developed and I have struggled with attraction balancing life and and it is set to take will eithermy tellentireconstantly. I was the kid that would get home from school a lotwhen of friends who wereplace. into The agentaddiction life, but I have you there artist is not available that date or they will tell and hop on the of computer to discover music all day and music. A few of friends eventually been able to put together periods you theyaare openwhich and toI took an offer. So youextended send an offer night and notfor turn on the TV once. I even needed to listen formed group sobriety which is key and the agent will then take that that to the artist’s manto music to fall asleep at night from a very young age. It on a management role. I had no my success in this business. agement whomanaging will get back to thebut agent experience anyone, I on It whether would bethey very became a crutch to my very existence. Once I turned like are interested. If theyto arepeople interested, the agent willtotry 13 or something I got my first set of turntables and begin was good at talking and thenhard for me to gauge you for as much money as you can possibly knew how to sell. So, I would look maintain thecome learning how to scratch and mix with vinyl, from there I up with. Saying like “They are interested if you learned about websites and magazines that sold lighting up concerts andsomething find the promoters can get this offer up X amount of dollars, typically in the and like a kid looking at comics I would read lighting and and then pitch this group to them. thousands tens not of thousands, sound catalogues and before you knew it I had turned my More oftentothan we wouldso you from there can either call there bluff and say this is aItfirm offer not increase parents basement into a full-on nightclub. Disco balls, have to sell tickets to earn a slot. the price of thetobid orthe youleast. can resubmit at a higher price. LED lights, Strobe lights, Massive speakers, etc., etc. We was grueling, say We If you say the offer thentons you risk the artist passing used to throw crazy ragers constantly. From there I began did it though, and is wefirm, all had of that come A out to talent buyer knows on friends the offer. So would its a gamble. good to get hired to DJ friends parties and random events. Until the howshows to playso theeventually game and promoters will typically low ball the agent my basement flooded and everything got ruined. That was started to f*ck with us more and on the first offer, so there is wiggle room in negotiating the end of that. more andhave before you knowthough it we because too low of an cost. You to be careful were the you go to booking group forand that’s not good for offer and will offend the agent By that time I had developed allot of friends who were the hottest in town.that happy medium. So you business. Its concerts all about finding into music. One particular group of friends eventually do that over and over again until you land a lineup that formed a group which I took on the role of management. After a while, I started to pick apart you are proud of fits within your budget! I had no experience managing anyone, but I was good at every single event and critique it talking to people and knew how to sell so I would look up show after show. Saying to myself Q2: The Snowta NYE idea came from where? How long concerts and find the promoters and then pitch this group all I would do differently wasthe thesh*t process to design Snowta? to them. More often than not we would have to sell tickets to make it better. Promoters were to earn a slot. It was grueling, to say the least. We did it booking artists for hosting gigs and The idea to do something like this came almost 10 years tho, and we all had tons of friends that would come out to advertising them as liveSnowta concerts, ago from a couple of the partners. However, the the shows so eventually promoters started to fuck with us



Electronic music with a Jazz vibe that is not new to us but it’s something that will rock the hearts of millions. In a profound and meaningful manner this Duo has managed to capture the essence of music. Slow, yet uplifting sounds infuse a somewhat techno beat that takes you to another place. It is moving in ways that are hard to describe, it’s fresh and a breath of grooviness that only a true House Master can bring.


“With this album though, we wanted a looser feel, and I think the jazz influences are part of that. This album essentially came out of a series of extended improvisations where we’d have woodwinds, a guitar, and bass setup and ready to be recorded, and some foley samples and synth sounds ready to go.


Dabin has an uncanny ability to create a wide range of musical styles that is rare in producers today. He toys with the limits of music and his artistic creations are out of this world. Fans agree, as he has gotten over 30 million streams online, sold out crowds flock to see him incorporates electric guitar, live drums, controllers and keyboards into one sensational live show. There is no stopping his success in 2017.




Markus Schulz fans are raging over the ‘In The Night’ a track above the rest. Markus are raging over the trance icons approaching ‘Watch trance icons ‘Watch TheSchulz World’fans album, With Miami Music Week we The album, and more so confident on the track The Night’ and more so on theWorld’ track ‘In The Night’ ft. are that‘In this song, either in its ft. LA-based Tomlinson. a versions will LA-based songstress Brookesongstress Tomlinson. Brooke original state or Through in the remix series of uplifting, positive remixes those Through a series of uplifting, positive vibe vibe catch the wind like afans wildcan firenow through the to enjoy Brooke’s high energy yet smooth vocals remixes those continue fans can now continue to night. many avenues enjoy Brooke’sinhigh energy yet and streams that will conquer any club in the art of music thenothing likes ofbut Dave smooth vocalsscene. in manyLegends avnues and Definitely theNeven, best from Kerfo, Peter Kontor masterful 4 Strings have made streams that will conquer any club and the Markus Schulz. Night’ a track scene. Legends‘In inThe the art of music theabove the rest. With Miami Music Week Kerfo, approaching we are confident that his song, either in likes of Dave Neven, Peter Kontor its original in the remix versions will catch the wind and the masterful 4 Stringsstate haveor made

like a wild fire through the night. Definitely nothing but the best from Markus Schulz.



Every year in Miami, FL thousands come from all over the world to experience the sensational, seven-day adrenaline fest. known as Miami Music Week. Aside from the pinnacle event that is Ultra Music Festival, the 305 is constantly flooded with the wildest pool parties and electric nightlife events. With so many different clubs and venues filling up with the world’s biggest DJs, here are Raver Magazines the top 5 events to catch at Miami Music Week in 2017.

Mixmash Miami Nikki Beach

Laidback Luke’s label Mixmash is bringing their house vibes to South Beach for an afternoon of splashing under the sun. Last year’s Mixmash pool party included appearances from Cesqueax, GTA, Helena Legend, Sander van Doorn, and the label boss himself. Although no lineup has been announced yet, Mixmash has a wide selection of artists and DJs that can prove why Miami is the place to be in March.

Above & Beyond + Eric Prydz RC Cola Plant Coming out hot from the gates, it’s the return of the U.K.’s big trance trio Above & Beyond. With their eclectic collection of mesmerizing hits and their energetic fan base that shine through their over-the-top loyalty, the Grammy-nominated group are also bringing along progressive house legend Eric Prydz. This is an interesting opening act as Above & Beyond are known for bringing opening acts from their label Anjunabeats including the likes of Arty, Audien, Oliver Smith, and Boom Jinx to name a few.

Play Differently Club Space

Before you stop reading this list wondering where the listing for Space Miami’s MMW event is, look no further and behold the stacked lineup for Playdifferently Miami 2017. The thirteen different acts are tried and true veterans who have quenched the thirsty crowds in Downtown Miami dying to dance. From Nicole Moudaber, Pig & Dan, and the legendary Richie Hawtin, Space is the place to be after day 1 of Ultra Music Festival.

Dirtybird B2B Throwdown Trade

Before you stop reading this list wondering where the listing for Space Miami’s MMW event is, look no further and behold the stacked lineup for Playdifferently Miami 2017. The thirteen different acts are tried and true veterans who have quenched the thirsty crowds in Downtown Miami dying to dance. From Nicole Moudaber, Pig & Dan, and the legendary Richie Hawtin, Space is the place to be after day 1 of Ultra Music Festival.

Kryder + Tom Starr - Cartel HEART

Heart Nightclub is also competing to make Friday their night. To do that, their hosting the Cartel with Kryder and Tom Staar. These frequent collaborators also have a lineup that will be announced with more new faces and familiar stars. Catch Cartel on Friday, March 24th at Heart during Miami Music Week.









After the third Pendulum album Immersion, the drum and bass band became directionless with their music. During these troublesome times for the band, lead singer Rob Swire and bass guitarist Gareth McGrillen stepped into a new direction with a new side project called

Knife Party around 2011. Things blew up for the newly formed duo as their song “Internet Friends” became a viral sensation and their most memorable track to date. Since then, the band has released four EPs, an album, and remixed Swedish House Mafia, Porter Robinson, Nero, and Labrinth.

GALANTIS A minor surprise that became a tour de force in the world of electro and progressive house was the formation the sea-fox toting duo Galantis. Style of Eye (Linus Eklöw) and Christian Karlsson (of Miike Snow) had worked closely around and with each other before, but it wasn’t until the initial success of their singles “Smile” and “You” that the duo established themselves as some of electronic music’s innovative new acts. Since then, they have seen the most success with their megahit “Runaway (U & I)” and continued to see fanfare appreciations with tracks like “Peanut Butter Jelly”, “No Money”, “Gold Dust”, and most recently “Love On Me.”

GET REAL It was never a secret that Dirtybird founder and label boss Claude VonStroke and house/techno mastermind Green Velvet have come together for unique back-to-back sets and that their own styles compliment one another. So it only felt natural to find these two joining forces with their collaborative project Get Real. Although the duo has very little music released under their new moniker, their sets across the country are nothing short of legendary that produce massive crowds to see these two vets DJ side-by-side.


One of 2017’s most unsuspecting moves was witnessing trap kinds Flosstradamus split. Josh Young revealed on Instagram that he wanted to separate himself from Flosstradamus in order to focus on solo material under the name J2K while still maintaining his love for fans of his time as a duo. Meanwhile,

Curt Cameruci will continue making music under the Flosstradamus banner. This move came as a shock as the duo was a core part in the rise of electronic dance music’s trap sub-genre with their remix of “Original Don” by Major Lazer. Although no major developments have come from either party since the split, we’ll find out soon what these two have in store in 2017.


WHAT SO NOT Flume and Emoh Instead were and are currently the biggest names in the ever-changing music landscape Australia has to offer. By 2010, these two began to leave a large impression on the larger EDM scene with their formation as What So Not. However, due to the struggle between Flume’s increasing absences at What So Not performances and creative differences, Flume announced his departure from

EDM had never truly seen a messy break-up the size and magnitude of Krewella’s split. After successfully becoming the new emerging sound of electro house, dubstep, and drum and bass, the trio released an album and toured sold-out shows across the United States. That all ended when Kristopher “Rain Man” Trindl appeared to resign from the group. The drama exploded when Kristopher sued the remaining members Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf and their manager claiming he was being unfairly thrown out of the group. With a $5

the duo and Emoh instead announced that he would continue as What So Not. After the release of the final track they did together under the Gemini EP, Flume continued to grow in his single efforts and recently dropped his sophomore album Skin. Meanwhile, What So Not dropped his first solo releases under the Divide & Conquer EP and his monster remix of “Innerbloom” by Rufus du Sol.


million lawsuit thrown in their faces, Krewella fired back with a counter lawsuit claiming that Kristopher was out of control with his drug and alcohol abuse while faking his DJ performances alongside them. Ultimately, the sisters continued to push new music under Krewella while Rain Man linked up with Buygore Records and began releasing music on his own where he has collaborated with Sirah, Omar LinX, Oly, Krysta Young, and more.

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (February Edition)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (February Edition) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Laidback Luke, Cosmic Gate, Fedd...

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (February Edition)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (February Edition) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Laidback Luke, Cosmic Gate, Fedd...