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ARTIFACTURE – BT by: EUBIN JIN “Artifacture” by BT is more than music, it is an experience. With the rise of electronic music and EDM, many have denounced the genre as just sounds thrown together haphazardly, but BT is indeed showing the depths that can be reached. “Artifacture” is non-standard in its approach; while it does contain strings of notes and beats that could find their way into any electronic track, he tears away from the norm and includes pockets of distorted vocals and seemingly misplaced tones, sounds and riffs. The beauty of the track is heard when he brings all these components together to create something new, something different. As an artist, BT has always strived to be different. He defies genres and classification, he takes his audience to places they do not expect when listening to his creations. He turns the act of listening to music and makes it a journey. This is best demonstrated by the companion video to “Artifacture.” The juxtaposition of the track and the sweeping shots of idyllic landscapes from across the world mesh together beautifully and really help take the listener on an adventure. The camera work of the video match the tone and rhythm of the music and adds a visual element that is rarely considered in music making. Unlike other unofficial music videos, this video was shot and edited by BT himself to accurately portray his vision, and it shows. Overall, BT is showing the world that electronic music is more than just party music, it can be art.


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