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always been so much fun. This year we had a second

like and I don’t think I’d feel good about it.

room, which we called the worldwide stage and we

Raver Mag: It goes without saying that you’re one of

had some great acts like Mednas from Morocco and

the most talented producers in the world of electronic

Raiden from South Korea. For me, it was incredible to

dance music. Music aside, you’re a human being first

see how much international reach Protocol now has.

and foremost. Tell me, what are you passionate about?

We also had Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano swing

What do you like doing that makes you feel alive? What

by for a surprise set which was great!

shakes you up?

Raver Mag: Currently loving all of the mixes from

Nicky Romero: At the moment I’m really passionate

“Nicky Romero Presents Protocol x ADE 2016.”

about my photography. I recently invested in a really cool new camera and I’ve set up my own Instagram for

Nicky Romero: Glad you like them! Lately, I have been

my photos. I think that reveals another side of me, so if

focusing on experimenting in the studio, incorporating

you’re interested you should go and check it out.

the instruments that I play (piano, drums, guitar, etc.) and also working with musicians such as Nile

Raver Mag: From your tours over the past four

Rodgers, Colton Avery and The Script. I’ve always

years, what would you say was the most emotional

been attracted to music with strong melodies and


tracks that make you feel something. I hope that this always shows through in my productions. First and

Nicky Romero: The first time you play somewhere is

foremost, I always make music that I like and that I

always very cool. For me, a really special moment was

would want to listen to, because if I don’t like it, how

when I played Ultra Japan last year. It was my first

can I expect other people to?

time there and I couldn’t believe the response I had over half the crowd had Nicky Romero t-shirts, flags,

Raver Mag: The world of electronic dance music has

masks – it was really overwhelming. When it’s your first

become a saturated market. What do you think artists

time in a country, you never know what the reaction is

have to do to stay relevant or have to do to stay at their

going to be or how many people will turn up, so that

current caliber?

was incredible and I’ve been back several times since!

Nicky Romero: I think that leads on from my last point

Raver Mag: Anyone who hears your music knows that

- the idea of believing in what you are putting out there

it embodies angelic melodies, the funkiest discords,

and staying true to yourself and your sound. No one

swanky drops and harmonious transitions. If you were

will respect you if you keep moving with the trends and

to describe your music to someone who could not

the new ‘cool sound’ and it will show through in your

hear, how would you?

productions as there won’t be any authenticity. Nicky Romero: I think you just did a pretty good job of Raver Mag: Has there been a point in your career

that! I’m going to use your words ;)

where you’ve wanted to change your sound? I’m not one to categorize musicians by genres, but there

Raver Mag: 2016 is coming to a close. What do you

are many musicians in their career who convert to

have in store for 2017? What is one of your musical

Progressive from Trance or switch from Hard Style to

and spiritual goals?

Big Room. Nicky Romero: We’ve just launched the new Protocol Nicky Romero: I’m sure my style has found a natural

Studios so we’ll be doing loads of cool things

progression over the years and sure sometimes I can

surrounding that and there should also be lots more

see the appeal of thinking ‘this is what’s popular now,

new music, like last year. On a spiritual level, I think

if I make something like this, I could have a #1’, but

just stay positive, stay focused and open minded see

personally I’d find it hard to make music that I didn’t

what 2017 holds. •


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