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II. Hurricane Matthew fostered a unique commonality between attendees Hurricane Matthew had the potential to derail III Points entirely, and kudos to the generically named storm for trying, however III Points was all the better for surviving through the downpour. Crowds of people who would have otherwise never spoken to each other united against the storm, sharing stories and experiences, and creating new memories with attendees who juggled the same concerns leading up to Friday. Hurricane Matthew left three pristine, temperate days in its wake and Wynwood’s nocturnal denizens made the most of it. III Point’s various art installations invited attendees to engage with each other and the oeuvre, fluidly melding exhibition and interaction into a setting that welcomed the individual and embraced the fearless. III Points thoughtful environment created a space where anyone could become an integral part of the III Points experience. III Points aligned with the monthly Wynwood ArtWalk on Saturday, creating a boisterous microcosm of art, music, culture, and technology in Miami’s famous arts district.

III. The features that set III Points apart from other festivals are its best features III Points is unlike any other festival in the country. Its indomitable spirit withstood a hurricane and still managed to deliver their signature sense of weird for the third year in a row. Simply put, nothing can replicate III Point’s unspeakable vibe. It’s the little things…like finding yourself drinking craft beer and eating barbacoa nachos while jamming out to Joe Kay and Esta in the back of Coyo Tacos till 4am, smoking a joint on top of a glittering school bus while punks skank in front of a line of flickering tube televisions, or laying down in an industrial shipping crate to catch your breath while a projection of a cat slowly meandering across the kitchen lulls you into an unintended trip. III Point’s location in the heart of Wynwood gives attendees access to some of the best dining in Florida before and after leaving the festival, as well as bars, clubs, and art galleries. III Points starts at 5 p.m. and ends at 5 a.m. It’s astounding that more festivals haven’t considered utilizing this format. It allows attendees to sleep in or explore Wynwood during the day, and dance into the night without any unwanted interruptions to appease noise ordinances. The III Points experience is best summed up as an LSD trip through the mind of a computer that has been hijacked by prophetic artists, full of strange and captivating works that are at times both uncannily familiar and captivatingly new. •


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