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RM: “Sunset Skies” brings in a new element that is

cheap music soft-ware during the weekends… that

both unique and original. Fus-ing electronic music

was actually pretty cool :) and that´s how we started.

with Indie elements is both bold and risky. In my

After school we went different ways - me as a music

view, these moves have given you the edge in an

producer and him as Dj. It’s just recently that we

overpopulated industry. My question is, why? Where

got together again and decided to create our own

did your passion arise when the time came to craft


such and amazing track? Why TW3LV? It just reminds us of our childhood EDM has been very popular for many years and has

when we meet up with some friends in an

become slightly saturated. We didn’t want to go with

abandoned house in our neighborhood which was on

what’s popular at the moment, so we tried creating a

the number XII.

more per-sonal sound with a unique approach. For many years we have been working with

RM: A lot of your music fuses an 80s vibe. Why the

various international DJs and Pop artists and it

80’s vs. other eras of our music culture?

just happened naturally that we combined indie

We were born in the early 80s so we grew up with

instruments into our sound. When you work as a

the sound of Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, Tears for

producer for other artists, there are so many people

Fears and so on. We are big fans of all the 70s and

who try to direct you and it´s kind of refreshing to

80s Synth sounds as well.

create your own universe without limits. You can get to the bottom of things, express more feelings and

It´s always fascinating to fuse different genres with


the music of nowadays and see what you come up with. We don’t want to go overboard with the neon

RM: Dirty Soul is one of the top labels of the year.

80s thing, but we love incorporating live instruments

They support some of the best art-ists on the dance

and analog Synth with a touch of nostalgia in our

music circuit, including yourselves. What’s it like to


work with them? RM: With 1.4 million plays and then some the track To be honest, there were multiple labels interested in

“California Sun” featuring vo-cals by Johnny Rain

our project, but we decided to go with DS because

is a smash hit. Then you dropped “Sunset Skies”

right from the start we had an excellent feeling with

which is al-ready making incredible strides in the

them and that means a lot. We like to think that we

dance music arena. What can possibly top this new

are not just a number and prefer working together

track? What plans do you have for your music for the

with people who believe in your creativity and

rest of this year into the next?

support you in any way. The vocals of an incredible artist who had multiple RM: People want to know about you guys. What can

#1 hits will definitely blow you away and prove that

you tell us about how you guys got together and how

our music is continually improving and maintaining

the name TW3LV came about?

our high standard. We had the chance work with this artist in LA and this song was at first meant for him,

With all the socials everybody wants to know

but we were so in love with the track that we agreed

everything about everybody. We just think it’s kinda

to release it as a TW3LV single. Currently we’re

cool to let the music speak for itself and stay in the

working on putting together an EP that should hope-


fully be coming out soon, but first we want to release a few singles. •

We´ve known each other since college times and grew up listening to the same mu-sic. We started to mess around with an old vintage keyboard and


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Raver Magazine - 016 (October)  

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