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change even a few lives, then that to me is success.

manifests itself on social media or in pop culture. We

I remember after I released “Flaws” I got endless

often forget about our inner spirits rather than the

messages about how the song helped them through a

outer imperfections that make us who we are. I want

rough time or even a deep depression. This moment

to break the emotional barriers and walls for listeners

honestly meant the most to me in my musical career.

with my lyrics. With this new music I want to be raw, honest, and even dark at times. I think it’s very

RaverMag: What’s the #1 goal you have for yourself and

important to sometimes visit the bare bones of why I

your music for the rest of 2016 and into 2017?

do what I do, and how I can make an impact with the art I am creating and not just for my own benefit.

Hudson Henry: My number one goal would be to start playing more festivals and collaborate with more artists.

Raver Mag: If you can pick any stage, any place in the

I always have a constant list of things I need and want

world - where would your dream set be and why?

to do musically. If I had a thousand hours a day, I would use almost all of them to create new tracks. I want to

Hudson Henry: I would have to say Coachella! It has

release an EP, and a few singles along with electrifying

been a long time dream of mine to play such an

music videos.

amazing stage. •

RaverMag: For those who have not had an opportunity


to hear your music, what is the one message you hope


they take away from listening?


Hudson Henry: I’m not just trying to create a “moment”


I’m trying to create a focused meaning with my music.


One of my songs “Flaws” was the song that made a huge impact for younger kids. Sometimes we get so caught up in the momentum of “perfection” that


Raver Magazine - 016 (October)