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E DIT OR 2016 is now long and gone. So many things happened last year that we are proud to have been a part of. We experienced laughter, amazing music, new memories and above all, joy. Together Raver Mag. has grown into a family that is united for one thing and one thing only, Our Love of Music. I want to thank everyone for helping to turn Raver Mag. into what it is today. Without you, we would not be here. Looking forward 2017 things are starting to take shape. This year, we are looking to grow and publish not only on the digital side, but also on the print side. We want to bring the magazine to you. We want others to see what we are building together as a Raver family. We are looking to partner with prime labels to feature not only their headliners but also artists that are truly bringing forth the vibe that is new and fresh to the community. Comment on what we post. Share with us your thoughts. Ultimately you are the ones who guide the music. This is YOUR magazine and we hope that the love and support you share with us in 2016 carries over and grows into 2017!

Michael Beas

CEO of Raver Magazine

You have a biographical movie coming out this February, Robin Schulz The Movie, tell us what your fans can expect to see when watching it? We had a camera team following me and my team for one year; through all of the traveling I did across the last 12 months, some of my first massive live shows, the first club I played, the first steps where I initially started DJing, my clothing collection I will put out, up to where we planned and played last Ibiza season! It’s very personal and portrays my daily life. And of course there is a lot of music in this film, too.

In the third trailer we actually saw that you also have a passion for barbecue, what’s the dish you love serving to your friends? Yes. Cooking and barbecuing are new favorite

hobbies. I love cooking for my friends and team, which sometimes looks a little different than you see in


the trailer. I enjoy making great steaks and especially pulled pork is one my favorite meats to grill.

From jet setting across the world to calling the insanely popular Pacha nightclub in Ibiza your home, there’s a lot that you’ve accomplished these past few years. What kind of projects or plans do you have for 2017? There is so much happening for me in 2017! I am working on a big project to release a new album. The first single is “Shed a Light,” a collaboration which is already out with my friends David Guetta and Cheat Codes! I’m excited of course by the film, my own clothing collection, Ibiza season, new concerts and a very special headphone editionto come as well! I am of course mostly looking forward to the new music.

Do you prefer smaller, more intimate venues or playing enormous festivals? I like both. My small club gigs are very rare to be honest. But of course they are fun as well. I would lie if I was to say that I do not enjoy the big stages as well... Your song Sugar with Francesco Yates is very reminiscent of the Baby Bash song Suga Suga, do you find inspiration in songs you grew up with? How do you discover new sounds? Samples in my music are usually influenced by my personal music taste and history. I look to what I like about a sound or how I can take an old song into a new direction. I also look for new singers, songs and am always seeking new sounds. Born and raised in Germany and by a father who also is a DJ, it’s no surprise that your music has taken the dance scene by storm. Tell us more about when you were younger and first started producing. When I was young my dad had a massive

“Samples in my music are usually influenced by my personal music taste and history.”

record collection, so I was always at home for hours listening to his records. It was then that I got in touch with what you call electronic music these days. My mum also ran a club back in the day, so at an early age, I dreamed to be a DJ. How has is been working closely with David Guetta on your newest track Shed A Light? David Guetta is a legend and I really look up to him. He is also a great guy and a true friend! What I like most aboutDavid Guetta is that he is an absolute music lover and has a lot of experience in producing. It was great fun and I feel very honored working with him! I am very happy about the result as well. Is there anyone you’re hoping to collaborate with soon? There are a bunch of people I would love to work with! The good thing is that I cannot tell you because I am working to cross some of these names off my wish list for the new album.



You’ve stated before that your music is inspired by your urge to travel to exotic countries…. You’ve toured and hit (almost) every continent. From Asia, Africa, South America, Europe and North America, what would you say has been the most defining moment during your travels? The Australian leg of my Tell My Heart tour was awesome! Although it’s very far away, the people make the journey so worth the while as they ooze passion and energy. Being back home in Johannesburg was definitely highlight as well. I was very humbled by the response I received and the energy there was another level! While traveling, how do you stay level-headed? What gives you energy? What makes you “feel at home?” I wouldn’t say anything really makes me “feel at home”, until I am actually back at home! Of course speaking to loved ones via Facetime or so when I am away helps, and having certain foods or listening to certain music. The very best is having someone join me on tour, but of course that’s not always a possibility. People who listen to your music know that it’s an embodiment of tropic melodies, has subtle deep bass and percussion, funkadelic poly-phonics, etc… How would you describe it? My music is a blend of styles from all over the world. I like to pair intricate instrumentals with groovy, or deep basslines. I don’t think you could really classify my productions into one specific genre! Your sound seems to have metamorphosed somewhat since the beginning of your career. Why do you think that is? I always wanted Nora En Pure to stand for classy (but fun) music. I feel I am now at a place where I can make the tracks that I really want, trying out new things, but keeping it recognizable. Before the big boom for electronic dance music happened, you played the flute, drums and piano. What sparked you to dive into the world of production? What are some fun ways you’ve integrated these three instruments together? Back in 2007 I was in my friend’s studio for the first time in Zurich. This experience opened my mind to electronic music, before I even had much experience of this music in clubs. I was blown away by how flexible and creative you could be. To me, your music puts me in a “happy place.” It’s as if it’s a state of reverie… What is your reverie? That would be South Africa. I often daydream about being back home, as I just love being so close to nature and wildlife…

“My music is a blend of styles from all over the world.” If we were to flip through your Spotify playlist, what would be the top tracks you’re listening to? I really enjoy tracks of Lane 8, Rufus, Jeremy Olander, Joris Voorn and similar. Would you ever tour with the top people who play those top tracks? Being a top producer is not the same as being a top DJ but all of these mentioned above are certainly quality acts and sometimes better known for their sets than for their productions. What I enjoy most of touring with someone is that you can learn a lot and get to know another style and perspective, its often very mind opening. Last question, it’s more of a spiritual question more than anything. What would Nora En Pure’s spirit animal be? I always admired and studied Cheetahs when I was in nature. For Nora En Pure I think the elegance or class of this animal would fit.








KALEEM TAYLOR INTERVIEW BY KIMBERLY PHAN I do prefer having some music before writing, I feel it gives me the idea of what I want to sing about, it could be just some keys or a basic structure but I do like some music before writing. Can you paint a picture as to what your creative process is like?

My creative process consists of me going through some melodies in my head, then I gradually sing them out with random words. I usually find the melodies first then write according to the feel of the music. Since the beginning of your singing career, how do you think you sound has changed?

Behind every successful DJ is a vocalist who gives their track a voice, literally. London-based singer and song writer, Kaleem Taylor has been making waves since he offered his vocals to international dance music don Tchami, for his 2013 club hit ‘Promesses.’ Over the past couple of years, Kaleem Taylor has gained worldwide recognition for his rich and endearing voice. Imagine a cross between Frank Ocean, Tyrese and Miguel, and you’ve got Kaleem Taylor. He’s worked alongside producers such as Snakehips, Memeb, Shy Luv and The Code, as well as performing alongside the likes of Miguel, Boyz II Men and Ryan Leslie. With his voice, passion and notable work-ethic, 2017 is surely to be Kaleem Taylor’s year…. You heard it here first from Raver Magazine’s very own, Kimberly Phan. Your voice is so enriching… In the world of electronic dance music, you’re a vocalist and an artist who’s got such rich R&B roots and its apparent since your influences are Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and D’Angelo. Aside from that, what’s been your inspiration to merge these two worlds?

The merge was quite unexpected to be honest. The first dance song I did with Tchami was actually an original song of mine already, and once that happened and worked well we just continued. You’re a singer and a songwriter… Tell me, when it comes to lyricism, do you prefer to have the music first or do you write lyrics before the music is developed?


I think I’ve grown, just constantly singing and being around other singers and writers I think you grow naturally. Whether it be trying things you wouldn’t do normally or just being in a session with someone who’s well experienced, you pick things up and try to incorporate them into your own stuff. To me, your voice is a mixture of Tyrese, Miguel and Frank Ocean. How would you describe your sound?

Wow! Thank you. It’s hard for me to describe it really, I do what feels right. I like a message, feelings and honesty, any way I can get that out I’m happy. What artists in the electronic and R&B realm would you want to collaborate with in 2017?

Nobody in particular, just good people with good vibes so we can make some good music. While you were in the studio producing ‘By My Side,’ you said you were “testing the waters” by making it broader than the releases you started it out with. Can you explain?

Well the song was initially done at a writing camp. We were given a guide as to what was required but I didn’t think about it, I just went with what felt right. So even if the music may not be ‘my sound’ I just wanted to be myself on the song. With 2016 coming to a close, are there any musical or spiritual goals you want to achieve?

I’ve had a great, inspiring year and I pray for more life and progress. Thank you for having me.

So my whole idea is to be the light and spread the light and share my musical talent and inspire others to love one another help people find that happy place. So that reflects on the name. So that’s basically how you came up with the name? Yeah, someone actually recommended to have a halo part of my stage and part of my name….it just clicked and made sense to me for me to take it on.


Tell us what Halo the artist is all about?

What got you started into music?

Since the age of 7 I learned to play piano, playing recitals, listening to soundtracks and translating that on the piano from there it evolved. I have a terrible memory and couldn’t remember what I played so then I started producing and the programs stored what I played. I always loved singing too so I tied it all in together with the producing. Then eventually DJ-ing was a way for me to express my musical endeavors live.


I heard that you weren’t always a singer, how did that evolve? So I didn’t always think of myself as an amazing singer. My parents used to make fun of me, joking around that it wasn’t my strongest suit. But over time I started singing over my tracks, putting it out, and people were loving it and complimenting my voice. So from there I started developing my own sound, and did some vocal coaching…it just worked out and here I am. What artist(s) inspire you or do you mold after? There are so many…currently my biggest admiration is Zedd because he plays piano and incorporates the piano into his production and live sets, it inspires me so much. I love it when live instruments are incorporated into electronic. It brings such a real and unique dynamic. I really like Calvin Harris too as he does it all, produce, dj, and sings on his own tracks. So what are you thought processes when writing music? Do you have routines or quirks that get you into that zone? I’m pretty much a go with the flow, I don’t force it. If an idea or inspiration hits me, I take it and run with it. When you are not even trying that’s


where it really evolves and come to light, it could be in a car or just random things around me. I always try to create something different and unique, kind of like how Skrillex approaches his music creation. Do you feel EDM has crossed over too much into mainstream pop culture?

I don’t, I think it’s great that it’s getting the attention it is getting because I don’t like pop music, even growing up I felt disconnected from pop music. So now seeing the music trends and having the crossover, music makes sense to me and I enjoy it now that EDM is getting recognized on the mainstream, especially when there isn’t a whole lot of music I like. So what’s next for Halo? I am finishing up an album set to release in a month or 2, new single about to be released soon. Collaborating with different groups, currently working with Pangea Music Group laying some vocals on some projects they have going. Lot’s big things coming up.

Immersive EDC Las Vegas Virtual Reality Experience at CES 2017 BY MICHAEL BEAS

VRLIVE and Insomniac just announced a historic virtual reality collaboration set to debut at CES 2017. Now, fans and Ravers alike can experience and relive their memoires in a way never thought of before. VRLIVE’s cutting-edge technology offers 360º footage of Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas. If you ever wanted to be at two places at once, catching multiple producers in the heart of the action as if you were standing right there, and can’t because both producers are playing at the same time, well the future is here and this is the opportunity you have been waiting for. With 250 performances from artists across eight of EDC’s massive stages and fourteen iconic Art Cars can now be seen and lived and relived time and time over. There has never been a better way to relive the experience. One that you can only wish to share with your close family as the sands of time passes. This is truly the most innovative, original, cutting edge vibe any company can bring to rave community; Full Support from us at Raver Mag. More Information and How to Check It Out for Yourself… In 2016, VRLIVE partnered with Insomniac for the first time to capture 360º VR footage over three spectacular nights at EDC Las Vegas 2016. A trailer of the immersive experience can be viewed at CES on Jan.


5-7 from 10 AM – 6 PM, at the VRLIVE Lounge in the expansive Gibson Brand activation tent, located directly outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hosted on the VRTGO platform, users will wear Samsung GearVR headsets in addition to Onkyo and Philips headphones, allowing them to explore and relive the milestone 20th Anniversary of EDC in Las Vegas. A video of the VRLIVE lounge activation at EDC can be watched HERE. The Insomniac and VRLIVE CES experience will also be accessible to millions of fans at home around the world, at Tickets to the 21st edition of EDC in Las Vegas are still available. Taking place June 16, 17 and 18, EDC Las Vegas 2017 will bring another year of dance music legends, interactive art installations, countless creative stage productions, and an accepting community celebrating life and love to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 3-day Early Owl General Admission passes are now sold out. Later Owl 3-Day General Admission passes are priced at $355 plus taxes and fees. Three-day VIP passes will be available for $699 for those 21 and over, before taxes and fees. Layaway pricing options are available for all ticket types. Festival tickets, shuttle passes, lockers and premier parking for the one-ofa-kind adventure are available at: https://edclasvegas.

With great fanfare and a fairytale lineup, Middlelands 2017 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated festivals this season. This festival is curated by non other than Insomniac in collaboration with C3 Presents and will take place May 5th through the 7th at the Texas Renaissance Festival Fairgrounds in Todd Mission, Texas. It’s the first camping music festival of it’s kind to incorporate a Medieval theme within it’s stages, campgrounds, art displays and overall production. Middlelands shows lots of promise with a weekend filled with magical installations, characters from different kingdoms and performances fit for royalty. The lineup is simply one of the best in all the land, drawing out the best names from different sub-genres within dance music: Alison Wonderland, Bassnectar, Bonobo (Live), NGHTMRE, Galantis, Kaskade, Major Lazer, Marshmello, Phantogram, Seven Lions and so many more.

We hope to see all our Rave Queens and Kings there!



‘AMBER SKY’ AIRWAVE Airwave returns to Bonzai Progressive. The news comes along with not one but rather two remixes that are smooth and subtle almost as the are works of what we consider to be musical genius. 2016 was a killer year for Laurent Veronnez. Playing all over the world he was relentless in making new fans and feeding his loyal tribe of trance enthusiasts from all over the spectrum.


As the name suggests, “Rollercoa Max Styler, really takes on a wild genres. Each of the artists’ signat in this upbeat track. The song sta drops in the bouncey house rhyt The initial drop is exciting and sm build. This time however Dirty Au a heavier dubstep kick that adds the listeners to enjoy. Finally, as t the two artists team up to bring i of a compilation of the two styles quicker and punchier bassline, th shows off not only the skill of eac how well they can work together music.



aster” by Dirty Audio and ride of music and across ture styles are on display arts with a slow climb that thm courtesy of Max Styler. moothly leads into the second udio switches it up with new twists and turns for the ride reaches its climax, in the final, exciting loop s. House overtones with a he final stretch of the song ch individual artist, but just r to make even more amazing

Go-Pro head cam footage from skiing, bungee jumping, scuba-diving and zip-wiring is just the beginning of what to expect from 20-year-old identical twins, Sonia and Anna and their new single ‘Set Us Free’. The Ukrainian Duo co-wrote this track with the acclaimed Fiona Bevan and Max McElligott, and then passed it to Greg Fitzgerald for some production touches that only a master music maker could produce. There is passion, power and a willingness to survive in this track. The beat is pure and has a cutting edge flare that is almost as extreme as its video. This is perhaps because of they got stuck in Ukraine for half a year during a political up-rise. In essence this single is a vivid call for freedom a freedom that we take for granted sometimes here. Their debut album, which has been recorded and produced by Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes, will be out in 2017.






Melodic Trap/Future Bass and Chill Trap are very interesting and beautiful choices of genres to create. What drew you to create this kind of music? A lot of my music is driven from intense emotions. For example, when I was making my next single called ‘Let Me Go’, I was going through a pretty rough time and decided to make something with an emotional vibe. I wanted to pour my emotions into the song. My emotions inspire all of my music and what you hear is what I felt. Coincidentally, I think I found my niche. So if you get a chance definitely check out ‘Let Me Go’, it comes out on January 30th on Trap Nations sub-label Lowly Palace. Who were some of your major inspirations when you started creating music? I would say that two of the people that have inspired me are, What So Not and Seven Lions. I’m am also very inspired from classical artists like Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Bach, Chopin, and many others. The classical artists were absolute geniuses and used their knowledge of classical music theory to set certain moods for their pieces. I strive to capture the same emotions as them in my music. Are there any up and coming artists that interest you? Some upcoming artists that interest me are Xan Griffen, KRNE, Vanic, Ekali, Jinco, VNDL, Last Heroes, and so many others I wish I could list them all. I am currently working on a collab with Last Heroes and VNDL. I’m also currently speaking with Jinco about a future collaboration. What are some major goals or milestones you hope to meet in 2017? My goals for 2017 are to get future tracks signed on some of my favorite labels (Owlsla, Monstercat, and Mad Decent). I think this will help with my main goal of connecting with the masses via my music. As for the festival and venue markets, I love to play shows. I’m actually playing at a dope new venue in Minneapolis called Monarch in March that I’m pumped for. I would really love to play festivals like Ultra, EDC, Camp Bisco, Coachella and all of the other major festivals. What kind of impression do you want your music to leave on your audience? In other words, what kind of emotions, reactions or images do you want to create in your listeners with your music? I want my music to leave an everlasting emotion with anyone that listens to it. I want my fans to feel euphoric and forget about any troubles they are currently going through in life, and let the music take over.

Looking back at 2016, what are some of the highlights for you? What really made 2016 memorable for you? Obviously the simple answer would be the success of “Your Embrace� with 1M plus plays on YouTube, but what moment left a lasting impression on you the most and how can that same energy tranced on you into 2017 and beyond? 2016 was a great year for me as an artist. I feel that 2016 was the year I truly found my musical identity. My biggest accomplishments were getting signed to an agency and management company. My track “Your Embrace was in a major compilation that became the number one album on iTunes, electronic music. I played my first Festival, and graduated from Rutgers University. I have a degree in Cognitive Science and minor in Music. For 2017, I hope to grow even more as an artist. My biggest goal is for millions of people to hear my upcoming tracks, and for it to leave a lasting impression on them. In your words, define success? Success to me is to have my music heard and enjoyed all over the world on major platforms. Success is when an artist or a fan understand what they are trying to portray, and recognize their own style. Just like My biggest inspirations are What So Not & Seven Lions, I want my music to continue to have the ability for the listener to feel the emotions of the music, yet still dance and enjoy it at festivals and venues. It is difficult to cross the bridges between the chill emotional vibe infused with the hard-hitting drops of the more club-based genres (trap, dubstep, and so forth). It is very important to understand that no matter what happens, never give up. Even if you get rejected by labels, tastemakers, and blogs, do not stop learning and creating, because at the end of the day, you as an artists are doing what you love.


“I want my music to leave an everlasting emotion with anyone that listens to it.�


Music x Technology: The Live Room at KEXP

Microsoft and KEXP unveil the interactive upgrade to KEXP’s Live Studio (472 1st Avenue N) in Seattle, WA. This was only a sneak peek of what is to come, but in short it is truly a marvel of what Music and Technology can bring when forward thinking artist come together with a truly innovative way to maximize our own experiences. “The Future is Now as Music x Technology combine to form: The Live Room at KEXP” Simply Amazing... Full Support from us at Raver Magazine! KEXP will be releasing a video of the Car Seat Headrest performance on their YouTube Channel later this month, alongside a behind-the-scenes video of the project. In addition, Seattle locals can stop by the KEXP gathering space and see a series of Interactive Artist Portraits created by artist Carlo Van de Roer, which features portraits of Phantogram, Matthew Dear and Alan Palomo of Neon Indian. The images were commissioned by Microsoft, with each portrait celebrating a forward-thinking artist who has created compelling and innovative work using Microsoft technology. The project will be on display until January 31st. The KEXP Live Room is the latest collaboration featured on Music x Technology, an initiative that celebrates forward-thinking artists who are using Microsoft technology to transform the way we create and experience music. With artist collaborations, the program seeks to empower artists with unique opportunities to create one-of-a-kind experiences for their fans. For more information, visit:


Kaskade x Incase : The Ultimate Travel Experience BY COLBURN JUNIS

Grammy nominee, Kaskade, has decided to partner up with Incase to bring out an exclusive travel-focused capsule collection for any techie or DJ whom calls the sky their 2nd home. Kaskade who is a music producer and DJ has spent the equivalent of one year in the sky as he travels city to city performing his sets to millions of people and decided he needed to design a line of capsules himself for any seasoned traveler.

“When I found Incase I loved the way it looked and more importantly, I loved the way it worked, design and functionality were there, living happily together,” said Kaskade. “When I decided I wanted to design a line of luggage, Incase was my first phone call.” Together Kaskade and Incase have designed a collection to deliver supreme organization, protection, and utility intent to fully complement a traveler and their equipment. The collection ranges from sleek carry-on roller bag, contemporary Backpack, and a mesh constructed headphone case, each designed with an interior lining featuring Kaskade’s custom geometric pattern.

Additional accessories include a Cable Accessory Bag, Passport Wallet, SD Card Wallet, Portable Power 2500 mAh, USB Light, Luggage ID Tag, two protective iPhone 7 cases and two iPhone 7 Plus cases with the signature Kaskade ‘K.’ As long admirers of his music and career, we were equally as impressed to learn Ryan’s valuable insight and the top qualities he wanted in his travel collection,” said Andy Fathollahi, Chief Executive. “We knew the partnership was a perfect match when Ryan’s three most important design features seamlessly aligned with Incase’s design principles, emphasizing portability, simplicity, and functionality.”



Inpetto & Raver Mag Miami Music Week Warm Up P L AY L I S T

Stonebank feat. Dylan Dunlap - Back To Start (Original Mix)

A-Trak feat. Phantogram - Parallel Lines (Bart B More Remix)

Niko The Kid feat. Brave - Wasting My Time (Original Mix)

DJ Snake & Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix)

Ellie Goulding - Army (Mike Mago Remix)

Habstrakt feat. Bad Jokes - Gimme (Original Mix)

Mike Mago feat. Dragonette - Secret Stash (The Him Remix)

Inpetto & Lauren Mason - Need More (Original Mix)

Fox Stevenson & Mesto - Chatterbox (Original Mix)

Joyryde - Hot Drum (Original Mix)

Dillon Francis & Will Heard - Anywhere (Luca Lush Remix) - Columbia (Sony)

Nytrix - Stay Here Forever (JVST SAY YES Remix)

Dolf feat. JVZEL - F**K It All Up (Original Mix) Inpetto - Million Miles (VIP Mix) -

NGHTMRE - Street (Crankdat Remix) Diplo & Autoerotique - Waist Time (Original Mix) -

Slander feat. WAVZ - Love Again (Adam K Remix)

Slander & YOOKIE feat. Jinzo - After All (Habstrakt Remix)

Matt Nash - Know My Love (MazZz & Constantin Remix)

Autoerotique - Run For Cover (Original Mix) - DIM MAK

Felix Cartal - Keep Up (Feat. Steph Jones) (Brohug Remix)

Hasse de Moor & GLD - WORK (Original Mix) Spinnin Brohug - Marshall (Original Mix)


Before his set at Charlotte, Label, Raver Mag had an opportunity to catch up with Morgan Page for a quick Q&A. Here is what he shared up with us.

Born in Vermont, you got into music when you were only 12 years old and that is only the start of what can now be considered historic. My question is, how did you get into music so young in life? When did it all start coming together for you and more so what words of wisdom can you share with others that can help them on their musical journey, especially those that look up to you as a mentor? There wasn’t social media at the time, in my case it came together and started with college radio. I lived far enough from the city that I was able to pick up from frequencies from college radio stations, I heard all types of music and I wondered what is this vibe I am hearing? This style of music was not something you wouldn’t hear it anywhere else. Some stations where doing late night mix shows, but to hear them you had to be up at 4 am. I would send in cassettes and demos into radio stations and I was naively thinking I could do something better then others who we playing. I realized I had a lot to learn but it was something I loved and was passionate about. Some of the radio stations where nice enough to play my music and that gave me the confidence to keep on making music. Eventually I began to working with different radio stations, and then record labels. In my case it was about building organic relations. A lot of my demos would get rejected at


first. Even when you’re in the process its a struggle. I think it is important to build relationships and be around people who are lifers and who are in it for the long haul. You don’t really know early on. What’s weird about the whole thing is that a lot of the DJ’s I looked up to early on are not DJ’s anymore. I saw a lot of guys that went so far and then just gave up that it was upsetting to see them go. Most people think you play a song and then one day to the next you have people that want to sign you and take you to the next level and get you booked everywhere, but it just doesn’t work that way. I mean some people get lucky but that doesn’t happen a lot. Why do you think that is? Why do you feel some great local talent goes away or just fades out? I ask because there are so many DJs and artists now that it is a shame to see them give up on their dream, especially when some are very talented. I am not sure why, but I think it’s because a lot of people want to be a big fish in a small pond and only do what they feel are comfortable with. No one likes to feel discomfort but sometimes you have to invite some failure, you have to invite some discomfort if you want to grow. I think that’s the key. You need to get out of your comfort zone and hustle it up. You have to know going in that you are competing against people that are so much better then you are and you have to work it as best you can. Even for me now, things are somewhat easier but it’s still hard. That never goes away, you have to always fight to have your music played and you still have to work hard to keep ahead of the game.

“I think that’s the key. You need to get out of your comfort zone and hustle it up.”

Was there ever a moment where you thought, “WOW I’ve made it!” You know that defining moment that you knew that this would from now on be your career?

Your new track with Steve James, “Candles” is gaining worldwide plays. Talk to us a little about the track and why you think it is a success.

There’s never a moment where you think damn I’ve made it, at least not for me. I guess if you’re The Chainsmokers with millions and millions of views, you might be like, “well I can live”, but usually it doesn’t work out that way.

This was a true 50 / 50 partnership to produce “Candles”. Steve James is really talented and together we worked closely together to come up with the idea to make it and turn it into what it is today. We wanted to make it right and pushed hard on it. So, we went back and forth on it quite a bit. We both also hit the studio quite endlessly to craft right vibe for it. I even played the ukulele to hit a different melody and sound. The vocals had to be right. I can tell you it was definitely an adventure to get “Candles” to the point that it is today and we are happy we can finally play it with everyone. The hype and feedback has been amazing. So all the work and effort in the end is definitely paying off especially with the support of Proximity.

It’s easy when you get to a certain spot in your career to plateau and just be complacent with where you are, but most artists in the industry keep perfecting their craft, they keep going back to the studio to make more music because it’s something that they love doing everyday. That’s what separates people I think and that’s what keeps on evolving in your life. There’s a quote that comes to my mind always “Everyone wants to get famous, but no one wants to do the work.” So my way of thinking is to work hard always and keep pushing every day to perfect what you love, the rest will follow.


Check out “Candles” and visit: http://www.morgan-page. com for more on Morgan Page.

Bob Sinclar - Stand Up (Club Mix) Galantis - Pillow Fight (Galantis & CID VIP Remix) Mr. Belt & Wezol - Boogie Wonderland (Extended Mix) Robbie Rivera ft Linney - Stardust (Original Mix) Don Diablo - Switch (Extended Mix) Lika Morgan - Feel The Same (EDX’s Dubai Skyline Remix) D eko - Liberty (Extended Mix) Stephan Amount - They Can’t Stop Us (Mr. Thomas Remix) Blvckprint & Lewis Arlo - Flip Flop (Original Mix) Coco Fay - Paradise (Original Club Mix) CID & askade - Sweet Memories (Moguai Remix) Audiobru - Crazy In Love (Audiobruz Remix) Nicola Fasano & Miami Rockets - No Way (Alex Guesta Mix) Luca Debonaire - Walking On Clouds (Croatia Squad Remix) Subshock & vangelos - Don’t Stop (Original Mix) Chris River & Iron Touch - Funky Stuff (Original Mix) Svee ft Robin White - Your Loving Arms (BLK LGND Remix)


Where do you get your inspiration? How long do you typically spend in the studio or on a track? Inspiration always comes from the great music that I’ve found and wanting to share that music with my friends- that’s what got me wanting to DJ in the first place. The best tracks come together quickly and the ideas click right away. The devil is in the details though, so getting those details right takes a lot of time. I’ve never measured exactly but I’d say it takes at least 30-60 hours worth of work to finish a track. You started DJing solo in March of 2015, not even 2 years now into the music industry and your following and music has taken off very quickly! What’s your secret to success? Before 2015 that I was in a DJ duo called Prom Night, so I wasn’t a total novice. Whatever small success I’ve achieved came from a lifetime immersed in music and making the effort to learn music production and marketing simultaneously. Half of it is making the music, the other half is getting it heard. You’ve partnered with Sirup Music for “Don’t Give It Up” and “Daylight” - both out on Beatport. They have a summer-house and tropical vibe. How do you know this is what the fans want? Thanks very much! Glad you like them. I’ve been lucky to have EDX give me advice and release my music on Sirup. As far as the fans and what they want to hear, that’s always a guess. I’m a music fan first, so I consider their experience: are they listening in the car? On the beach? Out for a run? On the dancefloor? I want the track to work in all of those contexts. Your name is always published positively and you are so humble with your work. How did you get so much exposure so quickly? I think I just really understand how much great music is being made that for someone to spend their time listening to my stuff or writing about me is really something. As far as exposure, it goes back to studying marketing and PR. Dialect Radio Show is available exclusively on iTunes and Soundcloud. What are the benefits of creating a radio show for your fans? What feedback do you get?

I get tons of feedback from all over the world about the radio show. I think dance music fans want mixes because they want to go on a ride with you, get lost for an hour. If someone vibes with you for a whole hour, they’ll probably be a fan for life. Doing mixes is an incredible way to showcase and develop your sound- I really feel like doing the radio show has helped me cement my sound and who I am as an artist. Who has been your favorite artist to collaborate with so far? What was your favorite venue to perform at? The best collaboration is the one that’s not out yet! My favorite venue to perform at was Lure in Hollywood, even though that’s a very tough question. With all the rising artists in Miami, how do you differ from the rest of the house artists? What makes you special? I have many different influences compared to most of the Miami guys. A lot of them grew up around Latin music and you can hear it in their sets. Also I love Miami but Miami isn’t the goal- I want my music to take me around the world. What can’t you leave the house without? With traveling so often, how do you keep your energy up? Traveling can be draining, but meeting new people and seeing new places is also energizing and leaves you inspired. It’s a trade off. I never leave the house without pants. That’s a big one.

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (Winter Edition)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (Winter Edition) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Robin Schulz, Morgan Page, Nurko,...

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (Winter Edition)  

RAVER MAGAZINE 017 (Winter Edition) Read this month's issue of Raver Magazine featuring interviews with Robin Schulz, Morgan Page, Nurko,...